Military targets Generation Z in new recruitment campaign

The U.S. Army is aiming to recruit the youngest generation in new ad campaign rolling out this Veterans Day.
7:56 | 11/11/19

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Transcript for Military targets Generation Z in new recruitment campaign
Next to the Pentagon now where the united states army is using this veterans day holiday to launch a glitzy new recruiting campaign. Seeking to enlist some 69000. New recruits this year in the army alone with special focus. And some roles in the united states army that traditionally don't get a lot of attention our senior pentagon reporter we Martinez has been. Are tracking this Louis this is a really and Christine appeal that the military's making. On this veterans day and it's good to have some gaps to fail tell us about it. That's right and a tight in my generation Z visa the 1724 year old generation. That they are targeting these are the next soldiers that were filled the army's ranks for the next a couple of years. And they know that they have a difficult time in trying to recruit these people because it is such a good economy right now. And so there is its dwindling pool of eligible. Members of the civilian population. Who can be targeting lower eligible to join their ranks of the military particularly in this case the US army so they're highlighting. Researchers scientific researchers are highlighting. Signals officers they're highlighting CIBER warfare officers film pretty much. As part of their new campaign called what's your warrior. The goal here is to ask this new generation. What do you think you can be as a soldier. You may have an interest in science while you can join the army do you have wanna be the aviation officer in five and piloting helicopters you can do that she is. Or do you want to be a researcher working on the -- and buyers and that's what they're highlighting his party's new ad campaign kicked out. And even I saw and some of the materials their culinary arts they need some crooks and in the army is well we Martinez thanks so much it's here now. From one of the stars involved in the military's new campaign sergeant Jennifer Smith. From New London, Connecticut joins us now she's a signal support specialist in the united states army also joined by brigadier general. Alex fake who's overseen. This new campaign he's live with us from Chicago thank you both for being here sergeant I wanna start with you. And let's show everybody where your pictured in this campaign you're the one here let's put up the poster. A you're the one holding the phone tell us about how your role in the army right now and and how you decided to enlist. Oh I'm Lindsay when I was twenty what you're it'll work at a aged the past eight years Alice just hitting the thing everyday school. So one day I just walked in either opt is and I. Now everyday I don't mind it a challenge and I loved. It and what does this signal support specialists do. Well I mean I think no means like okay I'm radios which is analog but I also get CU. Experience exactly what they show commercial which is digital acting that LA and everything and it is covered under signal. And signal I would imagine it's becoming much more important now and in the cyber air as we move away from bad to traditional battlefields of battlefields in the cyberspace general think. It's talk to us about why these rules are so important right now and why does the army had such a tough time filling some of these gaps. So the purpose of what's your warriors we rule this does to really optimistic breadth and depth of the campaign oh well what B what you can do any army. And then held it all comes together to form this incredible team the most our team on earth. In the past we have had a focus on combat rules which her doctors still very important you'll still see debt in these ads coming up. But we haven't revealed the true breadth and depth across the army and various gill says that we need we have over a 150. Military occupational specialties that we offer. And you can to a lot of different things that you can do to civilian world you can come doing in the army is well in uniform as part of an incredible team. It and hey we heard our pentagon reporter Louis Martinez allude to this a little bit but. How difficult has it been for the military right now given that the economy is so good it and you felt a crunch. Of potential. Every recruits because the economy is so good people have so many different choices. Our challenges are really around relevance we at we lack no reverence for military services and the army in particular. It's really relevance. As we have to make meet the army a relevant choice for Christians he population ages seventeen to 24. So all plays into that is is certainly the economy and a low unemployment we have to increase. Our opportunities to get within their use consideration set of jobs but is also a growing military civilian divide across our country. With few words your veterans out there as well as do or just a smaller military overall. Look young folks have less. Contact with those who served. And thus misperceptions. Result from Matt and and so part of this campaign as we get after a little bit later in in the campaign is to really show the depth of what you can do. And the army that you can own a dog you can get married you. Do you Janet macarthur's ought to butt of misperceptions out there that reading through to get after on this. And I would imagine and that David did did those misperceptions do a backhoe and on and sergeant Smith talked to us about it just your social circles when you enlisted what was it like. When your didn't do your friends that sort of questioned your decision to listed did you have to fight back some of those. Those public misperceptions. Absolutely not my this has been in over fifty years and ray I joined my little brother joined so we're always around. Like Italian lit end there's a lot of military didn't. So. Everybody pretty much understands ended at 88 you'll get a and a. And what do you want Americans to know Sargent Deb before let you go here on this veterans day. What do you say two to those Americans in this families who have not put on the uniform what do you want them to know. About your service in the service of your colleagues. With an evil in the military game there's no way her custody at team without one Anderson. Kill. Ernie they all you yeah. It is not a word boring and every other role in the army. Cyber bio labs culinary arts its not just fighting on the battlefield and flying helicopters are there those are important to. Last words do you general think because as you had into this campaign your kick in an off today you have a pretty lofty goal 69000. How confident are you gonna hit that mark and then what do you what message do you have for us on this veterans day. So we are we're very confident we'll hit the market issues such as the campaign a campaign to keep peace in this. But we've got a great recruiting team out there is well armies of the addresses army recruiting command is wells are cadet command is is also an officer. Recruitment campaign across all three components army reserve or National Guard and NEC. So. So well yeah I think we're pretty confident is tested well. Against. Against our sister services as wells against past Aston campaigns we've had so were were and in great thing about this campaign as we abuse ability to make adjustments in stride we conceived region we can stuff things that are working weakened double down things are working. So we have lots of opportunities attitude to dial up and dialed out across markets are on the. States contributor general Alex pink joining us live from Chicago sergeant Jennifer Smith from Connecticut thank you both very much thanks for your service. I good lock out there with the campaign much more on the campaign you can check out that new promotional video pre splashy stuff from our Louis Martinez. Are at

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{"duration":"7:56","description":"The U.S. Army is aiming to recruit the youngest generation in new ad campaign rolling out this Veterans Day.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"66922928","title":"Military targets Generation Z in new recruitment campaign","url":"/Politics/video/military-targets-generation-recruitment-campaign-66922928"}