President Trump travels to Alabama

President Trump and the first lady survey tornado damage in Lee County, Alabama.
2:05 | 03/09/19

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Transcript for President Trump travels to Alabama
High regional Scott for ABC news and boulevard Alabama. And if you're wondering what 170. Mile per hour winds could do to a community. Just take a look behind me this eighteen Wheeler wrap just right around this tree right here. We don't know whether the driver may get out OK hold that you look at this I went to deadly tornadoes hit the ground here in Bogart. But this small community is at the center of the hardy and destruction. Officials say 23. People were killed and two deadly tornadoes that hit the ground on Sunday officials also tell us that. All of those victims. Within just one square mile of each other now the president was on the ground making just. Sure he's this image and eat some of the deal victims. Could be your boulevard said that they were happy to see the president here they said it meant a lot of these residents that the president traveled all the way to the small community. You give his condolences and to see even damage first hand. Now the president's own Little Falls on the funeral for ten year old Taylor bulletin. Her mom tells ABC that ten year old Taylor reportedly visiting her best friend at the time that the storm hit. We know that her friend was the only survivor inside of that home. So just a lot of rebuilding and needs to happen this year work in the community of gold card they lost her home's entire homes ripped. Right off the county DC. Mangled within its employees free. Heart shattered glass. We are looking for anything that big. Some personal items but residents say what's really time. You can't replace live that rely. Can be saved anything that you should know about the old guard that small. But I don't think China will be dependent on each other and this will certainly leave a scar on his community. Reporting of all Alabama regional. Meet easy.

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{"duration":"2:05","description":"President Trump and the first lady survey tornado damage in Lee County, Alabama.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"61569017","title":"President Trump travels to Alabama","url":"/Politics/video/president-trump-travels-alabama-61569017"}