President Trump speaks at Republican National Convention

The president addressed delegates after being formally nominated at the 2020 RNC.
13:17 | 08/24/20

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Transcript for President Trump speaks at Republican National Convention
Okay. Have you what are really dragged him crazy. You say twelve more years. Okay. We caught them doing some really bad things. In 2016 let's see what happens we caught him doing some really bad things we have to be very careful because they're trying it again. Would this whole eighty million mail in ballots at their working on. Sending him out to people that didn't ask forum billionaires these get him. And it's not fair and it's not right and it's not going to be possible to tabulate in my opinion just my opinion. We have to be very very careful and you have to watch everyone will be have to watch. Because bad things happened last time was this fine and our campaign and that goes to Biden and that goes to Obama. And we have to be very very careful. To be very very careful and this time they're trying to do it with the whole post stuff this game they'll blame the post office you could see and sending it up. Be very careful and watching very carefully because we have to win this is the most important election in the history of our country. This is the most you know her. I would say were. O 2016. How special was that evening was yeah. Very careful that we have to win. Our country is scanning. This is the biggest this is our country can go and a horrible horrible direction. Born and even greater direction and before the play came in from Jenin and that's what we'll go in we were going in the direction like we had never seen the most successful economy. In the history of the country. The vests. Unemployment numbers and history. For African American Asian American Hispanic community and women. College students. Then students could students everybody. If you had a diploma if you didn't have a diploma didn't matter who were doing well everybody was doing well. And we were actually. Coming together you know success brings people together. May be better than anything else success brings people so many times and saved. We divided what we were very divided under President Obama very divided people have no idea how divided. They didn't talk about it is much didn't say it is much but we were really coming together. And I was speaking with Democrats all of a sudden because the success the markets were there all time high and by the way. Take a look at what's happening with the markets take a look at your 401 k.s which you probably do every hour. Take a look at your stocks were very close to breaking the record and NASDAQ. Has already done it you know nest egg is broken the record I think six. And then hopefully we'll put the final phase of the pandemic you know. The idea that they should know he shouted down he gives in December Dicey and he'd shut it down. We just broke a record on jobs and all time record. There's never been three months will we've put more people to work over nine million people. And again we're just about ready to break the old time stock market breadth. Record I mean you look at. Do it again. That means is everything else is going to follow. Pretty Smart on Wall Street everything else is going to be did the economy is coming up very rapidly our farmers are doing well. How far are doing well because I got I didn't give them twenty million dollars because they would targeted. By John and I guess the farmers 28. Billion dollar sixteen and. And Danica promised to create jobs and supply food and all of the difficulties during this period of time. But. We're getting ready to do things like. Nobody's ever seen before but the best way to bring unity is success success brings unity and we will there. And then we got hit with a parade. But we will forget that I just want to thank you need people of North Carolina because to be honest with you I felt an obligation to be here. You have a governor who's in a total shutdown moved. I guarantee on November 4 it'll open up and be proud like. On November Ford. These Democrat governors it loves shut down until after the elections over because they want to make our numbers look as bad as possible. For the economy but our numbers are looking so good. And frankly I used to save me people who say well maybe not I don't think so so what's your way. We have a super me your right. Now he like Ecstasy proving. Our automobile numbers are incredible code used cars and brand new cars or manufacturing numbers incredible putting a lot of manufacturing. Jobs who worked at the previous administration says you need to magic wand. He needed magic wand for manufacturing jobs I don't think so I guess we had the magic wand that's so but we're putting them. Again we're putting him back would bring in a back. But they don't realize just prior to the played becoming in it was the best of seven day in your state had the best numbers they've ever had ever had by far. And we had the best. Employment numbers also we were up a hundred. And sixty. Million. Jobs would never anywhere near that. And that we had to shut it down and we save millions and millions of lives we learned the enemy we learned all about the invisible enemy. How it effects. Are really people that are older especially older people the elderly. But older people was problems with heart the diabetes. But though the problems and we learned and most of the country is right now doing very very well they've done an incredible job and to have a man. Sitting on television the other they still like each other general election like it's easy shut again. And by the way when you should agenda we did the exact right thing we should have been and then we reopened and that's what we're doing now we're well into it. We couldn't shut down at that point we would have had millions of people. Millions of people you see the numbers the job that Mike Pence and the task force and all of us together have done is been. Incredible what we've done what we've achieved. Whether it ventilator is whether it's supplying equipment to governors that would totally ill prepared to many of the governors would totally ill prepared nobody wants to say that but it's supposed to work that way Federalist. Supposed to work that way the governors are supposed to do it. Many of them and many of them did a fine job and many of them came back well. Put most of them didn't have. The equipment that they should have had few of them had defense alleges which are very very complex machines and hard to make it hard to manufacture an expensive. And we're right now making thousands of ventilated is a month and was sending them we have all we can use our whole country every state. We're stocked with so I could I always say it I'll say it again. It's never been a person at needed a ventilator. That didn't get a ventilator every single person that's ever needed eventually it was all that you've heard. Was how much you know they should we didn't have again. I took over. A country. Whose military was depleted. And who's covered bond this front will bear the coverage who have been there we didn't have any thing. We didn't have a thing we had very very little. And we did a great job we haven't been given and it's not from the edge of the incredible people the generals yet most bulletin that the doctors. The nurses. Then yet you saw yesterday. Convalescence was going to use. Grim guessing there will soon see vaccines pouring out years ahead of what they would have been under age. More traditional let's use that term because it's nicer in what traditionally administration. Where they would have taken years to come up with this. We're coming up with a blank. Nobody's ever seen before the FDA doctor Hahn I want to thank him that Alex is want to thank them they've come. With things and done things that have never been done in terms of speed. And frankly in terms of quality we look at what we're doing and what we're coming up with drug companies are coming out with a vaccines. That I've seen some results already going to be very very soon during stage three. Trials it's unheard of. Would be different yeah. So I just want to thank. Everybody for being here and again I felt an obligation to come Jude North Carolina has been a place that there's been very good to me you know we won. A lot of victories here have been doing this at long but I want every chance I had in North Carolina even cry even stole a great. Jesus stands Smart bet us right now. Criticism grain crops and got a you have a president from sneaking in Charlotte, North Carolina after being officially. Nominated for president by the Republican National Committee he announced officially has the delegates. Let's check in with racial Scott who's there in Charlotte Rachel it's already a very different event than this all virtual convention we saw from the Democrats. What can we expect going forward. What the president trying to bring some surprised to this. Unexpected. And really an unprecedented convention here. On the ground that the president surprising the delegates that are inside but the excitement here inside of that convention center also met with some. Disappointment. I have from the start of this roll call that was beginning. The chairwoman rotten egg Daniel said that she wished that he would be able to have this convention as they planned there are no long lines of Republicans waiting to get inside their 336. Delegates. One was seen trying to give up the crowd tried a little bit of a pep talk saying sleep and all of a leave it all out on the playing field there because Democrats in the American public. Is watching this who really wrap up much of the official business here in Charlotte and that all eyes will be on Washington as the president officially accepts. The Republican nomination. For reelection Diane. Right Rachel Scott and Charlie we appreciate it Rachel I want to go over two ballots cast salons political consultant and co-founder purple strategies. Alex and we already heard from the president here he's going after mail in voting hard he's also touting the economy. What are some of the main themes you expecting hit as the week goes on and what do the Republicans really need to do here to capture moderates. Can. Well two very different good questions there. What are we going to see this recorder going to steal more or we just so which use cultural. Roots thing. Yes she's never prepared checks and get ready for more racial what you just. The president. It's stating his speed and endless and telling his story out there. What does she need zoo and that that's the important question here. He needs to put the spotlight on the Democrats he needs to go back and redefined. Joseph side. He needs to make this election virtual history between Botswana and insured person absolute worst Herbert country. Because we know that if this Donald Trump the person Republicans who. Schools are approved a polish joke but he is that what he's going to do well in double trump. Who loves to be in the spotlight in when he serves. He wants a more optimistic convention and what I think he really means is he wants a lot of people saying don't trump has done a great job. He what's left to be about you know. Some are going to be important. The third choice spring read the choice between Biden and trump do you wanna party that started it all important murdered. But really cherish murders shootings. Abolishing. The border and giving Credo buries critical illegal leader. It's and we know the president had a big hand in planning this convention so. We will watch it all unfold right now we're going to return to our regular programming but our coverage of the Republican National Convention resumes tonight at 7 PM on ABC news live. And at 10 PM on ABC. I'm Diana say to a New York thanks for joining us. And this has been a special report from ABC news.

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