Michael Cohen reports to prison

Donald Trump's former lawyer is sentenced to three years for hush money payments and lying to Congress.
2:11 | 05/06/19

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Transcript for Michael Cohen reports to prison
The day has come for president trumps former personal lawyer Michael Coe when he begins serving his three year prison sentence for crimes including. Campaign finance violations related. To hush money paid on Trump's behalf so wanna go to Tommy Thomas who's in New York with more I'm Tom can you just give us the latest. Good morning Kimberly just behind him Michael Cohen emerged about an hour ago this is where he lives the trump. Park avenue apartment it's somewhat sadly ironic this door has its gilded with gold. It had from crest on it he walked out and took some questions didn't answer those questions we delivered a short statement here it is. My family. And Brady's. That the country won't be in a police without seeing a full meal in justice. And law ice at the Helm of our country. There still remains. Much to be cold. And I look forward to today that I can share the truth and thank you all very much. So last Michael Conant get a message to the president a message for his family or it. He thinks people should feel sorry for and ignored all those questions got into that waiting SUV and now he's driving two hours north. Of state to Otis hill where he'll be a federal prison along with people like the situation Mike's weren't Tino. From the Jersey Shore and Billy MacFarlane who was the creator of the fire festival he's in there for fraud charges. Now Cohen you know sort of keys that get more to say what he didn't say that and even try to play the role of whistle blower with prosecutors here in the southern district. He was trying to get a reduced sentence but. Prosecutors weren't interstate. That being said Kimberly he did play a major role in the mall the report cooperating with that investigation. And of course he's going to prison for pleading guilty to. Tax invasion to lying to a bank and to campaign finance violations. That were coordination with those payments to stormy Daniels and cared McDougal during the campaign. With which he sort of brokered he said he was acting though up from direction from president from president trump on his part of said. He gets done nothing wrong Kimberly all right Tom thank you so much for those updates we appreciate that.

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{"duration":"2:11","description":"Donald Trump's former lawyer is sentenced to three years for hush money payments and lying to Congress. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"62854974","title":"Michael Cohen reports to prison ","url":"/Politics/video/michael-cohen-reports-prison-62854974"}