Rep. Dan Meuser wants to see Biden act as a “uniter” on the world stage

The Republican congressman called Vladimir Putin a “thug” and pushed Biden to take action.
7:32 | 06/14/21

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Transcript for Rep. Dan Meuser wants to see Biden act as a “uniter” on the world stage
As president Biden tries to convince allies that the Arab Donald Trump is over. Visit. Joining us now Republican perspective on this trip congressman. Then the user of Pennsylvania a member of the house foreign relations committee congressman thanks very much for being with us. Thank you glad be here. So what are they regard to our president trump famously called then mused that NATO might be obsolete. President Biden called the NATO alliance and it's. Mutual defense commitment sacred obligation so what do you think about this but this change administrations. And how much difference it makes in the alliance. Well to answer your question I think that president trump went in and did his best to improve some situations. I think Joseph Biden had a lot of words. Many of those words we don't disagree with let's see if they move into actions I did sit in couple years ago a joint session of congress with the Secretary General of NATO was quite praiseworthy. Of president trump at the time. Or bringing all of those participants in NATO to the table to pay their fair share. So so let's hope that Joseph Biden claims to be a uniter. We haven't seen yet. So far it's been it's been a divider at so let's CB can do that on the world stage. Well he's got his poll numbers are somewhere in the mid fifties but certainly we are to do a divided country right now rather. Bitterly and lot of people don't like him but let's look ahead to that Biden Putin summit if you'd told somebody. In the year 2000 when Vladimir Putin first came to power. That Russia would be still right at the heart. Of so much of American policy that would be defending ourselves against cyber attacks from them an election attacks and things like Alec there would have believed you resent. He's he's really made that country matter in in American policy for better and worse or what would you like to see come out of the president's meeting. With President Putin. Well you know first off I was listening to what president Biden had to say any has been a significant. Participant. On the world stage and of course so for the last. Four decades any and he is aware of who. Vladimir Putin is in battle vital it. And as a bug that would Vladimir potent. Has taken advantage and has caused very prudent not just provocative but is taking them very aggressive. On lawful stances in many ways. From. While president Biden was vice president of the idea. Eddie's talking about Putin that maybe he's changed it ended murdered in so many words I think he may be a victim of wishful thinking. We really United States of America our GDP is fifteen times that of Russia. We must. Work from strength we've gotten some serious situations from cyber attacks. That that are coming out of Russia. 2250000. New Russian troops. Surrounding or on the Ukraine border just as many as that war and when he fourteen while Vice President Biden assault BL Ukraine be invaded. So this is serious stuff all these nice back slapping and NN and laughing. Let's see a plan on how gonna look after eight interest of the United States as well as NATO that's what we're just didn't sing out the words. Planet action. I was in doubt Crimea and in Ukraine during. Russia's move to it to really take. Control of that country's destiny to as much as it could there is four years of course in between. Administrations where something could have been done as well but let's talk about cyber U said cyber. On cyber that the US needs to make clear to Russia that cyber attacks on our country won't be tolerated saw how. We've got the best. Crime fighting organizations in the world. We have many friends out there we we do our best and until we see transparency coming from. Where these cyber attacks came from we must deal from strength issue sanctions. Do everything that we need to. To make them sorry at that occurred coming out of there nation. So there is some new language we've noticed in the NATO communique about China. Do you support the way the president has tried to push Europe both in the G-7 in here. And NATO to bid to get tougher with China and to recognize it as an aggressor as well. Well it's pretty obvious they are a significant aggressor. We have. Incredible human rights atrocities taking place. Genocide. We have a serious aggression. And we have much evidence that shows that the origins of this terrible cobra virus that killed millions of people came from blue on came from China and was in fact covered up. So by all means yes we need a orchestrated NATO. Initiative. Focused on on on China as an adversary. And we need to show that we. Have the cards. And they need to abide by the law and order. Of BBs this world organization as well as NATO. And and. And you do you give me an opportunity it to plug Nightline tonight I've got star Nightline which is. About an investigation the ABC news investigation on the origins of covad it has some. Very interesting facts in there earlier. This are your colleague in the foreign relations committee president Gerry Connolly voiced concerns here with us. About the state of democracy. Around the world including here in the US. Where audits continue in response to. You'll false claims for the former president others about the November election and you yourself voted against certifying the electors in the state of Pennsylvania so. And the presence out of the world stage now do you accept him as the legitimately elected president of United States under the constitution represented people of America over there. Absolutely of course January 6 was a very dark day. We had significant constitutional questions that we're taking place we needed to speak for. The 50% of America that felt and and new print. Particularly in Pennsylvania where I did not support the certification. Because of the on ambiguous and clear unconstitutional actions frankly that would taken up by a aren't the secretary of state with within Pennsylvania. That's another story but absolutely. We want a president and Biden that's not here to reverse everything that was done before but to bring us together to truly be a uniter to accentuate the positives of America. And let's move bond and do the great things that we could do. My colleagues on the Republican side I I know agree with me we'd like to see our our Democrat colleagues and friends. Do their best actually compromise come together. Which we haven't seen yet we didn't seem that in these so called rescue plan from the by the administration we're not seeing it enough yet in in the transportation infrastructure. Let's actually unite and do as much good as we can. I think you speak for the country there is would like to see a little bit less divisional little bit more unity represented and music thanks very much from their necks. Thank you.

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{"duration":"7:32","description":"The Republican congressman called Vladimir Putin a “thug” and pushed Biden to take action.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"78274287","title":"Rep. Dan Meuser wants to see Biden act as a “uniter” on the world stage","url":"/Politics/video/rep-dan-meuser-biden-act-uniter-world-stage-78274287"}