Sanders says Trump 'supports victims of domestic violence,' takes allegations 'very seriously'

The White House statement comes after Trump's recent words in support of accused former staffer Rob Porter.
13:59 | 02/12/18

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Transcript for Sanders says Trump 'supports victims of domestic violence,' takes allegations 'very seriously'
Either involved of the briefing here on ABC news political director Rick Klein doing by Gordon felt. Or else are Smart politically and Alli broken in the last few minutes on Capitol Hill guys its budget and it's also infrastructure we. But you wouldn't know it because all the talking about has brought order and The Who worked in the White House today. I think it first that they knew about these allegations just a week ago. The fires a lot of credulity I think among reporters have been talking with sources for some time in of these things are bubbling up. And I think that the words that we heard from terra Sanders today about strong condemnation domestic he's birthers and not the war the president software. It. Worked and all I didn't domestic violence why hasn't. Still addressed that women specifically in this case with rob Porter he's only talked about. Proper order specifically. With Adam out his situation and I really you know defies logic why can't you what is. Very simple and straightforward thing for any politician to deal thinking it's important went out that they weren't saying. They only learned about the allegations last week he said repeatedly the only learn about the X day. The allegations last week extent has become the word of the week and the question is what is extent to mean. Does that mean they only saw the pictures last week. Does that mean the press only found out last week. Does that mean that they didn't bother caring and tell the news broke and the public found out last week so at some point they're gonna have to explain what. AT and now even if it wasn't the picture got it for a lot of White House aides the question. Com's what be what they didn't know what they should have known what they should have taken steps to note because. This hearing it this is not like we're like two weeks the administration a year and he was serving the FBI doing its background or are reporting started to find these issues it falls over. Time and I think that's a matter that changing story forget what we heard privately from sources. Just publicly you know that the White House this story has changed last Tuesday night the chief of staff there theaters eight. There glowing defenses. Rob Porter so they need the public's into the allegations on Tuesday that how do you justify it wasn't. How would you say after the story gains traction in the south those photos which partners in that was the real damning evidence in this case. That they had against him so this doesn't jibe with with all the reporting and it makes you wonder why the White House and it plans. And in fact it looks like they are defending someone and tell it's. They're not really guilty of a crime unless it's broken and that's weird way to operate White House you would think I don't White House would care about it was. Employee did act whether or not the news sent back and then that's sort of Friday. The president says keep in mind about quarter this that he didn't do it very important in an over the weekend he's tweeting about. Due process and false accusations about liked the story clearly this the context and not the first or only time this president. Has seemed to. Go out of his way to police people that work for people want this he. And gone out of its way to question the word of the notes users of the country is waiting to hear him say it was waiting to hear him say he believes that women. Met later. That issue. And I'm concerned about women like this not being believed in coming our country's weak. And we thought vice president did that in his first public comments which you know further it. Constance. You know disparity between president and members of US team it's that very basic. Simple things to say and the president just can't say it's framed with us president it's not just as we thought we. With Roy Moore at the president. You want to get written for the benefit of the doubt you know he denied that he tonight that in front porch he denied he denied that same with the president himself. With the more than dozen allegations of sexual misconduct that had been huddled against. That you got the ratings of news are Sanders can do from the podium that quite that's gonna be the president so. I mean I think exit Charlottesville and not the topic of sexual harassment that people wanted him to condemn neo Nazis marching industry and eastern city that. People are reading for the presents you. Act presidential and lead in a moment in this question of whether this need to movement is just gonna continue to Tripoli is all of its White House. Meanwhile big policy maneuvering is beginning in the United States senate and why it opened debate over immigration starting today. Alli Rogen give us an update on where things stand right now we know they're gonna be some votes in a little bit of movement on policy where it's always a way. From learning what they'll actually be voting on ultimately. He had that right we actually have. No idea nobody has any idea including. 100 members of the US senate on what this immigration vote is going to look like. They do kick off today with the procedural vote but it's going to be the first of many in a process that is expected to stand over the course of at least a week. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell plea and has been to allow this in a completely open process by which senators simply bring to the floor the proposal that they want. And give everybody a chance to vote on anything that has. Sixty or more votes we'll get added to use the ultimate immigration. Now last night a group of conservative senators including senators. David produced Tom cotton who were sort of the most. Far right leaning immigration Cox. They introduced a bill that looks a lot like and they proposal that president trump put out a few weeks ago. Including 25 billion dollars wall construction. A path witnesses or one point eight million undocumented immigrants. That is a bill that is likely not to get sixty votes. But senate majority leader McConnell did come out today to say he doesn't favor of that bill and that is something the president like minded lot wrecked. Burials that we are one usually we know in advance this pre book now common we know something this is the strategy. McConnell keep his work that is what happened wrist any deal that's on but this is why don't and neither party is really under present clear on what their priorities. I remember this week we're gonna see the senate vote on entity legislation. Why I feels really rare that it's a fundamental but rare and rarer still like alleys that it's going to be done right. In the public hot the air on the senate floor that we never get X especially on at the topic like this we're so op and dealing has been done behind closed doors. But the dealing done behind closed doors the last few weeks hasn't been fruitful so immediately. And light and public pressure is when it's needed. Needy women everywhere have to go on the record and to eat. On the record each of those possible proposals. From the more conservative ones like I'm talking about more centrist might we expect to meet that actually. Groups. And meanwhile a lot of the dollar signs being flashed around today be the president I'm four point four trillion dollar budget on the heels of that expanding. Agreement from last week one point five trillion dollars in infrastructure spending. Jordan an annual tradition in saying it's these things go right into the rounds recycling basket. But in this case he even seems to carry less weight the president's. Budget proposal prizes it was a proposal is realistically saying. That he considered by president that does infrastructure plan. You don't want to limit cards because it was much more port. Yeah that's right even you infrastructure in the masters and we actually it's really too. Federal money right that's right at you big money grounds to and it. Bring that it Albertson infrastructure. What is actually giddy here is to be seen but when he looked at eight budget that they had here is the price or receipt from this White House. After giving up on what is speaker Republican consultant principle to try and its. Remit taxes and top line thirteen years and simply isn't. On the part of the body did not ask our original look. And I think that's what's really striking. That. This is expecting. And Ali Ali Rogen you just a couple of days removed from that brief government shutdown happened on Friday Seifert believes that we is cycles go. But how what is what's the prevailing view of the next steps on spending is there. Anything in the in the twin proposals received today the budget and infrastructure that you're hearing any tracks. Comic a lot of Democrats are already saying that this infrastructure proposal is dead on arrival because. That's sorted noted that only contains 200 billion dollar in federal funding. But at the same time the budget the president trump announced cuts a lot of that critical infrastructure funding from departments like the Department of Transportation to the question here is. How you gonna pay for that staff if at the same time they're proposing a huge infrastructure plan your cutting the budgets for each of those respective agencies that would be involved in it. But in terms of the broader funding fight. I think one thing we don't want to lose sight out is the fact that yes congress did just passed this two year. Budget. Diet late Thursday night are very early Friday morning I can attest to that and flat but but that they. Work still there is tons of work still to do because. While that that two year budget proposal laid out the top line numbers. Now have to be the hard work of actually going through and filling in the blanks and appropriating giving up that money to each respective agency. Back lead to a lot of fights with and and lawmakers of different parties but also between congress and the White House. Are right so finally guys after all of these things in Kabul on today because we we got a glimpse today the official portrait of President Obama and Michelle Obama. And particularly President Obama is what really caught our I see the pictures up there. They don't seem to match each other which into the different galleries analysis is is quick to point out. We did put out tour to more viewers today to it was all just one word one word description. For president Obama's. Portrait and ask you guys for your one word as well be ready to go on this but here's some of the interest it was that I wanna like Andy Katz first of all Cobb C. Since this is on the theory that that that beef is exactly he stopped well not a bet they're deadly piece that we can hear the president is is actually the idea Wrigley Field. Now that might just back from Chicago baseball that he's come he's a White Sox fan and I can't stand hasn't really need me to do for all eternity but just not what might. Will be yours. The president's message and act up. Era. That's why aren't absolutely learn yes. The artist was intentionally. Symbolized different parts. The good thing about Kenya to Hawaii which well there's something good thing about it doesn't allow for people that Havel on Spicer. Poking out from behind and those bushes right there are a lot of questions. About what. Color that strike. Is that he's found there was also another another so entry. Unbelievable. Bonus points are being potty with us that's pretty good green light I suppose these there is something around. I don't know what you think the greenery is like hope what I think it's. Rash he likes bringing mean the present when he ran. Hoping changed after he was a new kind of president first African American patent creations of the economy remember those who I think that is symbolize a new era another another entry in the aging. We like it is actually make the right is and it has the state and artists writes the is that the Aaron you can ponder on zero. What does this mean. Disney up. Another really strong entry are finally they hopeful Obama. Oh well. Again so. A license or my. His record is he reminds me very much up behind the pregnancy we expect our life. It but you know we know that the Obama is really mutually modern art Whitney in the White House they. Quirk alive there in modern pieces at this part certainly if the EU pushing the country forward. You know in politics and when they're also very well obviously. Heart. What else. -- eastern heading forward forward looking and looks like spring. And a new. Ali wrote he's still with us the united way and that's it. Richard my Woodward would be untraditional. I walk around the halls of congress all day and you see all kinds of very staid. They all of this same these portraits basically a lot of old white men. I'm not student and that there. Well it at that. And the fact that the fact that these are so colorful they are set to break with the traditional presidential and First Lady portraits that received it is just sort of a reflection. Where the Obama administration took place and in the history of this country so untraditional it's certainly be my pick. It is an art. That's it went in and our our colleague very pond she broke the rules slightly more than one word like that so much between a lot of firms. Yeah is that health advocates reference where one and what you're. I I I. Kabul with Wrigley. I like this I liked the idea what a sick joke that the artist decided to play on him baseball beat up you know Obama never got what he wanted Atlanta based on. Conversation expressed its error just like it I can't help them I'm all right. That does that is an issue that the briefing room to check us out all day long Download the ABC news out for Al moving toward health and aerial sparks. I'm her client catch us next.

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{"id":53029122,"title":"Sanders says Trump 'supports victims of domestic violence,' takes allegations 'very seriously'","duration":"13:59","description":"The White House statement comes after Trump's recent words in support of accused former staffer Rob Porter.","url":"/Politics/video/sanders-trump-supports-victims-domestic-violence-takes-allegations-53029122","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}