The Mayor of Flint Talks Water Crisis, Clinton and Obama's Record

ABC News' Mary Bruce and LZ Granderson interview the mayor of Flint, Karen Weaver.
8:16 | 07/25/16

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Transcript for The Mayor of Flint Talks Water Crisis, Clinton and Obama's Record
That your Weaver of Lake Michigan thank you so much for being with thank you can't have to act not quite seen that we not we would not this event with what do you make of what is ample time. There. But I am hoping that you know we list of speakers at 88 yet because the goal is to win the white. Well that's more. Witnesses getting at as this yes yes exactly. Oh. Reported. Spell her work. Actually. Matters while with. Also we have done the are declarations. She starts. This and actually that's exactly they were common and didn't she called. Me she saying she spam. And asked a lot of people. At age law. And action airy. And or eight. Shall not only. Does the crisis. Oh. Evening she really helped that. Report Ali yeah. Yes. It always there and write about and I actually. Practices. That. Lot of it was touch. It up. What's happening now we know that that history actually happen or Jericho hopped out of their zippers. He's helmet to talk about the problems. Or. At least you're used to reporting more. Where are you our our citizens Judy support that BP. Well let me say it is excellent at out there oh. It was scary help to us or out what was going and where we aren't when we're still use bottled still water. I'll probably next week we'll let the lists are a sly but you know we in your three. Year three and it makes sense that nights at the America we can't just an also sought and aptly water. What the credibility issue record several bites back pretty tested hearing in Washington the capital. People still feel very frustrate any at your residence and right at it you know not just looking port to fixing the problem making sure that. Yeah well that's always. That was. What. Held at all levels. Some of that happened but. Or you know right now. ES EE. Is responsible. We've got. Out there more is there app. There. That resource. Ports to address this prices and so weak. On. X prop up resources. Did. Right now is the place work. Ever worked with the bigger issue agony yet what the need. Born and raised yes born and raised story up gang. We broke them C or state. A great deal at a props to the capital and earned eighty. Well let's talk about that lets you know issues is amateur law that has really overtaken our current state it's in Flint Detroit. Are not yet analysts goals and art are always taken our democracy take an art and it. So that's one of the things that we really like a real close look at. See it it it takes all how world way and it leaves us voice works so something. That. Actually the out years. That art and a law and that's all. That we have. The White House when rebels. Have. Jobs. What more about having a friend at the White House what are you hoping Clinton administration. Would help provide it three years using bottled water. Concrete steps. It. Out real. Structure that is aware really are an example out what's going on but we are. At play voice. That's. Opt out. Are. Out. And we have they'll pay structure and it needs rest and this act highlights or testing. Maintaining infrastructure. Water quality standards. We are. At you are seeing that other. Towns. Across the country realizing that they are dangerously close to having these problems or are already. That's exactly right. Agree with some yet to leave. And economic. Well you know what we outs we know that rod is less. That's. George my art. What's going on at fireman just that are taking place class. And you. Are. It is where a or. That was higher sales. That is take with this cap. And it would take so long. And at the criticisms that he. Don't. Sort rookie speakers. No problems at all like. The match. Erie city are subject as this source are from. I'm not. Not. Done. The airy fairy that ice. And we know that we got Boortz. War and held up I think goats. I. That's Epps out that not yet what he's talking about I'm really attract staple stock. What I have to do what we acted as. Any. But no one. Is the way the money they'll. Also their bodies. And those. Native X eats. Out. I have to ask you were you at work brought us here aren't they are proceeded dominantly. Minority yes obviously you know what's going on its at least by. How would you describe the situation went and what do you speak. It happened report next president with strong or Clinton. Tells you it's. Say. Got a great cheap lease. News dot that I was able. Andy's got it really that she should not only its officers. With that's. At out at opt out because he came it got tied it is but at the start. You know Whittle away at. And that's really. Their what really are a lot is any bank at least. And that's something that's trial right or so. We haven't hit that current tension. Well I think got that we have not but I'll get to. That well. Nearly thank you so much for joining it in good luck the rest of the week.

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{"id":40866511,"title":"The Mayor of Flint Talks Water Crisis, Clinton and Obama's Record","duration":"8:16","description":"ABC News' Mary Bruce and LZ Granderson interview the mayor of Flint, Karen Weaver.","url":"/Politics/video/mayor-flint-talks-water-crisis-clinton-obamas-record-40866511","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}