Rep. Eric Swalwell says he was 'shocked to learn of more evidence'

Ambassador Bill Taylor says his staffer overheard a conversation where President Donald Trump expressed his interest in Ukraine investigating Joe Biden.
6:29 | 11/13/19

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Transcript for Rep. Eric Swalwell says he was 'shocked to learn of more evidence'
It's great to have you witnessed appreciated so are you just came out at a hearing not long ago I want to say maybe about 45. Minutes ago overall impression any surprises did you hear anything today that. Stock to. I was shocked to hear that there is more evidence. The president continuing to run this extortion scheme when ambassador Taylor told us. That one of his employees. Over heard the president the day after his call with president's Lonsky. On a phone call with ambassador summoned. Obsessing over the investigations. Into the pardon since it was just as more people more witnesses who saw that this president. I saw to cheat the US election by inviting. Outside interference. And we know you're invited that staffer. To come into the committee on Friday what. Help us understand the significance. What that staffer told Bill Taylor what. What could that mean if in fact it's true that he overheard the president on that stuff. Bill Taylor describes that the staffer. This diplomat. Heard that the president's singular focus with Ukraine. Was the Biden's an attempt takes way this argument that he was interested. And corruption that he was leverage in US dollars. To the ukrainians until they rooted out corruption when in fact all the evidence shows from. The presidential call records to what we've heard from Rudy Giuliani Mitt Albanian ambassador someone and of course Taylor and can't today. This president had a personal interest being reelected. He saw an opportunity to have the ukrainians go after one of its potential opponents but there was no. A larger interest in actually picture or security dollars are spent because it. You Ukraine's efforts on corruption was just for. He's single he's single and. But if you use this information they came out today that that we were all not familiar with about this aid. That apparently heard this phone call between song land in the president where song when their then. Tells the aid yes the president is more concerned about this investigation. Verses of military aid it's still hearsay there it's still built Taylor's saying in aid. Told him. Wet he overheard the president saying to sunlight. Fortunately we have the presidential call records and no one is attacking the veracity of that because the president put it out and in that call record to the president of Ukraine. He never uses the word. Corruption he never uses the word for recent but he does say Biden a number of times and he says I would like you to do what's the favorite film. That is very powerful evidence these two individuals today they were on the ground implementing the president's policies they were working. And saw wrongdoing and now. You don't need. No every person to provide. Direct evidence to the president because we know that ambassador Zalman Rudy Giuliani Mitt Albania. Had they were direct agents of the president and we have whether simultaneous press conference where he acknowledges there's a quick proposed ambassador someone who's coming in next week. And who says that the president told him. Everything is on the line with the ukrainians and must investigate. The pardons and of course Rudy Giuliani's new home tweets and words on a daily basis of that acknowledged a shakedown scheme. Expedient words that we discussed the word attempts from the let's do it because so much of the looked at times today. What does it have to talk about attempt. Yeah there was a lot of talk about whether this was an attempted crime or an actual crime today and I think we have some sound I want to play for a view as well because your colleague congressman Castro. Put these questions to the content to the two witnesses and here's and he gets. So we have a president who. The other side has claimed or has defended the president saying that the aid went through that there was never any investigation. But the president attempted to get those things done. And it looks like there was an initial agreement by the press in the Ukraine to actually do those things. So. Ambassadors. He's attempted murder a crime. Is attempted murder a crime. Mr. Bieber is of course he's attempted robbery a crime. Neither of us is a lawyer. I think anybody Israel could answer their question just we go go I don't know them as a yes it is. Is attempted extortion and bribery a crime. I don't know sir. This is that this is all about isn't about attempted extortion and bribery in is that I think the strongest case. That you guys are making here that this is an attempt to didn't really happen to you impeach somebody. For an attempt attempt is a crime in America. And that defense and I'm hearing is that because the president was not. Able to come. Fleet is wrongful acts of extorting ukrainians he should be let off commission investigating this it's important to put in the context that. The whistle blower. Pulled the fire first responders showed up. And it was only after. The president learned about the whistle blower complaint did he release the aid. Two ukrainians at such an important piece of information that within 48 hours of the whistle blower complaint becoming public. All of a sudden this team that's been held up for months is released I think that shows that they understood that they were. You know in in real deep trouble and that they better release stated. That has immunity and try. To hold it back so why presidents why not like checked the identity of the whistle blower and let the whistle blower testified that's been done in the past have it was a book has a right to any. That's the law. And in this case the whistle blower is as it pulled the fire alarm on the first responders showed up they saw smoke flames. Burning was a floor collapsed want to talk. And then in. Image and. First want to show up they have all the evidence that the person pulled the fire alarm had reason to do so so unless that person can offer. Relevant evidence that we haven't already heard. Exposing them put that persons livelihood at risk and if the person does not want to come forward. I don't think you know breaking the law to have been testifying in themselves their family at risk is worked in evidence that we don't have. So there was a Blair doesn't have relevant evidence that was so what that was similar has alleged has already been corroborated by the witnesses who have not come and so they don't have new. Relevant. Evidence again as I said it's. When a fire alarm was pulled in for Scottish open a sea of fire generally it doesn't matter who pulled the fire alarm if the reason for pulling it is just. This they have represented here to follow appreciate your tightening her listeners and think it's much top.

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{"duration":"6:29","description":"Ambassador Bill Taylor says his staffer overheard a conversation where President Donald Trump expressed his interest in Ukraine investigating Joe Biden.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"66990826","title":"Rep. Eric Swalwell says he was 'shocked to learn of more evidence'","url":"/Politics/video/rep-eric-swalwell-shocked-learn-evidence-66990826"}