Pelosi discusses Jan. 6 committee

The Speaker of the House spoke of the committee put in place to investigate the assault on the Capitol earlier this year.
4:31 | 07/22/21

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Transcript for Pelosi discusses Jan. 6 committee
As you know. January 6 the day of an assault on the capital that was one of the darkest days in our country's history. It was an assault on our democracy. And the assault on my congress. Assault on our constitution. As says rioters. Tried to island do or prevent us from honoring our constitutional. Responsibility. Two ratifies to certify. That the scene. Electoral College vote. And officially name Joseph Biden president of the United States. In the time since then six months or more since then we tried to have a bipartisan commission. And how sweet passage it was. We yield on many scores in terms of make up process and timing. And that was bipartisan in terms of the committee and I salute. Our chairman Bennie Thompson and mr. Patrick over the wreck ranking members. Even though it was something that was bipartisan. And yielded on many points to the Republicans in order to achieve bipartisanship. The leadership. Other Republican Party in the house opposed and whipped against the bipartisan commission. Still and all we had the votes. 35 members in that on the Republican side voted with this descended to this and it was very hopeful that we could pass it to your head Trenton Republican votes. But that not ten and renewed. Ten to get up to sixty. Hopefully one day that will still get that opportunity will still present itself. But the cuts it was not possible. In this timeframe. Last month we passed. The our legislation for a select committee. The select committee. Is sound. Bipartisan. And has a crime and it will do the job it set out to do. And that is to investigate. The causes and that indeed of what happened on January 6. To find out how was organized who paid Schwartz who message to get those people here for the assault on the capital. As you know well over a hundred people were injured some died. It was horrible horrible thing I'll never forget the trauma that content. Not only for our members but for our staff and for the people who work in the capital. Fund to make our. Word cure possible meant many some of you will hear that day as well so you can attest. To the fact that it was not all loved. Hugs and kisses as it has been characterized. It. You know if mischaracterized. Simply say. So as you know by bringing cash commission and it was committee in this bipartisan Vatican and we have a Quan. Seth is being hired to do the job. Where there she seeks the truth. Or not they're there to get the truth not to get drawn. TRU truths. Trump. Seems to be but the other side is that sense to a so let's. Legislation allows I didn't accept. Two the five people were appointed. And it is they had made statements in taken actions. Said I think going to impact the integrity. Of the commission of the committee the work of the committee. This is deadly serious. This is a bad our constitution it's about our country. Is it an assault on the capital. That is being miss characterized. For some reason. At the expense. At the expense of finding the truce for the American people. I'm very pleased the response that we have received across the country and try carcass. Well on this subject. And we will under it. Pleased with the U. Leadership but Bennie Thompson our chairman of the bipartisan nature of that committee was this Cheney the other members have. Town committee. Who have experienced. And patriotism. As their. Calling contacts.

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{"duration":"4:31","description":"The Speaker of the House spoke of the committee put in place to investigate the assault on the Capitol earlier this year.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"78991400","title":"Pelosi discusses Jan. 6 committee","url":"/Politics/video/pelosi-discusses-jan-committee-78991400"}