Mitch McConnell delivers remarks during ceremony for President George H.W. Bush

"We stand with you in mourning, but also in gratitude," McConnell said.
4:03 | 12/03/18

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Transcript for Mitch McConnell delivers remarks during ceremony for President George H.W. Bush
Thirty years ago. On the west front of this capital. George. Herbert Walker Bush addressed the nation. For the first time. As our president. He said. We made on democracy's front porch. A good place to law. As neighbors. And its round. The words of a humble servant who loved his fellow citizens. And over principal leader who knew America not only guards at our own future but also safeguard democracy. For the world. Today this hero has returned to the capitol final time. Not on the front porch of our democracy this time. But fear. In his hallowed cathedral. Beneath paid age. The tell those four. Of our land. And our liberty. And black must statues. Of his fellow champions. Whom he joined. In making and that story possible. George Bush was just a teenager when he volunteered for military service. And became the navy's youngest aviator. He was only cloning all nuts up numbered. In 1944 when his plane was hit. On a bombing run. But through the fire up and smoke. George Bush paid study said at the controls. Only wants the accomplish his mission. Did he parachute out over the Pacific. A steady hand. Staying the course. That's what George Bush gave us. Productive. And decorated aviator. Congressman. Ambassador good to the United Nations. Envoy to try not CIA director. Eight years as vice president. And that our commander in tree. Through the cold warm. And the Soviet union's collapse. He kept us on course. When the rule of law needed defending in the Persian Gault. He kept us own course. Wood is even temperament and hard work. Hard won expertise she. George Herbert Walker Bush steered this country as straight as he steered that airplane. He kept us flying. And challenge just to fly up higher still. And he did it would modesty. And kindness. That would have been surprising in someone one tent as tough an accomplished. As he was. The patriot who lies before us well. Was blessed with many give each. But there was no doubt which he pry. Martial law. A great love story began at that Christmas doubts when George Bush met Barbara Pierce. And the grayish and Berkshire. They taught their children. Have been richest nation through a family. Of leaders. Today the nation stands for that balance. With our 43 president. Which but Neil. Marvin. And our world and all the bush grandchildren. And bridge grandchildren. We stand with you and morning. But also in gratitude. Gratitude for laughs well lit up. And duties thoroughly. Fulfilled. Gratitude. That god gave this country George. And Barbara Bush. And that they may now be reunited. In the lied. Of his gracious.

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{"duration":"4:03","description":"\"We stand with you in mourning, but also in gratitude,\" McConnell said.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"59586456","title":"Mitch McConnell delivers remarks during ceremony for President George H.W. Bush","url":"/Politics/video/mitch-mcconnell-delivers-remarks-ceremony-president-george-hw-59586456"}