Sen. Barbara Boxer Talks Tough Women and the Real Hillary Clinton

Sen. Boxer joins ABC News' Amna Nawaz and Mary Bruce for a conversation at the DNC.
7:48 | 07/27/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sen. Barbara Boxer Talks Tough Women and the Real Hillary Clinton
We're joined now by a very special S senator Barbara Boxer California thank you so much for being air. You deliberate very sports all supported speaks we're Secretary Clinton tonight you settle line it's already resonating at those eighties that the GOP. As thrown everything at her. We got a hundred days ago before November I just wonder how eating you think. It's be hot both ways it's can't stand it take that out. Up. A pack. At. Security. Letters sent. Out. So. It's. Waist but here's the to me because at. Atlanta. I. It's election. It's about what if news. I think you. Aren't they. Aren't. It. These are stand out as. Aren't that its eye on it. People say what's staked. Its. So all I know Mac. Split and at a high. She. Needs. Its. But she. With no. A vote. If its. List. Remarks also. Appearing at each other are quite. There why they. The woman notes that while the real. Its. Between the persona at the public. And the well I have eighties. And at. A lot of clients. And now. Read Jerry she. Partners. With sixty. So it's. A CEO. Met Hillary. Which those. Years the story. There world helping. It. But it's. The state after. I'm sure he. In winners actresses. He went after. After which. He. More. Staff. It's. That went. Tell. It to. Get it with us we're. I. Days. They. It is its equipment. For some reason it all those things that are in tatters and service. As a lot. Something is sticking. She hasn't Ares I think for some reason out if she asked why do you think that is how. Welch comes he's tired but. Slower housing and can't saint again. She is it. Which is working people. Sky high rate which is. To break glass reports. Make history. It's where. She. All. That gay. If they. Happen and that's what this can't name is now. She. Yes she's there. She's. Where she. She's back. She stated is. Are. Not just irks me. It's this. Leslie. I. Take it and vote at times news. She T-Mobile. That here. She say apps which means she's hit bats. Right. In. Ariz. It's. No. I. Can tell action. So to me I flash back. Lash back. Us. Stockbrokers are I get I'm Wayne act like BS. I. License. Flashed back. Up its act door at get this I just. But the story it. Yes there partner. Eyes. Why do you she's. At least fortunate. That. I sit. Now I know I made it we're the F. It by app that Nestle. She. You are. Those. They. Might that's it tears. Tears. Richter needs. Linked. Speak I realized I'd get past. Right. So. Yes. But it's. Yours it's which. Are. I acts with the under. Its stars. She is. And I looked as the art. She has. Pledged to. Stay. Oh. Mike's house where. They.

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{"duration":"7:48","description":"Sen. Boxer joins ABC News' Amna Nawaz and Mary Bruce for a conversation at the DNC.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40940829","title":"Sen. Barbara Boxer Talks Tough Women and the Real Hillary Clinton","url":"/Politics/video/sen-barbara-boxer-talks-tough-women-real-hillary-40940829"}