Memorable Convention Moments on the RNC Floor

ABC News' Cokie Roberts, Ann Compton and Devin Dwyer talk about their most memorable moments from past conventions.
15:53 | 07/20/16

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Transcript for Memorable Convention Moments on the RNC Floor
Everybody I'm Devin Dwyer with ABC news digital here with Cokie Roberts and Compton. Our political up powerhouse team veterans. Political convention and sold in experts is the political committees. How many is this for you Cokie this might when he first image when he first mentioned in this isn't counted I count him in decades because it was my first for ABC. On the floor in Kansas City forty years ago. This week on its hotly contested convention where I literally had to go. Shared a chairing the allegations see who was gonna vote for Gerald Ford the incumbent president and who would go with this renegade named problem right. And where where does this one match. Rank in terms of excitement and energy this. It's not as exciting convention as most conventions are. Certain business Republican who's. I think it's a variety of reasons honor its deli it's hard need to any. And they came with not counted out. So it's not just its matches that aren't needed trump missed it's it's it's I'm supporters the party has to convince. I didn't unconventional has been his campaign all the way through. And what struck me Monday night the passion he emotion. When so many of the speakers were talking about their presence in Ben Ghazi. There experiences. Personal experiences their sons Austin. The whole security idea and I'm like it's not a was much more. Cut and dried. Traditional. So I'd be astonished if Donald Trump has to make good on its promise to make this a little bit more. Break show every night. He's gonna be up here embracing this as an AM police say he's would be nine would be that it is it is not but they sure. As night. In prime time and not. Israel is also a source although soap opera star it's as she opened her but the reason she was it was the habit that's right. Trapped winery person uses it's an odd choice McDonald. Junior apps the and all of the kids demonstrate exactly the kind stock sale that he has run his companies wouldn't. My kids are in charge. The company has spent it was kids grandkids I have wonderful more wonderful kids if I'm running out and I want them tested o'clock. So what are some. And what do you think. Trump is thinking about you mention if he was showman promises would be the best convention ever. It certainly wouldn't be boring what do you think he's feeling about. It. He's watching that he can't be thinking its shoes. Tensions are but he has. Babies and is that once he arrives. That's been sent that he's thinks it's huge. And he thinks that every night he spent the greatest night ever coming gonna win so. And he's gonna come here tonight he said I. He there's some historical precedent you're telling me for. Nominees. He maybe you will nervous about how for songs are happening but at their own convention flying in a little bit early. Though that that is true in 1962. Democratic means it was my first convention day if you go. Lyndon Johnson of course is that. Like the president after the assassination. John Kennedy and a lot of people on the card party was still on. It was a beautiful. Movie. That this may have found him an awful conventional news quiet arm. And they watched the movie and then the lights came out on Bobby Kennedy's standing on the podium. And the place went crazy as this. Measurable minutes of applause. And then he gave this very emotional speech and Lyndon Johnson thought oh my I'm. Who's the convention or they can insist that he be vice president and and so maybe he quickly. He was watching at home yes you can actually came immediately immediately but that's you know those things happen to me. Eleanor Roosevelt's first First Lady to address the convention I wasn't I wasn't their business F and was in 1940. And it was the same sort of thing it was a third term unprecedented. And people but when this isn't your party bosses they conference that you've got to get here we're in real time with it. And she payments that this is no ordinary time the industry. So different about this podium. For years we've had it's been kind of a fortress walls but the lectern to the microphones in the wake up and it just out of sheer security people. Look at the axis here white stain across take a look at that they changed how did you watch last night. See the whole stage turned to roll whose goal. Four all the congressional speakers it was really really unified that. Of course this dark the drama the only real problem moment. There's been witnessed back area opened op Ed in silhouettes a swaggering figure came in. Two interviews. But of course that was it you could tell immediately from the cover this. And there it is just for for people pianist on FaceBook and an ABC news digital lets me to get a little bit closer to it. And it. Actually use the speakers because. Is it closed on goat with the background that was there they changed the co. But it is it is surprising it's displayed at first when somebody important is speaking. And point out you're always so good pointing out some insider. Points around the arena what are some things like fun thing look over here everybody in the arena can read the threaten the person's speech. At the same time that is being delivered because that teleprompter. Is is used by you can tell the people at that on the lectern looking straight ahead not just at the little two teleprompter place. Another thing is the when you look around the room. You'll see a lot of people not to like its wearing fluorescent. Lime green and lime heroes. They are trumped. More managers and I remember in years past when most is that they wore bright red caps I guess when caps wasn't gonna work this year. And they're instantly recognizable and there's a problem anymore and hopefully they can get in there. They connect they keep they get signs into the hands of Delhi's and look how close some of the delegates are. But when it's. Are sitting here. There's an absolute tidal wave. Of all. Reporters and officials just onlookers walking between them and the podium he's not he's the best seat in the house mind it. Apparently. You are we should point out and it's way up in this in the skybox ABC's skybox in the rafters is a great view it's a fabulous view. And it's over air conditioner which sometimes feels particularly proud. But you know I'm surprised that. Signs of sleep a different sign comes on free speech. And and as an option. Talking telephone my favorite moments was. It was in the last August 22 I was on the podium an important position. When Clint Eastwood came and gave that infamous speech. And the intelligence to an empty chair and the and he was just free associate and eat a teleprompter was blank. And advocacy who movies clips and shockingly. Hot came on the Telecom it start Doug music. Because that's the way makes somebody be wise to start the music. Google apparently Sarah Palin came out made such a expires in 2008 she put lipstick yeah I gotta pay tonight is Mike Pence is now. What you look for with my pants and I think this. This man who not. To speed things. At least on paper so. It's. And Mike is a political pro he spent in the current leader in congress Hispanic governor. He has to talk to night. Art in this room he has to talk to Americans just say look I'm an experienced politician I believe in Donald Trump and we can make this work. And that's that's that's his big missionaries talked beyond the walls of this arena except I think he does it. Isn't. You think that we stand up and cheering for Mike. It's it's sort of been hit or miss some speakers and the management Connolly has tonight as well. And time Ryan Christmas to you recently instituted as I'm. Good. The fact is that this isn't. You know this is a mixed convictions and people are trying something the Republicans we see my aunt Calista. Increase. Him. Take a look there and it's she will be interviews she and her husband tonight Newt Gingrich who gets the big final moment. Of the convention night but every night it's turned out to be an anti climax. For senator Johnny Ernst MySpace was talking to an empty Carl I talked to her as to attend Carson her reactions you understand the secrecy that she. Accidents in and do not but I tried to take a good face to make him better bedtime and did it in 1992 Republican Convention in Houston. That Ronald Reagan wasn't able to speak until midnight because Pat Buchanan went on for so long at step but these things that. 11 year was on the floor for ABC news' Bill Clinton delivered the nominating noticed the keynote keynote for Michael Dukakis. Ed he went so long it when he said in conclusion the place run it on so that night I'm walking back to the hotel. And Bill Clinton governor Clinton's white enemy of the state trooper who was only protection and I sit down. Buying a beer at the Far East he he nursed it Britney said. I've put in that speech. Every minute every caucus vulnerable. And that's why aren't but he thought have a friend in the world and no political career but the crowd. That it was around about that which is and you should. Please come back at him hear from him next week with there's something Gingrich. And place and then read him his hat on is fabulous. We didn't chances. They have. This explosion of balloons and you look about this error. Guns without its. They. And should be non. But it's scary it's something that there are aptly. But in 2000 toward the Democratic Convention in Boston they didn't come. And so we looked up just a few of them came and if you look at the footage it is hysterical because it could hear. The democratic national committed convention. Prison. The producers and and and to many uses and polite language about the blues music and then. And the Bruins never came it was it was it was liberated Europe 2000. And it made it easier for those of us what planet ourselves right in front of this great wall so that I could talk. Try to throw a question that John Kerry as he came up. Through the delicate. It's to get out the top unit to wade through neighborhoods. Doesn't have to wait did so before a bottle and ask you about them alliance from. And newstalk. A bit about that in the past 24 hours with our listeners use saw the news just a little while ago. One of the campaign staff says that she did crib from Michelle Obama's notes after all that she loves Michelle Obama took a pop up. And then she offered her resignation and and it is not accepted his soapbox. That. Michelle Obama gave that speech things. She embraces those ideals. As recently he's done and I keep calling I think first ladies get caught a lot of slack. And I don't think this week baggage sexual hearing in net gain for ever. But it does show that does give this supporters of the tropics. The chance to say there's the media for you I'm amazed we haven't had war anti media rhetoric from the podium here. Because out on the campaign. Who's one of the biggest markets its ups has been that even a few speeches and does get a junior at huge it comes but. This is not her fault nobody to blame. This was won't speak to now we know which I'm. And her speech was so well why the interest snaps. This isn't this really great for me look at this particular year. And the house. It's really terrifying thing. So before a wrapped up we have another question from the peanut gallery. A statement convention. Like what like what Cleveland convention and that's. And it could increase. I contained the words okay and which is 68 of course and and not only was it just just be reading. And he police. The streets these. Communists and issues. But I was quite right convention and stink bombs everywhere and the house bills have been completely. Ages and permeated with looters. And and convinced itself was in the stockyards. Clean up on beefing up the news and so it was an unplugged civic spirit it's. Oh yeah. Every convention. Pass to end on this dramatic. Unified note and every convention and manages to Kindle that. Bracing sense of the alliance entity that tingle of all your comments a year ago. Any of those conventions have to be your favorite stand here on the floor up in the gallery on Thursday night and watch the voices of people who. Selected in primaries to come here and democracy work. It's not great news feed him witnesses. Over and over and over again that it is good news. Job. You see. Thanks Cokie Roberts political analyst ABC news and Compton ABC news radio correspondent and their bodies old buddies and friends. But the experts this is my last Brody you you will believe them. IOC inquiry all right I can't they have. Thank you guys for joining us thank you for Washington sent FaceBook and ABC news digital we'll see you later tonight and ABC news digital FaceBook for gavel to gavel coverage. Thanks for watch.

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