A Look at the March for Life Event in DC

ABC News' Serena Marshall speaks with the crowd at the March for Life event in Washington DC.
13:21 | 01/27/17

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Transcript for A Look at the March for Life Event in DC
Welcome to ABC news I'm theory and mark still alive in the very little of their life that from my child hours and mart here in Washington DC these thousands of print demonstrators coming out. There's earmarks in the Washington monument might have been joining us earlier today where my president and in the first sitting vice president this. Speech this march currently in its forty words here and regulate not Washington monument all the way down fifty of the Hainan these demonstrators signs. The Washington capital the capital and to the Supreme Court. And you do in the middle of this right now. Now let's talk to them of these folks out here I even looked over a little bit of a lot with them. Guys are seeing right. Out. Like that on the walk with you there the link on the thing. Yeah that's happening actually keep all your for the Smart. And let me do wanted to not here. A this your 1 march out and for Washington DC parent. You're there and it and is this year compared to year's costly it's me. I'm me. Yeah. And you heard vice president and speak first time a sitting president come and according where years of this march. I mean do you hear him talk about the movement taught by the fact that he of that your business being on. You mean the beginning we finally. He liked it and and dean and listening. Martin Sammy. Yeah. Here. Yeah. Thinking hey yeah. All of he heat I think. And tell us how we recommend others eager to all the talk about the fact that next your perhaps be a celebration of the largest. When he said that means you what it means exactly how to celebrate been written adamant that advocates. Yeah yeah. A and it. They. Take us what is it you're looking to have an. Their milestones like the scene that is the ultimate goal for most of the marchers here is that outlaw abortion and operating states. But are there mountains and between them before that they like these happen. A as. He. Is. I and so when you look at president Chung and his policies when you likely have him in story. I. Think. It. Yeah yeah. It's. Nice yeah. And in her. Anything is to Eaton. When Henry died you missed it president prompted tree early air. The march for light is still important to all of you marching you have people support what is it happens it. You mean. Were really mean continuity. Yeah lots and finally it's a lot of Johnny lightning might contain. What's positions that folks think that our. Pro abortionists say that is to the woman's made the decision on the government's. Yeah yeah. Yeah. You know. I I mean nice he's even if you're not feeling your body and we you're killing me when you're coming into the voice yeah it's really important. Yeah. Just when an inherently. Yeah yeah. Like no money. And I'm listening. Playing this problem right. And yeah. You anywhere than the march happened last weekend here there's been some talk that it isn't that whether or not is this say countered that market is this every air and you filling out of the competition and even though the movement wasn't. A balance and being pro abortion and it was about ninety other issue is. Yeah you know Wayne yeah. Insistently and smarts not. I'm kind differently. Yeah. About him and women's rights and questioning. It touches on different things I think we're really hitting on and I'm. Yeah and I don't think this and my kids anything and everything kids and women that anyway. Yeah. What is pro women do you believe that really relevant yeah anyway. We'll thanks for letting Martin these guys. We're telling you guys see this you write premise and I actually seen alive that the capital in the United States right there in front of us that this march continues. Up constitution avenue to a heading towards the Supreme Court. And we're really does watch a little bit of some in this emerging NCAA thousands of people surrounding answering now. Thank you back ahead how Olympic. Thirteen when I'm working. And he has them young kids there airline talked well let's let's. Apparently see you carrying your signs today. Didn't she Chicago letting you can hit it out. We think that here in Chicago. They suspect. I'm going to be here singled 300 anti chemical Jessica threw him holding this is as companies are relying on building and being again kept checking out you know if you work for him if Hillary got her now I'm not giving up as she tried. To help. You gotten here is dad here taking them from Chicago. And what you wanna bring your son out here. I don't have that yeah. Here as a witness and through that Jesus Christ and raise. Rates overseas that this that the world it was. Lead you. Through it. This your first Smart like that bill meaning Chicago. Two weeks ago we. Visit Ers running DC. No relied on no Denmark right here today it's your first time again. And I didn't try to come this year nine years past bond. We have an opportunity to work that is something positive with her son. Before he gets to be an Avery in the long it was all things there's something positive it's a family that we're doing together and I'm just having fun doing it. Let Ed get back at things Italian does. And you didn't see it. Now Richard and I bring to this idea of the Supreme Court is just had. Some march for life. His 44 hearing now Phillies held on the anniversary the Supreme Court decision rovers swayed. Bill O'Reilly and very easy. Answer there. And not another marcher right here yeah thank you millennial our parliament and throw away. It's the majority. People my age you know after eighty. Days Marlins right. Abortion and so when you discipline elementary put that need. Opportunity for women in the work place. Yeah victims. Supporting victims. You know Kramer's. Word. Leaked portions. And Sundays and late term abortions not necessarily all abortions. And horses in the liberty. On that through word. You know the majority of them business importantly. Sources and it most of those poor horses. And so I this your 1 march for life. Much like you. Anez and wind this unity decided. I want to the women's march. Illinois arts last year last week last week again this period is big city you know we've been fighting for the rights. It was a shame he. Like him. About this weekend also sessions court on that from. Were you there. As an activist last week in part elements Marjorie. And pound it doesn't have to lose their lives. Need to be protected it was certainly generator in an original. And he would not get in and take time off work. We're constantly. And a lot of people here at his speeches talk about Thanksgiving celebration one that mean for you. Hopefully there's a report that there is moving forward. Abortion. The that your now we made the best progress though wouldn't mean is ultimately will be Alan outlaw all of course. At. Demoralizing injuries. Of the better. They progress is getting men to step up and accept responsibilities. Others. Giving women. Options they're pregnant they don't turn to abortion necessarily. Again more lives you saved them. Yeah and and yet we're seeing a lot of trump make America great again I'd sign it did his presidency in his win having that you would be coming out this you're not previous years. I'm. I'm hopeful that we'll be a good president again agreed with him on everything he says or does. The issue of life so far. In the country and his word on supporting like. And when you look even next week he plans to. Nominate a Supreme Court justice a bill that has been vacant since the death of Justice Scalia who what do you looking for his assistant. What was hazard and certain to him he wants to Asian. Ability to fight it though it's of the envelope. Big winner. And so when you say it. Super the lives of the unborn are you looking for adjustments to come in and potentially. Obviously this marched forty for the anniversary it's always held right on the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade that decision that. Iconic Supreme Court decision that has caused the Smart are you looking got me overturned with the next justice series say that has settled longing to see things being different. And the agency regulating return. It's been such an integral to our the country's heart disease honestly surprised it happened right away. They. What's it was hours more. I thought he on the subject or. Local regions deciding for themselves what might mean these won't like him when life begins means to them. Things as marketing for element Annie get leniency to capitol we're just in the shadow of the capital Laurie now. In the middle of this you're just joining the 44 annual march like Edwards and march. I'm ABC certain. You can see there's turning to gather right. Right here. And kind of slowed down there are getting very close because of clean power now. And as we've prepared a split down into this giant march bring them back to Bosnia accord the supreme court for anything is considering a Marshall in Washington.

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{"duration":"13:21","description":"ABC News' Serena Marshall speaks with the crowd at the March for Life event in Washington DC.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"45098443","title":"A Look at the March for Life Event in DC","url":"/Politics/video/march-life-event-dc-45098443"}