Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez criticize potential 2020 run by Bloomberg

Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sit down with ABC News as the two campaign throughout Iowa.
20:47 | 11/10/19

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Transcript for Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez criticize potential 2020 run by Bloomberg
I want to start off on that note we're when hot less than 100 days out. And an Iowa Caucuses here focusing in zeroing in climate change have and then today why does this message so important now and wind the state. Old only goes the future of the planet of the pencil on aggressive and bold action transforming aren't Jesus the book. What the scientists are telling us is we have like you very short career upon. To move aggressively to transform our energy system away from fossil fuel energy efficiency and sustainable energy or else or else. The debate is all or else the planet we're going to be leaving our kids and our grandchildren. Will be increasingly unhealthy and uninhabitable amazingly enough. What the scientists about telling us his take on though estimated the severity of the problem. So the green new deal proposal that I wrote Sanford has worked on which is incorporated in who my proposal. Is the most aggressive and comprehensive. Proposal apple introduced and that it's exactly what we. This morning with doors talking folks out here and morning in. Last night wearing Council Bluffs and I think especially here in Iowa and I've been talking a so many. People here and families. That are in agricultural industry are impacted. I food farming it sent track patents. This is a real threat that's right here that we're dealing with today. We're not talking about just what we're gonna have to deal with in ten years or ten that what's happening right now with unprecedented flooding. In the midwest people are still trying to recover. And Avant and we need a real plan and that's not just disaster recovery. But disaster prevention and that's going to take a massive clean teal in order. Preserve the lives of came in Kamensky. Let me just. It is what everybody knows what would disagree with trump and but what he calls climate change hoax but it's not just the threat to the United States of America it's a threat that the in part world. As president what it will do is bring the world together to try to combat this. International. Threat to our very well being. And we cannot continue or. Alan attacked on the race for Tony it's funny former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg is considering entering this race congresswoman your new Yorker was huge couldn't bear. Yeah some. He still defends his policy of stop and frisk which impacted families like mine it was. My cousins and my friends that were stopped on in your city subways to Stan. And racially profiled. In patted down and thrown into jail for low level. Marijuana offenses and I think that. You know we need to talk about those issues and we need to talk about the fact that. I'm that there were real issues in Munich city especially along lines of race that we have to contend wet and means that president. You know how. I don't think billionaires should be president right now I don't think that that's what this country needs and I think that it's going to take us further and direction of wealth. And political power concentrating at the very very top of our country and I think that our democracy should be for at freaking people not for purchase. Senator. Sources tell us that part of the reason why he's considering entering this race is because you don't think you into the job that is currently in the field not even you know. Well you know that is the arrogance hoped billionaires. As are you understand that he is planning to skip the first four states we are doing ongoing fight defense. This weekend right here aren't what were all financial South Carolina Nevada telephone. But he is the one point you see when you're worth fifty billion dollars like just. You don't have to have held meetings Europe that walked ordinary people what to do we should take out my guess a couple of billion dollars and you barred the state of California. But I happen to believe the American people are sick and tired of the power and arrogance. Public billionaire class which increasingly controls not only the economic like for this country but the political life of this country we are democracy. Not me it's one person one vote you want to run for president that's fine. Don't think you principally by an election by spending billions of polls you think you're the only candidate in this field that can be different now. But I think I'm the strongest candidate the last thing has its well look the voters the slight but I think and one of the reasons I'm running. Is that based on my history based on what happened in 2016. I think I can defeat trumpet virtually all of the national polls indicate that is. Will be trump in battleground state of the battleground state including right here in art when I think the reason for that. Is out we'll message. Is speaking to the working families of this country what sickened plight of working long morale was low wages. While the same time the people on top when doing anomaly while they want an economy that works for all of us are just missed the Bloomberg and his billionaire friends. When a touch on your message because it aligns with senator Elizabeth Warren I think there's many voters that he too progressive candidates in this race. They see OK maybe you differ on how to fund Medicare for all that you different little bit on. Your immigration plans. It is not only real difference between you two. I'll let the voters make that decision Elizabeth Warren is a from the one and is running her campaign. All morning our campaign and one of the nice things about democracy you know with people will make that choice not the media. Not me not Elizabeth but the people of this country and we'll see of the process plays out or cancel it. Is that. What I believe in is not new. I have been fighting for working families. I've been taking on most powerful special interest in this country in a park the world. What decades are taken on the drug companies in the insurance companies ultimately. Fighting to raise the minimum wage the fifteen bucks though not new to me that's what I'm fighting for the use our boots and we hope. That when people look at all of the candidates they pick a book it might. Record of what 44 in the successes that we've. If you think voters deserve to know the difference. Between two candidates in this race that are lying on a progressive agenda what would you tell the voter that wants to know what is the difference between you. And senator well I think all I can say it again Elizabeth Warren is it friend the moment. All and we all I am running hog. To explain for the people under way in a Merkel what our sample people make their own differences. Like belief among other things. All of that my record goes way way back he's an odd one viewers. If you check the 2006. I think her record will not about to see if this is what we do your part I would yeah those. Are now not ever of the warrants from the month she's a coast on but we've worked together on many issues. The American people make. That decision as to who it was the best but I happen to thing. On that for a variety of reasons. We all of the strongest candidate to defeat trump and in addition. What we ought trying to do. It's not just win this election we understand the particular transform a Merck. If we're gonna guarantee health care all of them you'll boldly with flying Richards but raised the minimum wage to wait living break economic public colleges. And universities which are free and cancel olds who that you don't want you need a mass movement of people and while I am extremely proud. Is this campaign real well over a million. Following Hughes thousands here in Iowa while working. Knocking on what's making the phone calls so I'll walk campaign is not just about winning the election is about building a movement which takes on the greed and corruption of the corporately. We touch a little bit on billionaire's. You believe that billionaires should not exist correct me if I'm wrong. Senator Elizabeth Warren yesterday disagreed with you on behalf. But this with what. I believe that tonight. In the United States over of the richest countries in this world you're gonna back half a million people sleeping out on the streets or emergency. I believe that in America we have forty million people living in poverty and children who all going hungry. And what I know is we have more in common wealth inequality today than anytime since the 1920s. Let the billionaire class tell the American people why it's okay put three people. 123 people all more wealth from the bottom half of America. Thought there's going to be rich with them before I got what the level of wealth and income inequality that exists right now is obscene. You got millions of people work and school or reach all all the wink at what point of the top one. I intend to ship their products let Elizabeth Warren speak for us. Congress and yes the last week senator the senator told me he has the most progressive plan to fund Medicare for all do you agree. I think brings plan in it isn't really strong line and it's it's one that I happen to agree went. And and day eat I think he is it the best option. Yes I believe that Medicare for all is absolutely because Williams is his plan for funding it over there arose with well personally I think I ain't I prefer I have a preference for britney's plane and I think it's I think it's an important one but. Again at me every candidate has certain distinctions with upbeat person. I do except on the endorsement because it was a big deal brought out the largest crowd that we've seen in the presidential primary so far. A congressman you said before and an answering video. I've back this summer that young people are more informed and dynamic than their predecessors. You are supporting the oldest candidate in the race you're also the youngest woman elected to congress and you've spoken out about the importance. Of supporting other women in elected office as the state of the voters that say while there's too aggressive in the race why not support the female progress. Well I think for me it's a ballots Patton and what's led to my support of senator Sanders. It's not just what we're trying to accomplish but how we're trying to accomplish it. And what we're gonna have to do in order to win our future pack is to come together and transcend race gender class. Come across lines of religion not in ways that a race each other but in ways that lift each other up and acknowledge each other struggled. And for me as a former organizer for senator Sanders in. 2016 as someone who has been committed to issues of Medicare for all. And I felt very personally tied to the fact that he had bitten. Fighting for me before. I leave and you know came into politics that when I was a little girl he was fighting for. And he was fighting for for justice on so many different fronts when I was. For five years old he was fighting for marriage equality in a time when even the Democratic Party at the end didn't that that principle and so for me it's and it's in it's a very personal decision and I think. Every person's vote in this country as an intensely personal decision were we talk about our stories. And we bring our whole selves to it and I personally have admired senator's leadership. And now that I'm a member of congress I see and I experienced immense amount of pressure there is to conform. And I frankly he don't know how senator Sanders has remained this consist hits. For so long I really don't and it I think it takes. Intense amount of moral fortitude but also commitment to policy. And I can't even just doesn't as a member of congress I can't imagine the pressure that there would be once someone enters the White House. To conform to be unique sole target of that much pressure and I am. I really admired that the senators and deleted key then I believe that I'm if there's a candidate that can deliver remain committed to these issues the ten. You've spoken positively of both the progressive candidates in this Rick is a hard decision for you. I think this moment has a tough one and every decision. His is a tough decision there's we're at a precipice in this country I think that's what makes. This decision that's what adds pressure to sites and that's way I think it's important that we don't just blindly saying. I'm gonna do when apple links that every year. And every cycle we calls aren't each and every one of us to reassess our principles to reassess our commitments to. Up. And you know I think that's why it was. It it was important to me x.'s support senator Sanders and ethnic. No specific reason why one progress editor of the other. You know I think referred me it's again it's about a personal story in a personal history and and I think the senators' history and commitment is unique and justice every chance that this unique and so at I think it's less about. I think we're so used to. Elects world's cycle about being the lesser of two evils that we are not used to selecting the best of Crete option. And our electoral. Cycle and especially this primary. Doesn't half to me. Angry and Massey and fighting prone and confrontational. It can just be about how we're gonna build the fast movement. And at the end of this thing written have to link it together not just across the Democratic Party but linking together with independents and even. Believe it or not there are Republicans that do come off today and say you have a point on some issues as well. We're at an interesting time the race for quite funny bit battle over an impeachment right now as senator I do want to ask you because if an impeachment trial were to happen. How would that affect your campaign which at the break what you break away from trail. Well don't talk to bill you know it's that someone. All our happen to believe. That in Donald Trump. We have a president who has obstructed justice. I think he is that use the office. To enrich himself and his family which has aboard relation of the volumes close. And I think it is pretty clear that is used our own military aid to Ukraine in order to try to get dirt on political opponent so I think you should be impeached. If he is impeached by the house that would be a trial in the senate are we doing my drawl there. And are accustomed discover how Detroit to be in Washington DC and the more in our walk and Concord new Hampshire at the same part of my will do my best. I'm troubled that when and youth who we have the. Have you given any thought that sounds really hectic being here and early voting state being in DC. In the buildings Arnold mentally. Yes it will be and look like in the center and it took my oath of wolf with an audible boom but what do. But I ambles through but retrieve it is important. Cars when I do when I ask you we had some news that broke earlier today you're Republican colleagues. Announced that they intend to call on Hunter Biden has the witness in this teach me. Probe it is he an appropriate witness. No I. Adam I don't think he's an appropriate witness and not only that but I think that the reason they're calling for. These witnesses these new witnesses it's because they want to make a spectacle in the circus happened this. Entire proceeding they want to distract the American people from the very words that Donald Trump uttered from his mouth in that call. With app with Ukrainian officials trying to extort. I am a foreign government intervening into the United States elections and in fact these witnesses that they are calling. Our. Politically motivated. Avant Republicans are turning this into a partisan issue. And I'll tell you if the Democrat did with top attracted I would be calling for that Democrats impeachment as well and we need to realize that the integrity of our constitution. Is baker at more important than our loyalty and political party. Need to protect the rule of law the United States of America and their imperiling an. By trying to turn this into SI channel and it's. It's I'm taking a fine and it's. Rob they also said that they intend to called whistleblower. And you know that I. And I'm on another level is profoundly dangerous and this is in teen injuring people. That we eat rely on to call on when government goes around mid July I'll whistle blowers can maintain the integrity of our government. They play in important role. And that is why we have whistle blower protection lots on the books in the United States. It's because we want to say if you see something is profoundly wrong. If you see someone is breaking a lot in the name of the United States in you should be protected in speaking up about it. And trying to expose a whistle blowers against the teen. After they have complied with a lot. Is a profound. Form I think commit pollution. And we should not allow for that in a democracy and republic like hours. Senator you were asked in September if Hunter Biden and his conduct should be fair game in this democratic primary. Then you said you do not have enough information to know we've certainly learned a lot in the weeks and so have you. Do you think that Hunter Biden has conduct should be fair to. Let me just. Suggests the Republicans are trying to do with them the blood is clearly. Deflect attention from the impeachable offenses. Old Donald Trump the art your cooling help. Barton in terms of the impeachment process I was not aware that. Oh hunt the Boyd work foot Donald Trump was in the in the description knew anything about this this is clearly an effort to deflect attention away from the impeachment. Process blind people can take a look at pump aboard the quick look at anybody they want. But that's really what Republicans have torn. He said Clinton's you know should be off the table last time around do you think country right in this condos and what I said last line is that that was but what the American people want that sometimes the media doesn't get it. They want to know how they don't have health care as a human right the I don't know how the got to have a dignified retirement for want to know how we're gonna deal with climate change advocates going to be able to go to college. And very often what happened last line is don't me he was focused on emails and emails and emails. And I thought that that was again deflecting attention from the real issues that are impacting the American people. So now what we'll gonna do in this campaign is talk about in common wealth inequality. We're gonna talk about health care is a human right we're gonna talk about raising the minimum wage to a living wage we gonna talk about the the global crisis of climate change both of these issues I'm gonna focus on this campaign and frankly that's worth a look at what that's the discussion humor and people. One. One more question for you two were on stage together last and they spoke to you about the energy. In the room. If the com or someone was five years or older would she be running. Look I've said this before obviously to get an Ottawa should a huge. Actress your head will explode. All I don't know oath. Any person I've been in congress refuse. We in the course of less than what you she's been in office less than one year. Who has had more of an impact on American politics that the person. If you. All it's not only that she has focus. On the real issues impacting the American people a climate change. The U three rates that Wall Street are charging. Working people in this country. But she has been an inspiration who's been an inspiration for working people all across this country and young people pick and quite happen to believe. But the few for of this country depends upon young people becoming increasingly involved in the political process and there's nobody I know. Who can do a better job inspiring those young people themselves. All right but and you know world's. And so much trouble for that. IRA without being one about a candidate positions an ambulance. World shields again the other one year if you will be the United States. He is resonating well with country. If I'm in the White House she will play a very very important role no question. And when went with the cops and that owns. RA I'm an exclusive though he decides. I figured I.

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