Missouri abortion bill passes

The Missouri Senate approved the bill banning abortions after 8 weeks of pregnancy
5:18 | 05/16/19

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Transcript for Missouri abortion bill passes
Pretty controversial there and we mentioned the Missouri. The state is passing a bill banning abortions at eight weeks of pregnancy so with more want to go to Jill McClean he's with our affiliate K. In my Z in Jefferson City, Missouri. Joseph I just want you to break this down and tell us exactly what this bill does. Well timber lead this a lot like Steve bill that was just signed into law in Alabama as you heard from Steve. Does not allow an exception to outlawing abortion past eight weeks. Four anything other than a medical emergency no exception for rape. Or abuse. After a rape or it incest related pregnancies. I'm obviously a lot of controversy here in the State Capitol the Democrats were holding the floor of this state senate's. For all afternoon this bill finally passing. In the Senate's at about 4 in the morning now it goes back to the house because unlike the Alabama bill that was just signed into law. It's the senate added an emergency clause meaning it would take effect as soon as the governor's signature. Is honored in and the governor has voiced support for this bill again. This went bands. Abortion procedures after eight weeks of pregnancy it's one else. About half a dozen other bills that are better now in doubt line conservative led states. And that is known as a heartbeat bill some of the strictest abortion. Anti abortion laws in the country. And Joseph as as we mentioned this bill is an. Quite law yet so there's still a few more hurdles to go yes. Right any interest in just two days left of course the legislative session here in Missouri ends at 6 PM tomorrow night. The house still needs to vote give the final approval which they do have the numbers for there's a super majority GOP. A majority here in the house and senate and of course a Republican governor. Kimberly. All right Joseph McClean in Jefferson City, Missouri thank you so much for joining us and I wanna stay honest conversation. Hasn't been saying all morning. The abortion debate one way or another is likely headed back to the supreme court's I want to bring in ABC news Supreme Court contributor Kate Shaw. Kate what do these bills mean four Roe vs. Wade ended the future and the future of abortion in this country. Well wanting to say just at the out that is being sought are clearly unconstitutional under vs wade so when a six month delay period like Alabama law or whether they would go into effect right away. There's no way these laws can stand under current law so they will be challenged immediately each. End any lower court that take a look at these laws will strike and down immediately. They're clearly unconstitutional. And their proponents note right. The idea of course is to get one of these laws before the US Supreme Court and have the US Supreme Court changed the law. Overturning Roe vs. Wade. Armed and you know I think it's right that would be change and competition on the Supreme Court. On is very much responsible for the wave in these very restrictive abortion laws received just 2019. Anthony Kennedy who retired last year largely voted to a firm roper says weight and to strike down. Laws that really restricted abortion he's been replaced by Greg Kavanagh who is far more conservative and I think a lot of opponents of abortion take a look at the Supreme Court and they think there may well be five votes to revisit and overturn Roe vs. Wade. I think the key question is what the Chief Justice John Roberts spoke do you he's going to be thinking a lot. Not just about the constitution an abortion but the kind of institutional standing under Supreme Court would it look unduly political. For the court to reverse course and overturn a decision that it's been on the books for nearly fifty years. Yen as this debate continues and as these bills are going into laws what do you think people should be watching for what are you watching for next. You know I think a lot of that was an action were shipped to state legislatures so of course are red states are moving very quickly to restrict or prohibit outrage apportion. And then there are some blue state that sort of he. I would what is developing and have tried to right into their own state law's protections for abortion right even in state constitution. So that if the Supreme Court does overturn Roe vs. Wade on the at least under state constitutions abortion would still be protected so that there would still be apportion available so of course if you overturn roe. All that would do is shift the question to state so abortion wouldn't become illegal elation why it would just become illegal and that states that wanted to restrict. I'm so you know I think that the bit just isn't on the Supreme Court are attuned to public opinion. You know they don't follow public opinion polls and they shouldn't. But I think that they do notice the sort of sentiment in the country so I think there will be no to because there's a lot of mobilization at a lot of opposition to. You know the idea potentially overturning roe. Those kinds of things that could matter I mean and I think we'll all be very much watching. Unser at the presidential campaign unfolding with this huge issue sort of in the backdrop what this court might do with Roberson wait what. Future vacancies on the Supreme Court might mean for the future of things like abortion rights I think all of that is a very tightly connected to what we've seen. Just this week. All right Kate thank you so much for joining us I appreciate. And your contributions so guys there's no doubt that this law and abortion debate it's self is divisive.

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{"duration":"5:18","description":"The Missouri Senate approved the bill banning abortions after 8 weeks of pregnancy","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"63080426","title":"Missouri abortion bill passes","url":"/Politics/video/missouri-abortion-bill-passes-63080426"}