President Obama Pushes Hard Work, Opportunity at NYC School

U.S. president visits students in Brooklyn, NY to discuss creating new ways to help students succeed
25:46 | 10/25/13

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Transcript for President Obama Pushes Hard Work, Opportunity at NYC School
It even have you -- -- -- -- -- I'm the oldest of three in my family. Who came to America in search of a better life. Throughout the throughout my experiences in school. I Willis had to work hard. When it came time -- going to school. I was accent -- any in my choices. My mother and father found out about -- -- And known as the greatest choice by high school. I am apparently in years three way -- anyone -- credits. 42 point six. What -- two point six high school credits. All five regents passed that. All five breezes past that are needed for graduation. And I'm currently enrolled in three -- courses. Including -- This high school has many -- so open for -- me. And I am blind clients who continues to work hard and -- Aaron Jaffe associates degree. My experience -- he had -- -- can be sometimes a bittersweet. Four I have to give up things like hanging with friends playing videogames. Traveling and mark. Because I need to invest in the prison I want to become. And now. Ladies and gentlemen I'm proud since you see you. The president. Of the United States of America. -- -- -- -- Yeah. -- have been in New York sent -- the. Good to see some -- -- picked up for students and teachers and education every day. We've got your governor. Andrew Cuomo's -- -- a bit radical. -- -- York senator Chuck Schumer. -- and secretary of education Arnie Duncan. We've got. You're outspending. Congressional delegation is here. -- -- -- -- -- -- Your public advocate and my -- -- the -- knows there. We've got the outstanding leader of one of America's iconic companies IB MC yeah hope Janet. -- -- -- And I want to get a special shout out to a man who's been. And -- -- extraordinary mayor. For this city has been a leader throughout the country from past twelve years mister Michael Bloomberg. -- And I -- -- thank your principle here -- -- Rashied Davis. Rules I am pretty confident is because let's look at principal. And and it they're there just -- not that many principles we. Dreadlocks and yellow kicks. A bit and that there may be some but not that meant. And I had a wonderful time visiting would want your teachers -- Some movement -- they left tackle. The -- She -- outstanding. She welcomed -- -- her classroom she showed me around. I want to thank all of you for letting me spend some time here. In return you got that out of -- -- -- -- Friday. Which. I -- always but gets -- applause. Although in this school maybe not because you guys burger joint learning so much. That that's worth applauding -- -- enjoy life. How. -- -- -- I'm glad to be years because I used to live in Brooklyn and I actually landed Marine One. In Prospect Park used to live across the street from Prospect Park. But mentally I'm here because I want -- top. I want to come here ever since I talked about. In my State of the Union Address this year. Because what's going on here -- is outstanding. Obama and I'm excited to see it for myself. I -- Brooklyn in general is blowing up right now it -- -- out when I was living here Brooklyn was cool but not this point. Barclays center had been -- yet. I know the -- -- just picked up Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett offseason. Which which -- -- lesson all the young people hope people can still play. We've still got some gas in the tank. But. But this hope. Borough. It is where generations of hopeful. Striving immigrants. Came in search of opportunity. A chance to build better lives for themselves and for their kids and that's been true for decades. I'm here today to talk about what we need to do -- a country to build the same kind of opportunity for -- generate. For the next -- and for your kids. And for future rivers. This country should be doing everything in our power. To give more kids the chance to go to school just like this. We should be doing everything we can't put college within the reach of more young people. We should be doing everything we can't keep your streets sake and protect you from gun violence. We should be doing everything we can't keep families from falling into poverty. And build more ladders of opportunity to help people overwhelming work hard climb out of pop. We should be doing everything we -- to welcome. New generations of hopeful striving immigrants. I want. I want us to do everything we can to get every single young person the same -- opportunity that this country gave me. And get shot. And gave. Governor Cuomo and and and -- Mayor Bloomberg. The bigger principle that's what I'm focused on -- by the way if you -- -- and cement. If you don't have chairs then. Don't sit -- and don't fall. I realize their but it -- -- -- intelligence. So so that's what we can achieve to god. It's possible we know we can know what detectives proof of what can be -- -- -- got to have the courage to do. Of the American people work hard and they try to do right day in and day out. And that resilience and that toughness helped to turn our economy around after one of the hardest periods we've ever faced as a country. But what we also need -- some political -- in Washington. We don't always -- that. Right now we need all pull together we need to work together to grow the economy not shrink. To create good jobs. Not eliminate jobs. We've got to finish building a new foundation for shared and lasting prosperity -- everybody who works hard nobody studies are. At a school like this one or schools all across the country have a chance to get ahead that's what we need to do that's what I'm focused on. And that all begins with the education we give young people. Because all of you are growing up and changing times especially for the economy. The world you're growing up -- is. Different from the one the previous generations here in Brooklyn new -- here and all across the country new. In the old days a young person they might just -- -- their parents footsteps got a job and their parents -- -- work keep that job for 3040 years. If -- want to work are up. You don't necessarily need a great education. If you just gone to high school. You might get a job at a factory. Or in the garment district -- you -- -- just get a job that allowed you to burn your wages keep pace with. People who had a chance to go to college but those days are all. And those days are not coming back we live -- 21 century global cop. And in a global economy. Jobs can go anywhere. Company is there looking for the best educated people wherever they live. And no reward them -- good jobs and good -- And if you don't have well educated work force you're going to be left behind. If you don't have a good education. Bad it is going to be hard for you to -- a job pays a living wage. And by the way other countries -- this. -- it in previous generations America's. Standing economically with so much higher than everybody else is that. We could have a lot of competition now. You've got billions of people. From. Beijing -- Bangalore. Moscow. All of whom are competing would you directly. An error. Those those countries are working every -- that out educate. It. And out compete us. In every year brings more research -- showing them pulling ahead. Especially had some of -- the subject matter that this will specialize in math and science and technology. So we've got a choice to make -- just cut shrug our shoulders and settle for something less. Or we can do what America is always done which is a debt. We pull together. We up our game we -- We fight back we work hard and we went. We have to educate our young people every single person here but also all the young people all across Brooklyn all across New York City. All across New York State and all across this country -- -- you're ready for this global economy. And schools like. Here pretext you've got folks from IBM. City -- City University of New York. City department education. Everybody's pulling together to make sure a high school education it puts young people on a path to a good job so you guys have. Opportunities here that you don't find in most high schools yet. You can take college level courses in math and science. You can work mentors from IBM so you -- learning specific skills that you know. Leads to a -- up. And most important -- graduate with a high school diploma. And & Associates degree in computer systems -- electoral mechanical engineer. And that means you'll be in demand companies won't want to hire you. IBM has even said that. And at a moment when the cost -- higher education's keeps going up and Arnie and I are working hard to make sure that. We're doing everything we -- to reduce the burden of student loans on young people. Here's how much two years of college. Local cost the tech students in their -- Zero. Not that. Nothing. It's an -- paratroopers to plant -- yeah. They're like that. That's a huge burden I mean that that's that's that's thousands of dollars that you're saving. And that means. When you start. Work and you're gonna have that much less of a burden in terms of -- Means you can afford to buy a house on you can afford to start a business over -- -- -- was saying how he's thinking about you know start his own business. And and that kind of attitude is a lot easier when you're not -- will. A lot of student loans. So -- ticket in the middle class and it's available to everybody -- won't work for and that's the way it should be. That's what public education supposed to do. And the great thing is that what started small is not wrong. -- Governor Cuomo. He's opening up. And it's cool cool. -- schools together they're gonna prepare more than 6000 high school students for good high skill jobs. Back in my hometown of Chicago. Mayor Rahm Emanuel is opening up schools like. -- Sobering up a school for example called certainly good but -- again. And got -- Chicago person. Across across the country companies like Verizon and Microsoft. Condit and Cisco. -- what IBM was doing -- -- good idea we can do this to. So they're working with educators and states to replicate what -- already doing here -- -- -- should feel -- about that. You're just starting something all across the -- -- as a country we should all want what all of you were receiving right now. The same chance. For great education. Here's what I think we should do as they cut. To make sure they've got the same opportunities you'd. First of all we gotta give every child an earlier start at success by making high quality preschool available to every four year old -- -- We should give every student access to the world's information when I went into the classroom today. -- -- young people were ordered off computers. And the problem is lot of places even bigger computers that they're not hooked up to wireless so what we're doing -- -- in the federal agencies moving forward on a plan to connect 99%. America's students to high speed Internet within five years. -- -- -- -- We need to bring down the cost of health should give more young people the chance to go to college. So. A couple of months ago I put forward an ambitious new plan to do that. To reduce the cost -- We need to redesign. More of our high schools. So that they teach young people the skills required for -- high ticket cop. So I've been meeting with business leaders and innovative educators to spread the best ideas. And I also want to congratulate governor Paul on all of you in New York for having the courage to raise your standards for teaching and learning. To make sure that more students graduate from high school ready for college -- career it's not easy. But it's the right thing to do it's got to prepare for young people for today's economy. We should stay out -- And here's one more thing. We should be. -- -- just remember none of this works unless we've got outstanding teachers. Which means we've got up. We've got to make sure. -- got to make sure that -- funding education so that teachers have the support that made me. So that they can support their own families. That -- -- not have a big into the pockets for school supplies. And we got to show them the respect and provide pathways. Of excellence for teachers -- that. They're treated like the professionals that they are -- have a hard job. Now some of these ideas I've laid out before some of them -- -- going ahead and doing on my home. Some of them do require congress to do something. And one way we can start is by congress. Passing a budget that reflects our need to in -- in our young people. I know the budgets are the most interesting topic. For Friday afternoon. -- at a school word young people like man. And by the way I just said -- on -- lesson called real world Matt. Which got me thinking whether it's too late to send congress here. Four. Remedial course but. But a budget is important because what a budget does. Is this what our priorities it tells us what we think is important. What our priorities are. The stakes for our middle class could not be higher if we don't set the right priorities now. Then many view. Will be put at a competitive disadvantage. Compared to other countries. If you think education expensive. What are you -- how much ignorance costs. So we. -- -- -- But. -- told me. And a budget that is responsible. That is -- way. -- But. A budget that cuts what we don't need closes wasteful tax loopholes that don't create jobs. Freeing up resources to invest in the things that actually do help us brought things like education and scientific research and infrastructure. Roads bridges airports. The should not be an. Ideological exercise we should use some common sense what's gonna help us -- What's gonna create jobs what is going to expand our middle class what's gonna give more opportunity -- young people those -- the things we should be putting money into. We've got enough resources to know what if we stop spending on things that don't work. And don't make sense horror. If we make sure the people aren't we're -- out of their taxes. Through these corporate loopholes that only a few people the very top can take advantage if we if we just. Do everything an affair common sense way we've got the resources. To be fiscally responsible. And invest in our future. And this obsession -- with cutting just for the second coming hasn't helped our economy grow tell the back. There won't help us build a better society for your generation. And by the way it's important remember. For those were following the news. Our deficits are getting smaller they've been cut in half since I took office. -- -- -- -- Longer term debt problems without sticking it to your generation. We got your string growth and fiscal responsibility -- -- ball. And the question can't just be how much more we can cut it's got to be how many more schools like. That should be our priority. -- on after -- Manufactured crisis that. Congress. Actually a small door open in in the House of Representatives just put us through shutting down the government. And and threatening to potentially default on our debt. I don't wanna hear. The same old stuff about how America can -- invested in the things that have always made a strong. Don't tell me we. Can afford to shut down the government which costs our economy billions of dollars but we can't afford to invest in our education systems. Have nothing more important. -- what I'd like to do is have every member of congress may be -- in a range. And and then and the congressional delegation -- -- some some tours for some of their colleagues. Coming here come the -- -- meet some of these young people. How to make somebody else's. -- -- You know meet somebody like -- and -- young woman who -- the National Anthem this afternoon. -- -- Brandon in the eleventh grade she's -- taking she's articulate eight college classes. Which is about as many as I took what has -- college. She knows just a great opportunity here she's working hard to make the most of it. Eventually she plans to become a lawyer. And and -- -- clear eyed about the challenges of the students here face. You know should she put it note -- In a way that a lot of people can relate to she said we see a whole bunch craziness going in the streets for Crown -- sometimes. What you said but she also said that being here -- -- -- -- -- something important there's more work for us than just the streets. And she said that it. In the day we got to make something of ourselves. And that's important and that's import. It's not just what. The government or adults can do for you it's also what you can do for ourselves. And that's sense of responsibility. That sense that you set the bar higher for yourself. That's what America's all about. That's been the history of New York. People working hard but also working together to make sure that everybody's got a fair shot. To make sure you don't have to be born. Wealthy you don't have to be born famous. That that if you got some drive in some energy. Then you can go to a school that teaches you what you need to know. You can go to college even if you don't have a lot of money. You can start a business. Even if you didn't inherit -- business. -- something of ourselves that's what we do in this country. That's -- message we're sending to Washington no more games were gridlocked. We're -- the things that help America grow and give people the tools to make something of themselves. That's what this is about that's what. As long of that privilege to be your president I'm gonna keep fighting to make sure that no matter who you are where you come from what you look like. This country won't always be a place where you can make -- if you -- -- thank you -- -- and god bless America. And.

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{"id":20686076,"title":"President Obama Pushes Hard Work, Opportunity at NYC School","duration":"25:46","description":"U.S. president visits students in Brooklyn, NY to discuss creating new ways to help students succeed","url":"/Politics/video/president-obama-brooklyn-ny-speech-2013-obama-pushes-20686076","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}