Newark to replace 18,000 water leads

Newark Water Coalition member Yvette Jordan explains her concerns about the "management of lead service line replacement" and how this replacement will be managed and enforced.
4:32 | 08/26/19

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Transcript for Newark to replace 18,000 water leads
There's a growing public health crisis in Newark, New Jersey just across the river. From New York City where the water system there has been showing dangerous levels of lead. For months now city officials announced today an infusion of a 120 million dollars to replace 181000. Water pipes two peoples homes in that community it's a major development. We'll take several years. But it's not yet satisfying in the the calls to more immediate action by activists in that community one of those joins us now you've had Jordan. As with the nor water coalition you bet it's great to see you. Obviously give us your take on what the city announced today in in terms of a replacing 181000. Water leads. Big stepped. My initial Drake is that it is something. Very very good something. Newark. What a coalition is fighting for as well as new caucus. But which are our new carcasses. Actually. The plaintiff in a federal laws. Lawsuit against city of Newark so I'm a member of that so we are. Very happy and things when he million dollars however we hands concerns also debt and. Yet telling you of those concerns 'cause it's gonna take still the officials today said two to three years to begin replacing these pipes. Had been estimated at ten years and they're they're trying to expedite that process but you in your organization have been. Demanding bottled water from from officials to all of the city's 200 plus thousand residents. Have you made me headway on that front. Should we got a solemn some bottle will letter from. Trenton city and state government as well as many donations at next great extent. Initially in a lawsuit Wie was saying we want it filters and bottled water for everybody. And in all service areas so are considering now while we're at. Happy of bell who led service line replacement. And it's obviously fast track. We are also concerned about enforcement of that. So a I'm considering several concerns. Which had been hired highlighted including in New York Times article on Sunday. We're concerned about who management. Who led service line replacement so. And I want to underscore. We are very happy about a 120 million dollars however how we managing it how Liu enforcing it is somebody who has a lot of management experience doing bad. More is it somebody who is an engineer so all of these concerns are. On our mind. EI a and much like the Flint water crisis the few years ago which was a slow roll slow unfolding crisis that required a lot of accountability from citizens like yourself demanding officials keep them. Keep them honest. That city endurance some very serious medical crises specifically in children. I'm curious in in the city of Newark how concerned are you about the health impacts of this water that has been consumed now for many years prior to today's announcement. I'm very concerned and and initially ran an RTC approached us in February at 218. Meaning approached I'm no caucus Wii is educating beaters we're seeing a costly we've got to step up and do something in and we said okay will sign on as plain myself and a school teacher and high school teacher at central. High school and you know are. And all miles. 1:3 o'clock population is special Rooney so while I am not attributing all of this horse to water. I am concerned. It is one of many options candidates and in terms. I'm. ADB. AV eight B. And pans and myriad other concerns. We as educators are saying we've got to step and and really protect our students end. There Sam weeks. We know you'll keep your voices raised here that Jordan with the Newark water coalition as authorities today. Announced some big steps to improve the water quality in that city. We know you'll keep the pressure on us that goes forward you that think you so much for coming in. Okay thank you.

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{"duration":"4:32","description":"Newark Water Coalition member Yvette Jordan explains her concerns about the \"management of lead service line replacement\" and how this replacement will be managed and enforced.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65203687","title":"Newark to replace 18,000 water leads","url":"/Politics/video/newark-replace-18000-water-leads-65203687"}