Jackie Kennedy: From Debutante to First Lady

ABC's Lisa Howard reports on a woman who literally transformed the White House with her style.
4:14 | 11/05/13

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Transcript for Jackie Kennedy: From Debutante to First Lady
-- most tonight. Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy and here in our studios in New York Lisa Howard support -- it. Japanese -- VA Kennedy is no longer that this lady. She was off this lady just six weeks shy of -- years. But she has without question left -- indelible mark on history. The daughter of the socially prominent grew up family -- Kennedy led the life for the wealthy eastern debutante. Who had absolutely no interest in politics. But with her marriage to then senator John F. Kennedy on September 12 large formal -- social wedding. At Newport, Rhode Island she was thrust -- -- center stage. And the spotlight burned fiercely. Her radiant would look. Picture on -- -- with special -- attracted international attention. From the moment her husband was elected to the presidency of the United States. The late president one fan but mrs. Kennedy's interest -- aesthetic and cultural. In her life in the White House reflecting that assessment. During her first year as First Lady she devoted herself to figure listening to the task of redecorating the White House to making it historically authentic. Once the White House rooms were restored to their original state. He conducted a television tour of the first family's home. The whole nation was charming beguiling -- mrs. Kennedy's -- little girl attends by her genuine delight what she accomplished. -- unusual -- White House parties -- -- talk of Washington. A sunset cruise down the Potomac along party had not been for 138. Pablo Casals playing the -- in the east wing of the White House. This is Kennedy as First Lady traveled widely. From England Italy India Pakistan. -- in Morocco. Everywhere she went she dazzled the ground. No one was immune from the -- Not an -- with -- -- -- I have -- -- -- -- Pope John. With whom she had an unusually long audience. And among the crowd she could engender an overwhelming enthusiasm. Even affection. The comings and goings in the capitals of Europe and Asia but followed by sometimes -- got to -- he would. Prompted he promptly reported over half the world. Her role on these travels was unique in American history often alone without the president has died she was -- the end of bouquets from children. -- state banquet waved to the math wrong. Always cool and elegant. Always refrained from making any political comment. No Americans this lady in history had ever traveled about in quite this capacity. Port with a purely ceremonial and decorative role. But she generate enormous goodwill for our country everywhere she went. When she lost her third child Patrick Bouvier Kennedy after only two days of life. The whole countryside a wave of sympathy -- -- moved from the hospital at Otis air force based hand in hand with their husband. Kennedy often made known her dislike of the unrelenting attention. Attendant upon her comings and going with the constant surveillance of reporters and photographers. And in all fairness it must be stated that he did not court or that press attention it -- -- Attracted by her unique beauty special radiant. But despite her desire for a private life. This is John F. Kennedy now departs the White House one of the most photographed women in the world. A public personality in her own right a woman historians. Are not likely to forget. The -- ABC used. And now back to Bob -- Thank you leave -- Mrs. Kennedy is still at Bethesda hospital the night and she's expected to remain in an all night vigil at her husband's side tomorrow -- the company. The president's body to the White House for mister Kennedy will lie in state in the east room beginning at 10 AM.

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{"id":20793607,"title":"Jackie Kennedy: From Debutante to First Lady","duration":"4:14","description":"ABC's Lisa Howard reports on a woman who literally transformed the White House with her style.","url":"/Politics/video/jackie-kennedy-debutante-lady-20793607","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}