Sen. Amy Klobuchar joins ABC News Live to discuss debate performance

Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar tells ABC News Live the public option is the best option for health insurance.
4:52 | 10/16/19

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Transcript for Sen. Amy Klobuchar joins ABC News Live to discuss debate performance
The great senator from Minnesota Amy Klobuchar great to see you well it is wonderful to be honest answer is to be here all night and the resurgence of the moderates tonight at their onstage DC and I you know it I can't be this strategic analysts here I'll let you. Larry. Higher OK but what I can be is myself. I have one tough elections before and have won them I think twice now. My big ones against more well funded more well known opponents. And I had simply done at night working hard at being honest with people and I truly believe. That while they may be silent out there there's a bunch of people that are tired of the noise and nonsense both in up our party and mater Republicans independents. And they're tired of the extremes and they want to home and that home is me. Ask you about a question that has come up repeatedly and it's been put to the front runner one of the farmers are Elizabeth Warren on her Medicare for all plan. I how she would pay for it she's been asked in the second debate the third debate now on the fourth today. What do you make of her answer on that I'm cost what do you think she's trying to. Yeah she just. I'm answering it and I you know I didn't put my name on that though because I looked at it and I figured out the cost and also feed out that on page eight. It says that basically they would kick. 149 million Americans off their current insurance now I don't want you to think for a second that I don't believe in bold ideas and you can join us that Amy Klobuchar dot com to see what they are. I am the one that's taken on the pharmaceutical industry from the very beginning. But I am the one senator in the senate the Ding get on that bales because of my concerns about the cost and because of my concerns about that it wouldn't work. And so I think she needs to answer that as they set on the debate stage who is she sending in. And you do that by you can do with Medicaid or Medicare that you allow people to buy into an. And you actually not just make it better for the people that need that insurance that we covered twelve million more people. But also said that it brings the rates down for everyone so there's some competition from a nonprofit. Option Bernie was actually on one of these bills in the past. So I think this and the other thing is. Pharmaceuticals out of control. Leading to part of this OP are at epidemic that we're seeing. For that has been ravaging the middle of the country and that's another thing that we need to do you've been senator a big advocate for transparency. Both in money in politics and elections to big part of your campaign. What did you make of Joseph Biden's answer on the question for Tim by Anderson Cooper. If it's not okay for your son to sit on these boards. It when your president. Why was it OK you win you were vice president you think that we that he needs answers now. I he answered that question and he made clear now that his sentencing and and they're running their boards and I've also make clear that my daughter. He's way too young to serve on any boards with will never served on a foreign board but that aside. I am someone that believes what we really look at here is war that was Donald Trump doing. In this case he was looking for dirt on Joseph Biden that he could have been looking for dirt on anyone on that states. Because what the really egregious conduct here is pretty obvious easing there's enough evidence to vote. Thank god I know where it is that's right. I don't know I've made clear I think this is impeachable conduct that's why they as you go forward with this proceeding but I don't know what counts they're gonna bring and. We'll make that decision of course I think it's impeachable. Our would have come out for the preceding months ago. For let's ago. Because we sure home state and the president was in our home states. Earlier that we he was escorted scene there in the Target Center. What's your latest thinking on whether he can actually amount to win in Minnesota is turning a little more purple. He is actually said this to me personally several times he said that if he had gone back there anyway to one in 2016. And I say look who had happened in 2018. I led the ticket to the highest voting turnout in the United States of America. And I won the most read the congressional districts which I've done every single time and I do it right going. To not just words comfortable about where it's uncomfortable by bringing people with us by firing opera based Yost but also by bringing along. Moderate Republicans and independents if we want to get all these things done we talked about today. I'm climate change on increasing the minimum wage on getting immigration reform we not only have to win the presidency we need to. When the US senate and you do that right here. By starting in the midwest we see on the debate stage in November how well our cars of course and you just have to join meeting include could start dot com. Others and that may well thank you see it every genre by rfk Klobuchar great to the great state of Minnesota thank you so money she.

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{"duration":"4:52","description":"Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar tells ABC News Live the public option is the best option for health insurance.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"66309369","title":"Sen. Amy Klobuchar joins ABC News Live to discuss debate performance","url":"/Politics/video/sen-amy-klobuchar-joins-abc-news-live-discuss-66309369"}