Jeb Bush Suspends His Presidential Campaign

The former Florida governor bows out of the presidential race after another loss in South Carolina.
6:47 | 02/21/16

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Transcript for Jeb Bush Suspends His Presidential Campaign
Speculative. When I began this journey in Miami act committed that I would campaign is I would serve. Going everywhere. Speaking to everyone. Keeping my work. Facing the issues without flinching and staying true to what I believe. For the Petr better part of a Europe endeavor to do just exactly that. I've put portly vision for America that includes all because our country deserves a president. For every one. The presidency is bigger than any one person. In his certainly bigger than any candidate. This is not you know we're we're different our country because. Our head of state is not a all of us. But because the head of state the people this part of the presidency are. Part of the people. In a government of the people by the people and for the people we elect a president like us in perfect under God's watchable line. I've had a front row seat to this office for most of my adult life. I've seen fallible men rise up to the challenges of our time with humility. And clarity of purpose. To make our nation safer stronger and freer. I firmly believe the American people must and trust this office to someone. Who understands that whoever holds that as a servant. Not the master. Someone who commit to that service with honor and decency. Our next president will lead an extraordinary country. Whose people have always made the improbable possible. In big ways and small. Every day Americans tests the boundaries of freedom and achieve more than what they could've ever dreamed. But over the last seven years our nation's bright light has become little more than a flipper. We have retreated from the world stage. The American values that have brought peace and opportunity. Are fading. That is not the America we know and low. America is a country that thinks big acts boldly. And leads without apology. It will be up to the next president to restore that kind of leadership. I'm proud of the campaign that we've run to unify our country. And to abdicate conservative solutions that would give more Americans the opportunity to rise up in reach their god given potential. But the people of Iowa and New Hampshire and South Carolina have spoken and I really respect their decision so tonight I am suspending my campaign. Yeah yeah. I congratulate my competitors that are remaining on the island. On their success were race that has been hard fought. Just as the contest for the presidency should be because it is a tough job. In this campaign I've stood my ground refusing to bend to the political winds. We put forward retails innovative conservative plans to address the mounting challenges that we face. Because despite what you might have heard. Ideas matter. Policy matters. And I. And I truly hope that. That these ideas that we've laid out will serve as a blueprint for a generation of conservative leaders at every level of government so that we can take back our country. We laid out plans on everything from reforming our tax and regulatory system to reviving our economy to rebuilding our military. And to fixing the BA once and brawl. Finally. Finally I am so grateful to senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina here for his steadfast. His of mixing humor. He stole the line that I'm now saying which is that he's become a friend for life. I think all of the double I'm not many Emory here that have been no going door to door all across the country. Who have put their lives on hold for this cause. And I want to thank my mom and brother who came here to South Carolina. America truly loves them and respects them it's. I. I want to thank all my family to windows always back there in the back. It. Into my dad who served as an inspiration to me he's the greatest man alive. And I thank all the volunteers and supporters at a medal long this incredible journey. And to all the fellow reminders in our campaign or staff who never ever ever gave up. I've had an incredible life and for made public service has been the highlight of that life. But no matter what the future holds here's the greatest safety landing if you can imagine. Tonight I'm asleep with the best friend I have the love my life. And it. Totally blessed be the father of three extraordinary children and as you might note for near perfect grandchildren. And I'll be blessed to say that I'm living in the greatest country in the world has ever known. I remain optimistic and with the right kind of leadership that we all need to work to make sure happens America's best days are ahead. With strong conservative leadership Republicans can win the White House and we can get back to being. In the bear verge of having the greatest time to be alive and that's what I honestly believe and I know you do as well. I look forward to working you to make that dream come true we'll do it as a private citizen just as you are. Thank you for the opportunity to run for the greatest office on the face of the earth I love you all jobless.

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{"duration":"6:47","description":"The former Florida governor bows out of the presidential race after another loss in South Carolina.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"37087471","title":"Jeb Bush Suspends His Presidential Campaign ","url":"/Politics/video/jeb-bush-suspends-presidential-campaign-37087471"}