Roger Stone found guilty on all 7 counts

President Donald Trump's longtime friend and onetime campaign adviser was convicted in the only remaining case from special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation.
12:58 | 11/15/19

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Transcript for Roger Stone found guilty on all 7 counts
This is an ABC news special report. The house impeachment hearings now reporting. George Stephanopoulos. Welcome back to our coverage of the impeachment of president trump the hearing room 11100 house longworth building. Still empty right now as members coming back from the floor from the pulpit as they return. For the second half of his here with a nationally Ivanovic we have breaking news also out of Washington DC. Roger Stone one of the president's longest serving political advisors longtime friend of the president. Has now been found guilty on seven counts of lying to congress and tampering with a witness this is a spin off. A Robert Muller's investigation. He's now facing up to twenty years in prison as you see him. In heading into the courtroom with his wife earlier this morning when industry to our Chief Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas with the latest. On that verdict. George you're correct this is seven federal felonies or Roger Stone has been convicted. All dealing with the fact that he lied to congress about his efforts to get the information to WikiLeaks was going to provide. Concerning dirt about Hillary Clinton during the 2016. Election. And why did he do it prosecutors in the case this week in their closing arguments pointed out to the fact that he did it to protect the president would then candidate Donald Trump. Let me give you a statement from the closing arguments quote stone knew that if its information came out. It would likely local really bad for his longtime associate Donald Trump. So he lied to the committee so again George this is a confidant of the president. A man who described himself it's a so called dirty trickster one who loved Richard Nixon who's now been convicted of seven federal felonies and now facing prison time. Testimony during the trial included evidence of phone calls between Roger Stone in the present during the campaign where the president was being informed. About what would week leaks may or may not have been doing that testimony came from the president's former deputy campaign and an injury gates I want to go to Jon Karl for more on this in chief White House correspondent John as they sit right here at the star Roger Stone has been long associated. We with president trump learned at the feet of Roy Collins. Roy caught in fact introduced. We're Donald Trump's and who Roger Stone back in 1979 George. In some ways you can look at Roger Stone as the founding father of the trump presidential. Campaign although he played a minor role. In its 4016 campaign and in fact was fired as an advisor. Early on in 2015. Roger Stone was Donald Trump's first political advisor he was somebody who is Ben. Pushing Donald Trump to run for president really on a four year basis going all the way back you could argue to the late 1980s. And win the wind Donald Trump. Briefly a form an exploratory committee in 1999 to Reuters the reform party candidate it was Roger Stone. That it was pushing all of that so this is somebody about as close. To the president's political ambitions. As you can find he also by the way was a long time. Partner of Paul Mann of port they had a lobbying firm here in Washington. Mann reports stone and Kelly. And they they weren't they were longtime partners he was also went Donald Trump hired its first paid. A political advisor offered that's when he sixteen cycle he hired a guy by the name Sam Nuremberg. Who worked for Roger Stone this is somebody. Who really when what what was the person that put the political blog in don't. And Johnny was formally fired from the campaign I think in India in late 2020 Findley 2015. But he maintained contact with prison term. Oh absolutely absolutely do you he talked with with president trumped by eight advised. The campaign campaign supporters. Throughout that campaign it was a hot and cold relationship at times trump would get irritated it's what he thought what what he saws Roger Stone. Taking credit for his political success but make no mistake. Donald Donald Trump sought Roger Stone as a as they've somebody he would talk to be advised on the politics going way back to the 1980s and throughout the sweet sixteen campaign as well hey John thanks a reporter early Dukakis was inside the courtroom as the verdict was read Elliott again we have you on the phone. Right now just get a sense of the scene. Hate church so right now reporters are frantically leading outside for Roger to hear. She looked extremely upset when she was found guilty on all seven counts. It is as statutory maximum of up to fifty years in jail. His wife was sitting in front of me hot to Stanley Brandon back. She'll be okay I'm not sure that back. Healing is reverberating among Iraq's. That's spared family right now. They were clearly extremely upset it hopes that. At least on route one arch you count she would not be found guilty. But you could really hear can drop it was I didn't start at eight and let us know that. But Jerry how to verdict they just sent a written note so it went down very quickly and what. And yet that the jury deliberated began deliberating only yesterday morning and they reach a pretty quick verdict. Up straight and they weren't supposed to continue this case the trial was originally scheduled to go through the week at Thanksgiving. So the prosecution clearly felt that they feed their case. That's why they wrapped early. Just really a game happened deliberation predictor. Thank you Alley this verdict cause and another chapter in the investigation of robber model wanna put up on the screen. Right now the number of trump associates close trip associate she reached either. Guilty pleas or were convicted as is Jon Karl mentioned the president's former campaign chair Paul man afford guilty. Presence former national security advisor pleaded guilty Michael Flynn he still awaiting. Sentencing Rick gates a four president's former deputy campaign manager. Also pleaded guilty he was a strong cooperating witness in this case right here foreign policy George pop adopt list. Of course the president's personal attorney Michael Koenen serving in prison term and upstate New York right now for his role on the hush money payments campaign finance violations of president trump. And now the president's long time. Political associate Roger Stone found guilty and as well Dan Abrams. Robert Mueller was criticized for his testimony before the congress required a lineup they're on top of of course the indictments of this Russian nationals for their interference in our camp what. And I would argue that's the most single most important of the indictments is of the Russians because that was for hacking. And I really would encourage anyone whose interest in this topic to go and read those indictments because the two sets of indictments all of the Russians. Really do lay out. The road map of exactly how the Russians did what they did. But today the news of Roger Stone will end does come back to Donald Trump to some degree the prosecution's theory in this case was that storm was lying. To protect Donald Trump. He didn't present much of a defense in the case and it. It was a pretty easy case for prosecutors to prove that he was lying that he was trying to obstruct that he was trying to interfere with a witness testifying. And it seems that they had just kind of hope that maybe they'd get one juror and they can hang the jury. And now you have to believe that based on the lack of defense he presented based on the type of defense he presented based on the fact that he. Didn't enter into any kind of plea deal etc. It is hoping for apartment. From the president. And an and then they can support talk about worlds colliding and Kate Shaw as we talk about home in a 41 of the things and invest Ivanovic was accused of our way is it the president was. Was concerned with was that the ukrainians we're trying to interfere in this election including the release of the letter Paul metaphor that got him fired because of those illegal. Payments of course he's now in jail and there had been some talk that part of what was motivating the president was to prove. The Paul Maine afford it and set up maybe to set up a pardon for him as well. Right so so there have been the possibility of pardons and on the table for a number of the president's associates we haven't seen any yet writes I think that that's her apart and watch what will be on the perspective rock writers on a particular. But you do see a lot of connections between the facts underlying this indictment and now conviction. And the sort of sequence of events an advent word that's before congress right now at a high level of generalities witches. You know this isn't the help foreign interference in elections right so so we still have sort of been the followed of the Muller investigation into the 2016 election interference. On and at the same time the conduct being alleged in the impeachment proceedings. I'm is largely about trying to get assistance. It's in the president's reelection effort so so they're conceptual link to you know the wonderful thing I would say is. I feel like this conviction has to be a reminder that lying to congress. In indictable offense you can be convicted for it so to the extent that there are people who haven't yet testified in these impeachment proceedings. On this tends to serve as kind of a stark reminder that there is real criminal exposure if you lie to congress. Wouldn't suddenly be seen about that as well but of course the pardon power another area where the president's power is very very broad. Very very rocky canyons wield it in whatever way he likes and the only real check on it is the sort of political process and we've seen presidents and the past issue pardons that have. I'm garnered a lot of criticism from the public on May be have affected reelection prospects Gerald Ford comes to mind. But it is the president's power to deploy at his discretion and Roger Stone is certainly hoping that that this rational be used here in his case Terry Moran. Want to bring in on this and and and talk about it Dan Abrams talked about the indictments of course of the Russian nationals the importance of that of course it. That they import of the one of the theories that the president was pushing it. On the phone call with presents a Lansky with Rudy Giuliani describe straight period is designed to show that as Ukraine not Russia who was behind the election for interference. And this is another example Georgia of the president not believing. His own government the government of the United States he he has scored the intelligence community's findings. That it was Russia that attacked the United States attacked our democracy and election. And he doesn't credit. What the Muller investigation clearly lays out in these indictments that it was Russia. Through specific. Officers of the military intelligence that specific places Muller found. That attacked that. Wants to attack on the United States the president is after this conspiracy theory that no it was really Ukraine. That attacked the United States and that is one of the ties to this impeachment hearing the other is exactly. What Kay Shaw just said which is. Lying to congress is a crime this was this is a vindication this verdict of the power of congress the power of the House Intelligence Committee. To investigate and Roger Stone took this kind of scornful attitude about it all almost that kind of trumpet and attitude I'm here yeah congress. The idea I didn't know no one cares about them what somebody does care jurors. Who are told that it is a crime to lie to congress that they will find you guilty continued to prison and there are people like Gordon some of them may be who wanna pay attention to this verdict today. Jon Karl the president still paying attention to the news right now he's already tweeted showing where his sympathies lie. Out slowly he. And I wanna chance to ask him directly about this. Jorge the president's got an event at 2 o'clock at the White House we'll be in that former Alaska but here you see what he is just set about Roger Stone via Twitter. So they now convict Roger Stone of lying and want to jail him for many years to come. Well what about any goes through the list of you know cricket hilly calorie Komi struck page the the list of people that he thinks have been out to get him. Over the years even suggesting by the way in their that Mueller himself. Should somehow be found guilty for something. And and pier one thing you SeniorNet list the president has it has it has. Has following Roger Stone is one of the things that he's been saying. Four months now going in teen years that the initial investigation FBI investigation into his campaign was corrupt. From the start no evidence of that has come to light so far but we are waiting. Inspector general's report. In looking into the origins of the Russian investigation. George we are we the inspector general report we think will be coming up perhaps as early as early December. He's looked at again as you set the origins of just how the Russian investigation first started. Where those those surveillance warrants. Dooley lawful. Which were put forth by the Justice Department also we have a separate investigation. Beyond the inspector general investigation being conducted. By the attorney general and it. A former and they pay federal prosecutor who on his team that is looking at. Whether any laws were broken in connection with how the origins of the investigation started as well Jorge and one of things I think it's important to remember. About this stone. Conviction is that the WikiLeaks. It. A whole scandal involved the fact that the US government the intelligence community determined. That WikiLeaks got their information to dirt and the emails and they were publishing concerning Hillary Clinton. From the Russians that is the contention of US intelligence. Community that they put forth George OK Peter thank.

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