President Donald Trump and Joe Biden’s final debate showdown as Election Day nears

With Election Day less than two weeks away, a look at the state of the race after President Trump and Joe Biden’s final clash during last night's debate.
4:38 | 10/23/20

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Transcript for President Donald Trump and Joe Biden’s final debate showdown as Election Day nears
An ABC's political director Rick Klein joins me now for more on this rich and Rick what's your take overall last night. It was so nice wanted to be and be able to free speech it was just such a striking difference from the nudity we saw three weeks ago. I think both candidates can feel good about how they landed their closing arguments and it really is the contents of the campaign now it's not now. Undecided voters or mystical way it's about persuading your base acting. I'm neither candidate I I think what it's found a better way Europe. A better better than 92 just laid out there and I BT you're watching this in conjunction with the other ends of the last couple weeks you know pretty good sense of these candidates are really aren't people what they wanted to. Yet the moderator Kristen Welker and O'Dowd did a great job the muted Mike's thing seems to be getting some positive feedback to conducting the way forward for debates and other races now. You don't actually work. I think just because they need more money Wilson he's rusty each other that submitted its home that was just give for a I was surprised I was skeptical of the rules change I thought the candidates get hijacked however they like. And I was wrong the commission being. I need a Smart change and a lot of heat order but in the end I duty contributed to a more civil tone down and they are probably. It's a with corona virus cases on the right the pandemic front and center for so many people that either of them do enough to persuade Americans that and they are the right person to lead us through this. Well you just because they have such disparate messaging. Are you really depend. Hands on how you see this because on the issue of the corona virus you heard it all how they are you heard. Joseph I didn't say. Did you densities Americans repeated this president he cannot be reelected he saw and you heard. Presidential say rallied quarter are the optimism Becky brought to is the Portuguese are. The country wants to have some hope that once a bite him. With the economy. We did with the recovery they're gonna TG's. His vision or so. Fundamentally different argument in July and he says people who lived their lives and he's waste and it they're ready for different arguments. All of them can feel good job and your ability Nazi voters over the. And Rick they didn't step on each other in terms of talking too much but they didn't pull any punches either president trump attacks hunter Biden's business dealings but an accused trump of hiding payments from foreign countries. Did those attacks at their integrity to those punches lands. We think you have to think about it is not necessarily persuading voters to stay with needy. Diminishing enthusiasm for the other other acting. You Donald comes goal is to meet Joseph Biden into just another member of the Washington establishment Clinton 2.0. The strategy is probably less I think he's ever wore it wouldn't be and the you done a good job Joseph Biden. I don't think Biden reminding people of the noise of the barrel up some of the audience you know corruption allegations that it in our minds forever. Back out. Might remind voters that are not every day you know the last three and happier and smoltz out with their favorite candidate. I do think it. You look kind of relevant enthusiasm questions like this and sometimes it is about when he someone knoller is much it is it is it is persuading someone else he's not there oh. And in the final question of the night they were asked what they would say their inaugural address to help unify the country so mean that many people are craving unity right now. Do you think they said that they needed to and that moment. Well I don't like his message is so much more geared toward unity that I beekeeper and more from him out of debt that really isn't the core message of Donald complex. All of them wearable clothes with a little bit of optimism and again. Despite or because this debate with so much easier to watch a little more optimistic than everybody did it. The yell at each other they didn't talk over it didn't call it aims to lay out very clear differences on policy. Overall what does this do for the race moving forward just eleven days left. Keep in mind almost fifty million Americans are worried about it so there's a limit to what anything you do to race. I think don't. Beat the truck campaign you've got a little bit extra Walesa now supporters in pointed this out and how rallying cries that some of the answers a July game on energy issues for instance. And that a new attacks and I think provide inside. You're using it will show extending his rounds the bases and a lot of by supporters who worried about. What televised debates like they're happy be on the other side of the ideal candidate I'm relieved to get back to their normally regularly scheduled. Right Rick Klein thank you Rick. And you can find out how to vote in your state at 538 dot com again the election just eleven days when.

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{"duration":"4:38","description":"With Election Day less than two weeks away, a look at the state of the race after President Trump and Joe Biden’s final clash during last night's debate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"73787805","title":"President Donald Trump and Joe Biden’s final debate showdown as Election Day nears","url":"/Politics/video/president-donald-trump-joe-bidens-final-debate-showdown-73787805"}