President Trump says longtime lawyer Michael Cohen is making up stories

Trump denies any wrongdoing after Cohen's plea deal and praises Paul Manafort.
3:19 | 08/23/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for President Trump says longtime lawyer Michael Cohen is making up stories
President trump is out with a brand new interview denying that he ordered Michael going to pay us money to stormy Daniels and Karen McDoogle. And to find out Tuesday committed impeachable offense character averages at the White House. And Karen what are though White House and the president himself saying about the allegations. The key line right now from the White House and the president that the president did not do anything wrong he had not been charged. The Press Secretary repeated those phrases about half a dozen times yesterday to a whole range of questions. But also what clearing up a lot of questions about the discrepancies in what the president said. At his statement. The president and you interview with Fox News pointing fingers squarely at his former personal lawyer and fixer Michael co he says Connolly. Eat deals. At -- stormy Daniels and Karen Q well. And that he learned about the payments later on of course there's that audio recording Michael Cullen says from September 2016. Where he and the president are talking about a payment to Karen McDougal before they and the White House has not explained. How the president as he learned about it later on earth audio and clearly talking about it. For the and Karen an area that spoke about all supported former campaign chair a lot of speculation as to whether or party and man at fort. And he could be eating that a little. The press asked about that in this interview with Fox News and he didn't directly answer but he's sending very strong signal that could be. Indicating he's heading in that direction the question would be wing could he do. The white yesterday said that there are not conversations taking place right now about an apartment for pond and a port. But the press. Has made it very clear he have sympathy for pot and a part tweet it. I feel badly for manna for his wonderful family justice took a twelve year old tax case among other things. Applied tremendous pressure on him on like Michael Collins he refused to break make up stories in order to get a deal president adds. Such respect for a Bree said he'd contrasting. And a port with Michael Collins the current course leading guilty on an upward found guilty eat counts. But the president suggesting that he was legal he didn't make a deal. Here's that he could get rewarded. Right kind words for Paul Mann a port much. The attorney general appearance in his again blasting Jeff Sessions there actually scheduled to meet today care and went back and Jeff Sessions will be quiet today for a meeting with the press and doctor Kushner to talk about prison and sentencing reform but a little awkward. Meeting behind closed doors because it is again slamming his attorney. And Ed four. He deeply frustrated that sessions recused himself from the Russian broke recession what it told that. He said today in an interview with fox what kind of name is that doesn't tell them added time that you might be eaten at. For the president when you very consequential. He says that that Jeff Sessions doesn't have the Justice Department under control and the press that Democrats are very strong at the Justice Department. Exactly what is meant by that. And that's frustrating and he says session doesn't have that under control. Everett dull moment carriage average that the White House thanks Karen.

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{"duration":"3:19","description":"Trump denies any wrongdoing after Cohen's plea deal and praises Paul Manafort.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"57360336","title":"President Trump says longtime lawyer Michael Cohen is making up stories","url":"/Politics/video/president-trump-longtime-lawyer-michael-cohen-making-stories-57360336"}