Public's response to Mueller report

ABC News and the Washington Post released a new poll on the special counsel report, and Biden's announcement for his presidential run renews controversy over Trump's 2017 Charlottesville comments.
30:11 | 04/26/19

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Transcript for Public's response to Mueller report
And. Everybody welcome to the briefing room on ABC's Devin Dwyer on this Friday great to have you with us a lot. To discuss today we have some breaking news just into ABC news in new ABC news Washington Post poll. On the presidency and his reaction to the Muller reports it's a first we'll get into that in a second were also tracking the president today down of the NRA convention. Talking guns in continued fallout from former us president Joseph Biden's big announcement yesterday. Today he stopped by the ladies at the view will get into that loss to talk about. That video he used to announce his candidacy. And what that means for race relations in America with that imagery from Charlottesville. But first want to start with some big poll numbers they're just stand in for that I want to bring in our deputy political director Mary Alice park she joins us from New York game or else this. A big poll this is. If first deep close look. How people are fuming about the president since that mullah report came out. And how people are feeling about the report its south about it's they heard a lot about the report from Democrats and Republicans. Each say that the report says something different so it was nice and finally asked voters how they are interpreting those. Minding he had the big top line number let's short for everybody is the approval rating of the president there it is 39% that's historically weak but not. An all time low and certainly holding steady right now our callers pollsters have found. So we went out though and asked how voters right now are feeling about. The mullah report how the president has handled himself in light of that number here's what we heard in the streets of Los Angeles just a short time ago. The not only. Are your thoughts there will be revealed some new data for you definitely and clear of any wrongdoing. From what I read which is limited. It is giving congress decades. Make action which is something that. Just. We're going to do this but. Or did. And it is they really heartening to do. But at the same time he showed that there are consequences for back. Ignoring it. Politically apart. Heroes on the box. It's already absolutely corruption and a mess and we knew this guy would win so that's given 22 points. The impeachment forget about the disputed get a new president in there the correct way let's just move we're just get guys out the world's second implode. All right a big divide over impeachment we heard it there we see it in the numbers we'll get to that that Mary Alice. There does seem to be a large majority of people on both sides of the political aisle who found the president's behavior did constitute wrongdoing. Absolutely and I was struck by the number of Democrats who did think that starting impeachment proceedings was a big deal and some do that they would support. Well obviously we were talking about how overall cross the country. Doesn't seem like there's national support for impeachment but I'm spent so much time reporting on the democratic primary as you know. And all those democratic candidates that are running first have to get her democratic primary before they get to a general election. And so they you look at these numbers and they see 62% of Democrats. Are interested in the idea of impeachment proceedings back and really change how they talk about it. Yet they're gonna have to walk a fine line let's let's get into the poll little bit on some of the questions. We put them to to people on the street in Los Angeles today there were also put to a large sample of voters nationwide here's the first one. Did the Muller report clear the president of the United States are wrongdoing only a third. Of Americans we surveyed said that it did more than half. Said that it did not they were we were also asking people whether or not the president lied to the public in the course of this investigation. A strong majority 58%. Said. He did lie to the American people none of the question. Of obstruction which are such a critical component. Of the Mueller report there you see at 47%. Of people said he did likely obstruct recorder from some of those voters Mary Alice. I've been a bit more of division on the question of obstruction and perhaps that's why were also seen. A waning number of people thinking impeachment is the way to go here. Ray and we look at that top line number the president's approval rating has not really dent. That's SARS the tell one story but when you look at these more granular questions about truthful nest. And exonerate shed it totally different story it seemed said that a number of Americans do not feel satisfied. And with the president's explanation of what happened here we hear from the president that that the and higher. Proceedings as a witch hunt the in all of the Muller investigation. Was a waste of time in a waste of money and it's hard to see that sentiment reflected in these numbers and fax. He's number seem to say the office and. And let's go back to that question of impeachment you alluded to it earlier and how Democrats are still selling strong support. For the idea it impeachment secures the overall number take a look your 37%. Of people. Said that they support impeachment of president trump that's a new low in the ABC news Washington Post poll saw a decline. In the number of people calling for impeachment in the wake of the Muller report but Mary Alice. Most interesting to me was that number of independents. Predictably Democrats who may have made would still supported but just 36% of independents said that. That we should be proceeding on that front. And we've heard from a democratic leadership that speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi. CNN and tell there seems to be at national sentiment that this is where congress should go she's not interested in pursuing at. So I think she's not going to be looking at that democratic number someone like Nancy Pelosi is going to be looking at the numbers of independents moderates moderate Republicans. And if they aren't on board she says she doesn't think it's a politically viable option. And there was a lot more to get into Mary Alice parks in our political director Rick Klein have the full analysis on right now Mary Alice thank you so much. However green gray weekend hope to have you back next week. Moving on now speaking of the president and has he's looking at those new poll numbers he took a trip today. I T Indianapolis to fire up his base by visiting the annual National Rifle Association convention the group that spent thirty million dollars help elect him. Hot in 2016 today he was defiant. A new proposed gun controls. Even and it despite of some of the deadliest mass shootings that occurred on his watch tickle us. In recent days leading Democrats have proposed banning new guns. And confiscating. Existing. News. From. The. Abiding. Citizens what they don't tell you is. The bad guys aren't given up big guns. And you're not going to be given up your guns either. And your address. Iran applied the UN arms trade treaties. The president making some news there on the UN arms trade treaty for more on that what that means that spring our White House reporter Rachel Scott who. Joins us from Indianapolis who's at the NRA convention today. Rachel are great to see you let's go with the news the president made there he said he will not ratify this treaty that the Obama administration. Signed on to what would it do and what's the significance of that. Yeah I like and how you got in use today at the platform rate to announce the withdrawal from that signature treaty saying that eat you know he's gonna want to you signature from aimed at regulating an arms and Tennessee keep weapons away from human rights violators and here exited early from the reaction of the crowd they spent on their feet they work and do they re energized about it that is something that an RA had opposed. But -- your backpack and array and the president haven't always been on the beach is great action and the president is the top administration has pushed back against it has pushed her banning guns. I'm stocks and generate the post and the president has also talked about increasing that age and I firearms from eighteen to twenty once something that's an earring has also opposed. But sitting here in Indianapolis and more of eight campaign rally event it indefinitely as the president was speaking and the and the vice president was speaking to her hoard is. Doesn't do you think this is this is a group from a group of people this is an organization that important billions in two the president campaigned thirty million according to open secret and so I had today the president was and healing Saddam but it did not stop him from going off line talking about Democrats and also doesn't look and on the wallet while sitting on. Ring a different topics over the course of his hourlong speech. And I know Rachel you caught up with a number of NRA members sat in attendance today and let's have a little listen some flavor. What your conversations had. Controversy trump in there them. Somebody that's gonna try to go after our Second Amendment Rights politicians give in to positions to where they live. The on reality based lifestyle the Warner. They're not really threatened and they have us armed security with them all the time they don't think about it but. Everybody else and asked the live on the streets and movement and go back your day to day life. We have to have. You know protection for ourselves our failed him. Rachel lot of political overtones 20/20 on the horizon for a lot of those in attendance today. When. Yeah that's right DeVon and you know what's really interesting is yesterday started about forty miles away from Indianapolis and I started at that gunshot. Talking to the owner mayor and that he is a top supporter but if that the president is actually bad for business he's seen a decline in sales as the the president had been elected in part that's because the Democrats. It's an office in the Democrat is in the Oval Office. A gun enthusiast who rushed to stock up on weapons we have seen after mass shooting a great Atlantic and Indian beer and thought that maybe at some point they're not be given by firearms so they stopped up they go when they increase their purchases. In so they've seen a decline in the amount of firearm purchases as the as the president is here but. It even more interesting to the an array. Is also trying to figure out is putting and it's placed out of the twenties when he election riding in they did pork. Millions insist when he sixteen campaign but it's notable here that that an array was actually outspent by gun control activists and it's 1818 mid term. And that led to a lot of gun control act of actually being elected to congress and so a lot of focus from the members do is wondering if they generate is simply political may have gone too far. You know there a lot of companies have withdrawn their support for marriage following the massacre at the park Linda high school in Florida and so and erring members here are a little bit divided on the future in how to perceive they think that's. Some of some. They did something about erring has actually deviated from that its core values. But definitely a lot of the focus here you can see it here today was on Taiwanese money a lot of folks in the crowd raring to make America great again half they'd stick to their feet for several minutes as the president was speaking and again he was talking to a very poor. Core base of his. Gun enthusiasts. All right Rachel Scotto White House reporter of course that the NRA convention it Indiana Rachel thank you so much. I the president was at the NRA today he's also facing the organization rather. Is facing new pressure from watchdog groups and a gun safety advocacy organization. The Giffords foundation has now sued the NRA in federal court for its coordination with the trump campaign during 2016 setting the stage for a big fight. I ahead of 2020 ritual was just talking about want to bring in now. One of the chief legal strategists of that effort to challenge the NRA Adam Skaggs as chief counsel with the Giffords. Law center Adam it's great to see you so tell us about the new lawsuit. And what you're alleging in there. Well over the last several months going back to last year we have filed a series of complaints with the Federal Election Commission the EB SBC. And what we demonstrated that he FEC is that the NRA not just during the trial campaign during 2016. But there are you serious. An additional half dozen senate campaigns and 201820. Sixteenths and X 2014. And the NRA has engaged in elaborate scheme to funnel millions of dollars in illegal campaign contributions starts of these candidates again. For the presidency in the case. President trumpet in the United States senators how much offense and billions of dollars in deed NRA funneled 25 million dollars. Of illegal campaign contribution means to the track. In twenty. But nine times out what the legal limit was and so we don't call it army FTC repeatedly to take action to investigate it and in its worst alarm pulled the NRA accountable for its illegal conduct I'm and unfortunately has an act and today. Us earlier this week we filed a lawsuit in federal court are demanding that the SEC. Hold. Under all it's supposed to play and enforce the election laws in this country. And for our viewers not familiar with the FBC that's the Federal Election Commission it's the how the governmental agency independent agency that oversees supposed to be the policeman. Of our election system and enforcement of those election laws particularly when it comes to fundraising. Odds are Adam you're laying out this case that there was some funneling of cash between the two groups what evidence. I. Well workers and the FEC was an extraordinary array. Information and evidence of these illegal campaign activities. I'm this is based in large part on reporting there there's been extensive reporting and has gone too. Federal election filings that has gone to different broadcasters radio and TV stations and actually looked at the documents. That are used by acts and what we see is we see a network of shell companies. Better buying ads with their left for the NRA with a right hand for the candidates. Com it's illegal to coordinate anything between outside groups that are. Engage with supposed to be independent spending. And campaigns themselves candidates themselves. The case is an elaborate network of shell companies. Where the same individuals. Are pretending to be independent in buying aspirin the NRA and and at the same time buying apps to the candidates themselves. And so if you look at the evidence that has been filed with the F some of the reports but you see some companies. That act so they pretend to be independent different companies but in fact there. Alter egos than themselves and their operating at the same mattress they are controlled and led by this team's managers and board members. And there are doing things like buying ads for the NRA and the campaigns. During the same broadcast. On the same days. They're simply too much evidence we presented this be coincidental. And indeed some of the same individuals. Are are buying ounce of the campaigns in the NRA themselves just changing out from one shell companies do the other so really when you look at this evidence is arts and think. A more late example. An attempt to violate the campaign finance is really. Rent an unlawful conduct. And again and we brought this to the attention of the chief election watchdog this Federal Election Commission. And it's really in our judgment it's it's simple conclusion that this was illegal conduct and at this should be and in those responsible were should be held accountable. It is a compelling lawsuits certainly a fascinating case on the eve it's going for an election Adam Skaggs. Our chief council of the Gifford loss senator thanks so much Adam for for for joining us today of course we'll continue to follow that case we should say four to our viewers of the NRA. I denies of course that they participated in east level of illegal coordination with from campaign. Or funneled any money as is alleged there. Movie not today the political world of course still trying to make sense of the new Joseph Biden candidacy for president and 20 each morning we're still. Fixated on yesterday's surprise video announcement by the by former vice president which showcases. This these stunning images from two years ago in Charlottesville Virginia when we saw those protests. A with white Nationalists neo Nazis. Clashing over this neo confederate monuments the issue now of course of white nationalism has come front and center. As wolf the president's response to it. When he said there were fine people on both sides of that debate today he defended those comments once again Nicholas. About. Of course that is an attempt by the president to rewrite history somewhat there were just people there. Protesting over the confederate monuments but. If you forgot what the president said back in 217 here's a taste of what he did say take Lewis. I'd like they did that lady yes I think this blame on both sides. Verified people on both side. Parties it is blame on both sides find people on both sides he did go on to say we should say for the record quote. That debt neo Nazis and white national should be condemned totally that was the president. A couple years ago but for more on this in. The conversation that's been ignited by the vice former vice president's announcement they are bringing a hundred carries a scholar race and politics are Brookings Institution a hundred script deceived. I thanks for joining us ask you about the use of Charlottesville as something of a justification. A for candidacy of the presidency what do you make of that. Well if you're a candidate running for the president of the united state you have to acknowledge that chart of bill and become a litmus let me in on racism in your stance on it. On Biden has no Troy but it if you want to secure the democratic nomination. He's going to happen stand against racism and Charlottesville is that tumble on the however this is bigger than both parties. On the to have bow arm president. Whoever that made be. I'm well days. Provide a clear vision of what America should be moving forward. And took the easy way to do that is due to bring back Charlotte though and they images. On the road stark images. I'm torch toting. A white men largely. About walking the street. At Charlotte Ville and though. Both. Target candidate or or nominee. More have to take a stand in and we've certainly heard where trump. It's going with that he is taking a essentially the bit bit side sort of this is about statute. And not about. Haiti but. No that that Robert. Is that they want to control their country days they want it country date can call their own. And so folks are latching on to the stumbled and spoke who'll. Manipulate the that this symbol of them the best. I'm for their party. Will be certainly boot their candidate. And I want to get your response Andre tis the criticism we heard from the tribe campaign. Yesterday on the release of this video. There's been a lot of low back to do it to the criticism but look Laura trump. One of the president's top surrogates called the vice president's video which showcase this roads filled footage there. Our race baiting fear mongering. Looking backwards being very dark of course a lot of those same critiques have been applied to this president. I'm but do you think that that is he is a fair representation for someone who is launching a new can't campaign. To be back we're looking into it to turn to those images. While you know all you know this point when you're running for president you have to look at the recent record. The sitting president. And towed on a lot of this is cute looking at the world record in differentiating himself from. The sitting president not and in in addition the political aspect submitted Biden have a little bit about the problems that view on don't remember. This week hit a question their own Anita Hill and as well as its role in the crime bill. That negatively impacted. African American though he wanted to be on Palm Bay and at home that tort so to speak over the next. I'm few months. All the way leading up to the president he or could be a nomination. Because he's gonna have to show. I'm that he had evolved and learned and and engage them. I'm knowledge over the last. Twenty years and even what problem within that. And before we let you go on ray do you think that you know after so much conversation. About. Trumps predecessor Barack Obama when he took office back in 2008 as it has been hue were. On do you think it particularly when it comes to race relations in this country do you think Biden. I can play that role do you think he can come in India humor in the way that his president wants. Yeah I don't think anyone can replace Obama he would ought then picked in his. I'm believe that as an America and this sort of one created with that they are higher. Standard you know it's his wife payment we that we Bigelow we go hot and and that bought pinnacle bomb. You know and I don't think of Biden and I think you've Mormeck traditional politician. Who have to play its cards right. He should certainly. And have learned over time. But. This idea that he can be healer he certainly can be a better Mueller then been been trunk but. But that's not saying much and so. I'm looking forward to how we have ball. An individual and that he can move beyond politics it into becoming gay or not funny authentic leader. Like the man meat that served them. And of course his candidacy has just been console will be all while watching for that Andre Perry scholar with the Brookings Institution thanks so much under. David Gregory. And for more on Biden today he turning now to his first network television appearance since announcing any unveiling that video he did. Stop by to visit the ladies on the view today here at ABC was his first. Appearance with them although he's better regular on the show we called a little bit earlier with Bryant's had a executive producer of the program and asked him about the emotional showing and a brace president had today on that set to Nicholas. Didn't want me to withdraw from from the things and they're motivated my whole life about. Trying to get engaged and change things and trying to make things better and wire ranked. No he's not why I'm running but I hope as I've just. Stood. When I get up in the morning. I think about. You know I hope he's proud and I hope express. All these folks who blossoms. Are still with yet to really. Good there. They're making us go oh my I'm sorry we have will be right back I've always crying around and show. So Brian what struck you the most about his appearance today it's not the first time Joseph Biden spent on the view. Now it is not the first time he's been an emotional on the view where there's been a lot of emotion and a lot of heart that he shown there and I think this is his seventh appearance on the view. The last time famously he was comforting one of our host Megan McCain about the illness of her father in and his. Really a great moment that I think meant a lot to him and I think it's probably one of the reasons he decided to come back. He got to show a lot of heart in that moment but also he faced a lot of tough questions and my I was really proud of him the host of the great interview. And you've had so many of its 120 democratic presidential candidates in the past few weeks on the show how how did Biden compare. In terms of reception both from the ladies and from the audience to some of the other younger more diverse Democrats that appeared on on that set. Well you know I think there's a lot of affection for referred the vice president from the history of him being on the shelf and the personal relationships he has. But you know what there's been a lot of there's been a lot of admiration for the host for a lot of the candidates we've seen. Senator Harris when she resigned mayor peace. I think you know Cory Booker came on shortly after he announced that it was the first interview. Tim Ryan announced on our show so the reception from the audience and has a familiarity there with the vice president that in. Probably made them feel lot of affection and heart towards them but also again he faced some tough questions today and I a to humidity in good job answering them. Yeah we're gonna get into those with that with our experts and justice in and a bit but I'll also ask you about why the view why are all these candidates. Making your show Brian the first stop. As they come out of the gate did this campaign season. Well I think they candidates know that if they come on this show they're gonna face. Questions that need to be answered by them from different points of view and the reaching an audience that they need tentative reach in order to win their reaching women. And they're reaching. Politically engaged the Smart women that are watching our show. They know that there's no free ride at the view there's no there's no coasting for anyone on the matter what side of the aisle you're on. No matter how many times you've been on. Tom and I think that they know that it's it's a tough but fair place and I know and they know people will write about the appearance people talk about the interview. And yet quite important to be seen here. And women voters obviously so critical or both in the primary season and the general election and now you guys have a big audience on that front so what's. What's ahead who is in store what's coming up next week on the view of. Well honestly we've got Newt Gingrich on Monday so that should be you have fun fiery debate Alan Dershowitz is scheduled he's an ad that talk about the Muller reports. And you don't there's a couple surprises that we can't talk about this yet but it's worth tuning in. All right Brian Ted executive producer of the view great to see a Brian thanks so much for coming and thank you. And a vice president did face some tough questions from the lady and ladies on the view today particularly about his treatment. Of women in light of those new allegations have surfaced recently from women who said they were subject to some unwanted affection from the former vice president touching. And smelling that they didn't find particularly comfortable at age eight he was also. I asked today about his relationship with Anita Hill of course he testified. Against Ben nominee justice Clarence Thomas back when Joseph Biden was overseen the Judiciary Committee. Let's take a listen to how he handled those questions it was certainly a difficult challenge for the vice president tackles. Well look I how. I'm I'm really sorry if they. When I did in talking and trying to console that in fact they took it a different way and it's my responsibility. To make sure that I bend over backwards to try to understand how not to do that. All right. Vice president spirits they migrate to cease or how how is the Biden campaign responding. All of these questions right out of the gate about his treatment of women and about the Anita Hill controversy. Is have bitten. I spoke to somebody from the campaign yesterday who said that you know they had this private discussion and that and they didn't really want to elaborate much more on it they wanted to say that they. We're allowed to share their comments between one another they're kind of letting the vice president to speak for himself now the question remains of how good of the job he's doing and that. Yeah he was put he was pushed by the ladies today whether he would issue an apology to the women and he stopped short of that moment. He did he stopped short of saying that he would apologize straight out of the women and is as well to Anita Hill judge Joyce de Har on the view. Said you know she I don't think that Anita Hill wanted to hear that you're she's sorry your scenario for what she went through she wanted to hear at that I'm sorry for what he did. I'm and Biden said with you go back and look at what I sat in didn't say. I don't think that I treated her badly I took on her opposition so he's clearly not backing down from us. Yeah and the questions are gonna back down either get given his answers today in my we just have a minute left arm as some other news out of that interview said he would. Would not promise to only serve one term so that was in pristine possibly if he would winning be there for two of them some breaking news just coming in now from his campaign in the first 24 hours. Of his candidacy were learning he raised quite a bit of money. He did he rate six point three million dollars in the first 24 hours of his campaign. Now that's more than any other presidential campaign and the campaign is planning that out themselves. They also note that the average online donation was about 41 dollars and that 97%. Of those online donations relaxed than 200 dollars. All right Molly NATO carbide reporter force in New York Molly thanks so much have a very weak and I think you. Offer watching us here in the briefing room on this Friday hoping ever great weekend ahead on Devin Dwyer Washington we'll be back here Monday afternoon 3:30 eastern time. On ABC news live hope to see them.

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