Michigan swing voters weigh Trump's rhetoric against economy

Voters along Macomb County's Route 53 talk Trump and the 2020 election.
8:06 | 08/13/19

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Transcript for Michigan swing voters weigh Trump's rhetoric against economy
This route 53 runs north and south through McComb county. All the way through the heart of this. Critical swing district two than gorgeous Garcia lean Republican area to the south sort of leans Democrat. Everybody we've talked to along route 53 here on our road trip. This confirmed that this is an. Independent place people really trying to make up their minds be senate candidate. Because Japan and attention to them to the politics at all. Could be just point them away if it went up. Call what some lines but as it was today. And so the pregnancy and up that. They're lazy or different ideas. I was thinking ten cents comes the mountains. Happy and still have jobs and so violently that don't. Arc credit. Who lived through the years. So we're very happy was doing. We've encountered it's been a good. Fifty years in your life. They like this. Anti. If you had just sort of say what's your biggest worry is right. Current just well I'll. I've been here about that the how expensive it is in this in this state. I could ask for me it's the influence of television political work. Even sometimes the smallest accidentally comes national. Other big problems right now. We really miss it well when dealing. Has taken until. But there's little. Traders. Thank you very much less disposable Sterling Heights tell us about your city. Well it's a great city blue collar town hardworking people that. And sometimes they vote for Republicans intend to vote for Democrats are independent minded. And you know we we we have solid midwestern valley it's personal accountability responsibility. I raise a good family and have a piece of the American dream. Got a lot of trump supporters here from one Handel here I mean really easily he won it was surprising. For a blue collar town that really can go. Left or right you know they're not quite sure whether they're gonna go for him again if they're gonna vote for somebody else but. Ups anyway there's not a lot of voters here that I've talked here. That are more concerned about his literacy and they're concerned about the 401K. And their kids and they're paying for day care and making sure that they have a good job. And making sure that the plant is running and making sure that we're producing automobiles here and out of Mexico. And that we're you know maintaining a leg up on China. This a Republican area again. They're going to. Yours we're. That could last. Out of here with. But Coke counties a swing district in the heart of a swing state people here largely happy with their lives the economy jobs health care. It may not be happy with the president's tweets. But they don't see a compelling alternative. What's the biggest worry you have right now it's just smoke. He's feeling pretty good about the business here you what's on your mind. No I think I mean sustainability by us and you deal with little arms and they work very hard to. There product in the here it was not an easy task. You think the country's on the right track right now. I think we need some work. I mean some options with Nazi UV. I mean seems like it's me. On humans Nevada. Speaks with. Who is as good with his game. A lot of people are healthy and happy new work Ian and there you. And that's a tough question. Auto industry during the lifeblood of this part of Michigan everywhere you look you see auto factories auto dealerships. This over here GM transmission platform what I had to close this year will cost 60000 jobs over the next couple years people here insist. They're optimistic. And that McGwire ABC news. Good at one. I think oh. That we've been filled it is that. He. Too much it's not. Bring you're not at home. And. I for one in. We're. Who gave up politics right now he plugin at all. I'm and that's yeah. I've got to read up on watching. Have a seat talk to you sir. Power lines and I'm not flag. Reason. That's. And so here in the bottom half naked and have moved insulin from actions. You know one. With a lot of which is nice went what do you think about sort of the strait of her politics her. And each other and. How do you make decisions that Al Fox News who had been improved through that you bent over. Seems like a pretty personal decision. Person I want you by name whether they're Republican or Democrat you want them to be an honest and that person and speak to. What it's like to live here way. Significant duo returned was due. We don't want too many promises. You know if he did he did that thing with the port congressman. Now he's earned two Baltimore. It's just it's a sideshow that I think it's so un presidential. It's. Constant lying it's the belittling. His his opponents in his detractors. Childish nicknames that he gives. People and a long way to go in the campaign. A lot more scandal stick. Come Africa while mark candidates country McComb county but what's your look at your crystal ball on you you've grown up here you. Seeing the torn sixteen campaign funeral bombing campaign here. He is a Democrat can do to win record owned restaurants in. One point. Democrat can win local economy and Sterling Heights they done it before they can certainly do it again. But it's gonna have to be somebody with a big personality. Somebody that connects. So that residents that live here somebody that talks directly to them and understands. What's going out.

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{"duration":"8:06","description":"Voters along Macomb County's Route 53 talk Trump and the 2020 election.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"64936699","title":"Michigan swing voters weigh Trump's rhetoric against economy","url":"/Politics/video/michigan-swing-voters-weigh-trumps-rhetoric-economy-64936699"}