Iowans Weigh In on Candidates

ABC News' Josh Haskell chats with voters at the Machine Shed Restaurant in Urbandale.
14:49 | 12/11/15

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Transcript for Iowans Weigh In on Candidates
ABC's Josh Haskell urban dale Iowa. Where of course you haven't heard Donald Trump is in town tonight intimately. About twenty minutes from here it is election season where seven weeks right now from the Iowa caucus and everywhere you go here in the state people are talking about. Who they're supporting who they are not supporting and a lot of people are waiting until he took the night. Before so we came down here to the famous machine shed restaurant and urban tale to kind of gauge the public. Along busy week in politics you know with many story lines. Including Trump's proposed a ban on Muslims we want to get the opinion. People here dining at the machine shed and I want to first take you over to a man I was talking to earlier Jack Davidson. He's trump supporter knows that trumps in town tonight and Jack. Looks like you work. You have for breakfast this morning. This is hungry. And how were those two eggs biscuits and crying Reagan. So Jack Warner. When I ask you you meet a lot of different people around Iowa. It's a swing state general election what is it of out Donald Trump it. He's attracted to his campaign he says would things he's the heartland of the islanders. I don't have a lot of stories continuity Pinkston. He had a deal and from there it seems like Iowa voters really care about someone it's. Telling it like it is this confidant and not a politician from Washington absolutely. And you know that Donald Trump's in town this evening golden leaves compounds. Are you in your wife can attend. Now. Lying I hope. Just because he does not do that happen. Have you seen in person I know I had you not. To have any interest in seeing in person not really. I get enough among the news. It's so can you tell us. And what you've seen from him. To give you an idea Hammond a vote for an even though you haven't been routes which are subject focal point of his campaign and I'll the rally is our and I. Connell and the news on all of them rallies our balanced. I like that act disease. Probably mainstream sandwich everybody's thinking and if nothing else that he's finished at the Republican Party and maybe get an industry to get them straight there. And as it's seen here in new breakfast. Are you and your wife talking about politics every single days into the conversation and it's only to talk about comments are. That in that. I guess we don't dwell we do Colin. And whose client. So we can't tell us or our viewers live on ABC due to what your reaction was to trumps a proposed ban on Muslims entering the United States. An excellent. I know that islands that is. And we need to start somewhere and we need to get some control our borders. He's a I was talking to some voters were telling me they believe that trump more than any other candidate is putting the safety. Of Americans. First to believe that's true and how was he doing. I think absolutely these but there are Kirsten. He's proposing borders we'll do that. When it means we need to do we need to get control over and Whitman's vulnerable everybody and helped me if you allow. Attorney treatment at some point I'm an expert on us. We need you can go to Jack what do you see she's. Voters and Muslims in the United States to Stanley members wanted to come visit then we're already in the United States what does that say about a country or government. Com that is targeting a religion like I urge you not feeling it's targeting the religion I don't please hurry. Relations. Pitches and his crew of the Clinton. Maybe Muslims but apparently her only. Right hand groups or whatever you call that they. Definitely there exists at the people suffer wrong yeah announcement by this news. We need to get this establishment backed firm orders and was. I'm worried about was call. The moment that people are winning and winning the building we've had lived those steps. Captors. That's where everything you can leisurely speed and all of a sudden. We're we're going up and so that means they're one thing to me. ABC's Josh Haskell live here on ABC digital machine shed restaurant and I joined Jack seats in right now is having his breakfast he's tried supporter he knows trumps in town tonight into more so he's not planning on going because he says he sees he's seen enough of trump. On the media but somebody Jack and I are talking about is trumps ban on Muslims entering the United States. And it seems to be jacket. That almost made you like him more or rather than less. It might have quite an anyway yes it certainly enhanced equity Hussein. Soon no concerns at all so far any of his rhetoric which you say only you have concerns as Islam wild card naturally. And I whether he ends up Ian Kennedy I don't know but it. Cameron. Crises in cars and those who threaten ago in an apartment. And I think that's worse than me. The Democrats and. We'll take you Jack. And his lovely white for joining us live on. ABC digital and just want to give you one more glimpse of what Jack is being here and that speak in folks that's a little bit of biscuits and gravy with a machine shed its famous for how was it Jack there was. Mentions. Solution Berry gets that we should have all of our viewers an ABC digital there and Iowa come by. As a machine. They can guy's. Let's take a walk down I was chatting with a couple earlier. They see me come in their role in their eyes on coming guys how aria you just finished breakfast this is. Lisa and standing and at least I guess we wanted to first ask you we were talking earlier it seemed like. You have not quite settled on Hannity. And wanted to ask you. Where you stand and so for in this election seven weeks out of the caucus. I'll probably McDonald. Today this somebody you conservatives. The borders and everything. Good ideas. And you know these in the morning tonight I didn't know that that you said that I think and. Have you been to any of his rallies at some that you know I do. So I always always tell Meehan. ABC's Josh Haskell here been spending quite a bit of time in and I will living here now. Something that islands always tell me is well I've only had a politician one so I can't make my mind about it. But a lot of the voters in diners were meeting here to machine shed they're telling me I actually haven't met him I haven't been to a rally but you've seen so much of trouble on. In the immediate that you feel like you know only you know where he stands. Let's read a lot about it and much of the debate sound amp some say it instantly dance like. And you know he's obviously had some controversial comments this week. Any reaction to that it'll count well I think with his personality he's gonna have to controversial comment but he does speak ready and a it does what he thinks. One you know ice dance night. Viewers again. One woman told me to rally last week that. She believes he can seemed to hurt her soul her brain which she's thinking. You know she can always say it but he's a public fiction figure that can say things that others. You feel sometimes that he is you know a good representation of where I win stand on these issues. I begin a lot of fun he says. He is candid. You don't have to worry about what do you think it he speaks his mind. You know worries and that he is. I don't think he's afraid he's not intimidated by people he's going to speak but he thinks. At least say you'd also told me and there's. Lisa's husband. One ask you a quick question now argue with your wife on trunk. Himself. Did you like where he stands. Those sources last week is right when I was thinking. See you believe that ban on Muslims treat countries and it should be done a bit more people coming into the country. There last week solicitors 4000 would have brought in California now they can't find. It's did you ask questions and watch Clemens had. I I was just talking Jack Davidson another diner Riordan said it sounds to him like it's the best option at this time. This violent ones disclose when assumes we Rwandan. I'm sure there are good people hold different religions and races having. And why they're here but here possibly screen veterans who are doing. Is there anyone else that might surpassed trouble for you is your vote. Are right now you guys are pretty block didn't sell mr. trump. I like Huckabee to admit I don't think you chance. I don't see him trouble in particular. From surveillance Nicholas. What about you Lisa. I like Ben person. I think it patently company. I listen. Mourners and everything's fine China economy and a lot of islands of told us they want to put someone forward it's gonna make it to the general it's gonna get the nomination. Not like Huckabee or sent form in the past what would you say about that. Hand. Well I admit thinking need to unite and get instant inspector passed my teeth with one candidate. Who gets pregnant and well I really wanna think Lisa and her husband Stan for talking to us and we hope that you guys enjoy your day in the restaurant coffees. And we want to take one Norwalk. You guys Josh task eleven. ABC digital urban built the machine shed I'm walking into one of the many dining rooms here. And I was speaking to someone earlier who was telling me that she's actually undecided. Which actually is not that surprising because a lot of Iowa and say they wait till the night before. With so many candidates still in the race. They really want to gauge the whole field Democrats and Republicans. So we're live here in. Thank you so much can tell us your first and last name again just so we have that. Speed digital yeah I can't help. And Julie you're here if your family your cute kids this is her mom. Idea and hey kids so Julie you're telling Muller that you're an undecided voter we're live and ABC digital color viewers. So far why are undecided who's kind of caught your attention and when you think you make a decision. I'm not science I'm an independent soul and eating all of the candidates thing there's definitely. Not. I'll probably make a decision closer to you election. So. The printing so that. Totally fine if you want to keep it yourself but do you mind sharing with our viewers who so far is not on your list. I'm not going to vote for Donald Trump and. Warner and cars. I think I need some. A little bit of news in the political field. Just in particular country now. Experian. And running a country. And die I will -- actually talk you bunch of voters and they were telling you they are strong supporters armed. What do you think it is specifically about trump has so many in your state so excited about him he is the front runner. But you're not seeing that. No I think. I think he can be personable. Excuse for people and in the country. I think being permanent heard me right. And I can be off putting not just involvement in our country but when you think about foreign policy hand she's the US. If you're saying. You can't. Unep people on the go back. A company met an upcoming episode. I. I think that that is. It's the biggest issue went that I haven't we tried. ABC's Josh Haskell life here win. Mcdannold that would make Daniel the machine shed restaurant her whole family it's. They're eating lunch here and Julie was just telling us who's not on her list Ben Carson and Donald Trump she's an undecided right now so Julie tell our voters right now who is on your list. I ain't right. Really actually like are calling it. But it's. Marco Rubio on them. Who's your daughter life. Lilly who suggested that. Yeah. Giving me up her mind you sheep again. What did you dissect. Julie someone just said I'm pretty undecided suit so. Clearly even the kids are getting into the act here. What really want to think Julie calmed by guys appreciate you. Says you can see it's all the talk here at the machine shed on the streets of every town in big city here in Iowa it's. You know it's our time were the first in the nation we're paying attention. But not everyone's made up their my instincts he junior Daniel. So we'll have continuing coverage of course Donald Trump having a pretty big town hall this evening. In to mourn the fairgrounds so will be having reports from there it's ST with ABC digital purple updates of campaign 2016 for now. I'm Josh Haskell the machine shed restaurant in urban dale and one.

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