Former Rep. Katie Hill: Female candidates ‘held to a higher standard’

The former Democratic congresswoman reflects on her resignation and double standards between men and women in politics in a discussion about her new book, “She Will Rise.”
9:37 | 08/14/20

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Transcript for Former Rep. Katie Hill: Female candidates ‘held to a higher standard’
Our thanks to will Reeve. She was once considered one of the democratic party's rising stars Cady hill swept into office in the blue wave of the 2018 mid terms. Becoming one of the first openly bisexual members of congress and flipping a Republican district in California. But months later it all came crashing down. Last November a conservative web site publish nude photos of her without her consent. She would resign weeks later in the middle of an ethics probe over our relationship with a campaign staffer. She's now the author of a new book called she will rise and we're gonna talk to her in just a moment. But first we want to play you some of her speech on the day of her resignation about how she hoped her experience would empower other win. Yes I'm stepping down. But I refuse to let this experience scare off other women who dare to take risks who dared to step into this flight who dare to be powerful. It might feel like they won in the short term but they can't in the long term we cannot let them. The way to overcome this setback is for women to keep shelling out to keep running for office to keep stepping up as leaders because the more we show up. The less power they have. And former congresswoman Cady hill joins us now and is out with a new book she will rise. The New York Times calling it political manifesto as battle plan and we'll get to that in just a minute. Bits since left office last year you've started political action committee to help elect women in office. So first off. Speaking out a woman who stairs to be powerful have to get your reaction to Joseph Biden choosing -- Harris as VP and and welcome. EE. I was so excited out once Tom Harris announced I was when her early supporters in her presidential gimme. I'm so you know I'm I would certainly occurred at Harris Biden ticket that penalty Biden Erickson nine and that she is exactly. The finance. You bring this energy and the leadership that we need right now to curiously November. You've spoken repeatedly about a double standard that women face in politics and an everywhere. Even the lead up to being named VP. Connell Harris was called too ambitious by men in her own party. And the president has called her nasty and a mad woman since her selection. What's your byes to her knowing what you've been through and and what others have faced. She's been in this business a lot longer and I have so I don't think she needs my advise that. She's tough as nails and that's what you have to be right you have to college out every time you see I think today we in the media and rich and and at the public's ear just generally speaking we learned a lot and sweet sixteen but it's not so far out in terms of the double standard that women are so I hope. And and I talk about the so much and above. That we can meet you see that you're not going to use these trends in terms. If eaten intensive male candidates are salute and you don't know what they call Mike Pence to ambitious even its I was. Units would he was and so. I think it. Those are things that are socialize within us from you know from such an early age and we have intentionally. Try to act try to stop ourselves from nature that where we're. We're biting incidents. And often calling in out is half the battle now we've seen many men and come back from political and sex scandals. What do you think women have far more difficult time rebounding in not steer what needs to happen do you think for that. Double standard to change. Shirt. He first we just don't have equal representation in office you know we're relatively new to the public's. Running and and and leading in the seats. Example and despite a whole Europe the woman inch when he eighteen. We still may 25% of congress that half of what should have it we were looking at proportional to our nation. I'm so. We are held to this higher standard. And morality. Her form and EL. Was expected and that's every step of the way and he's I think you know that doesn't totally change until we get equal representation. But the then the more important thing is that taxi again looking. Each each time it is this is this country and I think you know we're seeing all the time even with my own keys where. I now know why haven't you apologized when accountability am. Half and how was their marketability he's stepping down but also it demanding even apologetic a little if he ever says any remorse or regret. Yeah it's like clockwork content for we're saying oh my god that he he actually apologized unimportant yet you're analysts here later. Having done all these things and you still see it earned over and I'm just a fraction of an example for her and offer certain women all over the so. I don't think it really will change until we get more women there until we have younger women in whose life has nixed those social media news who live their lives online. And leaking realize that people are human and enemy states and I hope that mine. Don'ts don't discourage government for office and and don't reflect on all the women who and who are gonna come out. I know you told George Stephanopoulos in February that your relationship with a campaign staffer was absolutely my biggest mistake. Did you realize that the time that it was inappropriate and a potential risks to your whole political career. Or was it only after the photos and articles came out and of course looking back what would you do differently. When it happened east. It was so early on in the campaign and it was you know. Didn't even seem like a possibility that that has. To be honest sober yet. My life and how was in a strange and very strange place my relationship was in a very strange place at that point. And I absolutely regret it ever upsetting as boundaries from the very beginning. That's what you know of course that's what I would do occur but at the same time I still young still. You're deeply about a woman dead and that I was involved lets and I hope that I'm her life is in Tijuana different from everything that this is our car. Let's dig deeply into your book she will rise which we should mention is out this week I worried a passage about those difficult. Dark days after the photos were released. You wrote I would start shaking crying and throwing up that was hard to talk to my family because I knew they were going through so much to. I didn't want to talk to my friends because I was humiliated I didn't want to hear more pity. And I just didn't know what to say. You even writes that you had suicidal fox how hard. Is it still to talk about all this and and was this book a way of helping you with healing. Yeah and going through the process of writing that was absolutely. A week from each day you know to work through a lot of ifs ands. I'm happy I was being done it I've done a lot of interviews in this past week camping at the luncheon after the but in published and I every single day he feel more now from talking about it over and over again in. I'm Alex it's re traumatize won't I'm I had a really dramatic urinal and other ways humor and my brother passed away in January just months after. I had to resign and Montenegrin surgery in of course you know all of us are going to the trauma once when he. So we kind of put it put things into perspective. But it's easy you know when it went really learned to say. I need to find a way personally to make me that they that it happened to me and you to sign away a trends you know. Really do something with my life from here and and try to make sure this is not. What happened to me last year and and the mistakes that I made I'm are not aren't Ers and and lip and instead inspired and and I'm remembered for. That is a lot of loss to sustain and one year and I'm so sorry for your loss Mike do you want to get too. Your message in the book to women what what message you have to then went as they're facing the prospect of you they're getting involved in politics are or perhaps even running for office. Messages it's pretty simple we here at women just existing in dignity society you're already warriors missed by but it wanna be you're not near. I'm you're living through what these systems that have continually at Preston and hold us back. One in four women is going to experienced or has experienced some kind of sexual violence and a lifetime this the numbers is on everything are staggering equal pay. Is it possible to achieve the property. I bet that women face as is completely unequal. And so you my my don't let the cookies that east entity yesterday's any and cleaning are used in this titans and now we're not enough anymore and you know each and about and are. Yes that firstly you have to elect women to get simplicity presentation. And once you can even look more than that also wants them there. There is there is a sat. You know legislation that is have a tremendous. Any tax and all of these different systemic barriers but. He is and I don't believe it will be chilly air has until and a women. I'm holding positions. While Katy hill we heard it from you first thanks so much for joining us tonight and your new book out now is she will rise thanks for joining us. Me.

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{"duration":"9:37","description":"The former Democratic congresswoman reflects on her resignation and double standards between men and women in politics in a discussion about her new book, “She Will Rise.” ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"72364819","title":"Former Rep. Katie Hill: Female candidates ‘held to a higher standard’","url":"/Politics/video/rep-katie-hill-female-candidates-held-higher-standard-72364819"}