NJ Bridge Traffic Nightmare Unfolds in 911 Calls

Dispatchers field calls from drivers impacted by the George Washington Bridge lane closures in September.
3:00 | 02/28/14

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Transcript for NJ Bridge Traffic Nightmare Unfolds in 911 Calls
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- explorer the -- simple traffic overall -- it make it back up movie. That's backed -- Paul Hill was back and -- we'll do the via new. Our organic law -- irate motorist. There the sound frustrated motorists -- cops on the ground during the George Washington Bridge -- -- last September. This is an ABC news -- special report on -- Cutler in New York clerks in Fort Lee New Jersey today releasing -- 911 calls. May by motorists on or near the bridge last fall when aides to governor Chris Christie ordered multiple lanes closed. In an act of political vengeance. Cristi has denied any prior knowledge of the plan and at a press conference after that -- -- public. Fired one of his top aides deputy chief stepped Bridget and Kelly for her role. AB CH Sean Walsh character is following Christie and the investigations that first broke months ago they spent hours sitting going through -- -- -- -- to join us now with some of the latest on this show excellent start with you. We just heard clips from three different calls. There are dozens more big picture what -- these calls show what are we really here. What you're hearing began our big case Patrick calls so emergency responders speaking to dispatchers about what's going on -- -- motorists calling. And gridlock all over the -- -- tiny town of Fort Lee and that's exactly what you're hearing are these dispatchers discussing. The situation with emergency worst -- -- made -- to -- emergency responders and first responder. And I want to play another -- this from an emergency call from that the backed up -- -- -- connect. So is there any evidence and stretched beyond these calls -- people were actually injured or their treatment delayed because of these closings well. That sound -- that you just played that audiotape is really one of the worst that we've heard somebody with a head injury that has had -- emergency help for over an hour but. These teams really do reinforce what we've already reported that no one died. Because of this back up these four days -- -- -- and no one was hurt seriously because of that. But of course as you can hear it is still a lot of people that was suffered from that whether or just be commuters or people tried to get to school. Or people that were suffering from this person a head injury or other medical difficulties. William when you take the response to that they just how bad is -- that for governor Chris Christie's been. Tried to put this controversy behind him right. Right he has absolutely he's been out there still fund raising for as RG -- has been trying to move on. But as -- headlines come out today as we go try to use these audiotapes. Of course it is terrible for Chris Christie because his name is -- everyone these stories in every headline these stories because it was. His aides that shut down these claims that caused he's average Americans at these this kind of trouble on this kind of absolute gridlock in their hometown and that's why it's really hurting more than other scandals because it's really affecting average Americans. -- jump into this if you can because here's another example of some confusion surrounding the delays on these tapes there. Officials seemingly just guessing essentially at what's behind the delays let's listen. -- anything -- on the bridge. -- -- I think it -- They have a new pattern they're kept in -- -- -- -- traffic. I'm -- Washington. -- to bundling now. -- -- -- And war. So the -- of -- -- traffic pattern there but then at the same time two days after those delays again. An emergency responders plea. -- you look. -- Port Authority. -- -- -- this -- -- -- it's kind of ironic -- what we do now. That these folks were -- banking on the Port Authority to get this fixed. Well there it sounds like -- -- guessing Dan because they were guessing -- they actually didn't seem to know that the Port Authority had engaged in what. Some officials had portrayed as a as a traffic study that's remember what all of this was supposed to be about a traffic study -- we know now. That it was a politically motivated traffic study or cover for some kind of political vendetta. And it left the local officials somewhat in the dark and you heard in some of those calls dispatchers talking about the gridlock on the bridge re -- the ambulances. Guessing maybe it was sun glare maybe it was something else they didn't know they were just as in the dark as some of the drivers that -- trying to get to the bridge. Causing it but not exactly knowing why is these tapes make -- -- pretty clear that the problem on the bridge was pervasive going out for days now -- I want to listen to that bite that we play but from the top again these calls me made multiple times over three days. Could be. Double down the tree but let me know -- you make I would -- what we're -- -- explorer the -- simple traffic overall count three make it back -- well. Paul Hill was back and -- we'll do the -- -- And our organic -- irate -- And you can see some of the reaction there from the signs outside of the bridge there. Who's -- an -- to held its answer to this is who are the investigators going after. -- -- they're looking all the way inside Chris Christie's administration and ultimately I think lawmakers would like to know -- it goes all the way to the governor himself they've been. Some some -- documents from a number of his political operatives and aides they've been -- documents from some of the bureaucrats. Largely responsible for closing these lanes chief among them Bridget Kelly and David Wilde Stephen. Newly released documents that were partially under -- -- and we're just handed over yesterday and an at that point Dan. We saw more of the kind of jokes and snide remarks that more about the bridge closings and about. Even causing some traffic problems for -- central New Jersey. Rabbi who had done something to anger one of those bureaucrats and and -- as lawmakers and and federal prosecutors look at all of this. They want to know how far up the chain. Does this go so far there's no evidence that Governor Christie himself. Ordered these lanes closed but certainly he has already fired an -- in and one of his political advisors. And so it does reach deep into his administration. It is the politics now -- find out exactly how that will play out -- I -- the audio on some of these calls are pretty powerful. -- -- -- here this again and it perhaps in some ads sponsored by Democrats. -- I think it's very likely but of course if Governor Christie decides to run for president. Before he goes up against any Democrat he's gonna have a Republican -- Caucuses and primary process and it's gonna be his Republican opponent I think you're likely exceed -- before any Democrat -- her hands on them. -- -- I go back -- you and what is then next in the investigation of these tapes are out it's a good question is it every day seems to bring some kind of new revelation -- new. Politician calling for something -- just this morning it was one of the Democrats on the committee looking into this calling on Governor Christie to resign and so none of this really. Is going away but the narrative so far Dan has not changed -- -- adios audio recordings do nothing to change that the narrative so far but they do help everyone. We live how painful and chaotic these traffic jams where it lasted four days. Ambulances re routed people stop going to work and and the calls -- plain. That ordinary folks it should salute to our earlier. Really suffered because of this but so far nothing to suggest that governor Chris Christie had first hand knowledge has he has said. But what he ultimately new. That's exactly what lawmakers and federal prosecutors are trying to get to now. That had seemed to been the major point of listening to this these tapes and when this investigation first -- in the fact that. It was something in that every American whether New Jersey new Yorker wherever in the country could relate to the fact that a traffic jam. It's no picnic and if in fact there was some kind of deliberate act in creating one. Would obviously stir up some pretty strong emotion. Who hasn't sat in traffic and and gotten frustrated only to find out. That there was. Lane closed when you know for no apparent reason and it turns out there was no apparent reason other than you know politics here and that's what really seems to -- frustrated people. The most Governor Christie is kept most of his schedule is gone around. Not only -- fund raising but also he's had a number of town hall meetings in. And some friendly -- parts of the state politically. Some of the some of the voters I think in Fort -- would like to see him. Addressed the issue with them and maybe he'll do that the coming weeks and months. But governor Chris Christie by his own admission is on the back nine of his political career at least in New Jersey. So he really doesn't have much to answer for in terms of his constituents that are going to be voting -- for governor but if he does -- shift. -- alluded to want to run for president. These questions I think -- going to keep coming up. And likely -- the tapes keep coming up as well ABC's actress the -- -- -- Walsh joining us with that. -- thank you so much appreciate it. And so with all the latest on the probe into corporate scandal and what it means for governor Chris Christie -- potential presidential aspiration. Stay right here. On knots or more of those 911 calls right here -- -- special report on -- and New York.

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{"id":22720821,"title":"NJ Bridge Traffic Nightmare Unfolds in 911 Calls","duration":"3:00","description":"Dispatchers field calls from drivers impacted by the George Washington Bridge lane closures in September.","url":"/Politics/video/nj-bridge-traffic-nightmare-unfolds-911-calls-22720821","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}