Phil Murphy projected winner in NJ governor's race

ABC News projects Democratic Nominee Phil Murphy as the next New Jersey governor.
2:20 | 11/08/17

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Transcript for Phil Murphy projected winner in NJ governor's race
If data caught the polls have now closed in New Jersey and we are ready to call a winner in the New Jersey governor's race. ABC news can project a winner in New Jersey ABC news projects. That. Excuse me ABC news project the Democrat Bill Murphy will win. In New Jersey so let's head. Rick Klein we bring you in here you can and also Mary Alice parks because we've been talking so much about Virginia let's talk about. New Year's Day the Chris Christie shell yet I think Chris Christie and governor there firm for eight years and I remember this night for years ago Chris Christie racked up enormous margins and the big story. On election I 2013 with how this is going to be a full head of steam to run for president will again run for president but something interesting happens approval ratings right network. They tacked right over that bridge and we now it's interesting use of the. I blame. That Vietnamese bridge also had an effect on the phone numbers haven't. So now it. This is Chris Christie's had a successor can put on how she is out there she was struggling under the weight of the Christie legacy and keep in mind. All of the scandals all of the issues. What are leading came out of of that famous picture of Chris Christie. Lounging it would during the shutdown of the state because she gave out and slammed him for that. It didn't help and you saw his democratic take over Phil Murphy a former ambassador to Germany former Goldman Sachs executive very close to President Obama will be the next. Governor a very blue New Jersey. Hasn't her tumor that now Democrats control the entire state government there that's rare across the country we don't have very many states like that. Out Washington are hoping that sort of have the same kind of win tonight to debate ideas and they it'll be interesting to see if Democrats picked up more seats in the state legislator really. Solidified their struggle in that state. As a talented governors also because we saw we see at Virginia tonight Terry McAuliffe it's 1012 points more popular than president trump Chris Christie. Is way below president felt was not popular all the New Jersey by the way but he's very very much attracts a big win for the Democrats I don't think it's a discount. I mean this is sort of written off but it's actually pretty significant for they were able to because obviously. Actually when you look at hassling you were talking about an interest is he ran away with it for years ago when almost every single county so the fact that it was able to go. So Friday in a direction such a short amount of time is a big. If you're just joining me want to update all of our viewers based on our analysis of the exit polls in and New Jersey ABC news projects that Bill Murphy will win the governor it.

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{"duration":"2:20","description":"ABC News projects Democratic Nominee Phil Murphy as the next New Jersey governor.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"51001117","title":"Phil Murphy projected winner in NJ governor's race","url":"/Politics/video/phil-murphy-projected-winner-nj-governors-race-51001117"}