North Carolina election fraud hearing

Day 4 of explosive testimony in North Carolina election fraud hearing
1:15 | 02/21/19

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Transcript for North Carolina election fraud hearing
Hi I'm Joseph to Kaplan at the north Carolina state bar it's been four days of testimony. And there have been four bombshells one every day. The latest that the Mark Harris campaign may have violated subpoenas. And we've held important text messages other communications from state investigators. The north Carolina state board of elections this week. Hearing evidence about an alleged scheme to illegally collect absentee ballots. Investigators already calling this scheme. Coordinated and substantially resource mark harris' son with explosive testimony on Wednesday explaining how he warned his father. When he warned his father. And why he warned his father about the main suspect in this case McRae Dallas the board will have to decide if the reported fraud is enough to invalidate harris' victory in the mid terms. And call for new election if not they won't certify the results and send Mark Harris to Washington but this is the last undecided race in the country. It means more than 700000. People in North Carolina. Still don't have a congressman all. In rally on Jolie Kaplan and you're watching ABC news lives.

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{"duration":"1:15","description":"Day 4 of explosive testimony in North Carolina election fraud hearing","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"61218987","title":"North Carolina election fraud hearing","url":"/Politics/video/north-carolina-election-fraud-hearing-61218987"}