Michelle Obama Delivers Emotional Final Speech as First Lady

Obama spoke about hope and the importance of diversity at an event recognizing the 2017 school counselor of the year.
5:12 | 01/06/17

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Transcript for Michelle Obama Delivers Emotional Final Speech as First Lady
These men and women showed them that those kids matter. That they have something to offer that no matter where they're from or how much money their parents have no matter what they look like or who they love. Or how they worship. But what language they speak at home. They have a place in this country and anti in my time in the White House. I can think of no better message to send to our young people in my last official Marxist firstly. So for all the young people in this room and those who are watching. Know that this country belongs to you. To all of you. From every background and walk of life. If you or your parents are immigrants. Know that you are part of a proud American tradition. The infusion of new cultures. Talents and ideas generation after generation that had made us the greatest country on earth. If your family doesn't have much money. I want you remember that in this country many of books including me and my husband we started out with a very little. Oh what a lot of hard work and a good education. Anything is possible. Even becoming president. That's what the American dream. If you are a person of state. No that religious diversity is a great American tradition to. In fact that's what people first came to this country to worship freely. And whether you are Muslim Christian Jewish Hindu sikh. These religions are teaching our young people about justice. And compassion honesty. So I want our young people exit. Continue to learn and practice those values with pride. Is see our our glorious diversity. And diversity of faiths and colors and creeds. That does not direct to who we are it makes us who we are. It is our fundamental belief in the power of hope that has allowed us to rise above the voices of doubt and division. Of anger and fear that we have faced. And our own lives in in the life of this country. Our hope that if we work hard enough and believe in ourselves. Then we can be what ever we dream regardless of the limitations that others may place on us. The hope that when people see us for who we truly are. Maybe just may be. They too will be inspired. So rides to their best possible so yes she did not hold up my folks like my dead. Got up every day do his job at the city water plant. The hope that one day his kids. Would go to college. And had opportunities he never dreamed up. That's the kind of hole. That every single one of us. Politicians. Parents preachers all of us need to be providing our young people. Because that is what this country poured everything. I hope for the future. And the hard work that inspires. So. That's my final message to young people let's first play. Don't want our young people to know. That they matter. That they belong. So don't be afraid. You hear me young people don't be afraid be focused. And be determined. To be hopeful. BM power. Empowering ourselves with a good education. They get out there and use that education to build a country worthy of your balance props. Lead by example with hope. Never be. And know that I won't be with even. Rooting for you and working to support you for the rest of my life. And that it's true I know for every person who are here is in the day. And for educators and advocates all across this nation get up every day and work their hearts out to lift up our young people. And I am so grateful to all of you. We've passion in your dedication. And all the hard work on behalf of our next generation and I can think of no better way. To in my time as First Lady been celebrating all you. So I want to close at eight cents. Thank you for everything you do for our kids. And for our country. Being your First Lady had been the greatest honor of my life. And I hope I've based Pratt.

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{"duration":"5:12","description":"Obama spoke about hope and the importance of diversity at an event recognizing the 2017 school counselor of the year.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"44602271","title":"Michelle Obama Delivers Emotional Final Speech as First Lady","url":"/Politics/video/michelle-obama-delivers-emotional-final-speech-lady-44602271"}