Meet Sarah McBride: the transgender activist running for the Delaware State Senate

If elected to the state senate, McBride would be the first openly transgender senator in her state's history.
3:33 | 07/13/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Meet Sarah McBride: the transgender activist running for the Delaware State Senate
I turn now to our series no one heels who run we're bringing you the latest. In millennial Americans were getting into politics shaking things up today the story of a 28 year old from Delaware. Who's running for state senate there a bid that could make history Sarah McBride is transgender. And she's looking to be the first American trans gender in the state house. I decided to run for the state senate here in Delaware because I dropped and was born and raised in an abstract I was. Raped by somebody spoke in this community and the community at help support hand sustained me through some of the most typical times in my own life from my coming out Q. Losing my husband to cancer and I wanted to get back to that community. You know a lot of people we see this in the polling numbers you're age are very disillusioned with politics they are. There are disappointed in the system they think it doesn't work they think politicians on both sides of the aisle pop art serving them. Oh what inspired you to go forward with this is sort of defy those odds what gives you hope that you can actually get into this system I'll be at the state level right now. And make a difference. Disillusionment is understandable. I think too many people feel left behind too many people still feel unseen and unheard. Particularly with what's going on the national. I right profits because I believe actually possible because I seen it and Miami might. I've seen it here in Delaware advocating Kirk and mark nondiscrimination legislation that many people thought would be impossible. I've seen it about a lot working with the Obama administration move forward on important policy. And also access and working to defeat a politics heat and Donald Trump and Mike Pence the implement. I had seen that change is possible. He'd be the first America's first elected transgender state senator. Which is something that's not loss and you and interviews you've given how do you process. The scrutiny that is likely to comment any public campaign. On day. And do you anticipate people to be sort of apprehensive about your gender identity is that something nature you're prepared to counter us. You know I think voters in this district I care about my gender they care about health care they care about. Usually in their schools are glad they care about making sure that they antiterrorist law want it they get it if they get sick and still be able to earn a living wage. They're concerned about reforming our criminal justice has to make sure where reverend one I don't think it. The community cares about right candor I also think that we bought one. Should your candidate running when my current Virginia Colorado and Amtrak here in Delaware cough and are back because. I had seen in my own and my own life when I came out to communities that accepted me and embraced me. And I've seen first hand business community that judges people on their merits. And not on our identity. Two great state the great state of Delaware very progressive state legislature for sure. The Sarah McBride any national political aspirations perhaps after you. Make it through this race. It also want to thank I've seen over the course of my time working on at the end putting forward important piece of legislation about most of the issues that matter all. Are handled at the state level and that's why I wanna run as they act up I want a certain state. And my focus over the next you're how. I'm gonna beyond meeting at many voters pothole winning this race and then if I'm elected certain rights and the constituents and upper hand. I'm basing in the Sarah McBride will be following her campaign out there in Delaware.

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{"duration":"3:33","description":"If elected to the state senate, McBride would be the first openly transgender senator in her state's history.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"64305198","title":"Meet Sarah McBride: the transgender activist running for the Delaware State Senate","url":"/Politics/video/meet-sarah-mcbride-transgender-activist-running-delaware-state-64305198"}