Sen. Blackburn: ‘Now is the time’ for Trump to present evidence of fraud

Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., referred to Biden as president-elect, but says "if every legal vote is counted, Donald Trump would get four more years."
9:57 | 11/21/20

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Transcript for Sen. Blackburn: ‘Now is the time’ for Trump to present evidence of fraud
Joining us now is Tennessee Republican senator Marsha Blackburn thank you so much for your time. And happy to be when she thanked you are not at all let's get right to it it's been seventeen days since the election and two weeks ago you joined our show and told my colleague Lindsey Davis should that you served on a local election commissions and that elections are not run by federal officials spoke by local officials such and today many of those local officials have spoken Georgia just short time ago certifying their results shred Joseph Biden victory there more states following next week have you spoken yet with the president elect to congratulate him on his victory. I have not spent can now at with a president like we did have the vice president come to the floor. The vice president Alan. Come to the floor this week to cast and take cast advantage by congress residing at the time didn't get seized secret her. And that you know where watching the process. Clay and GG doing just as we did in 2000. When they Tennessean Al Gore act and George Bush we're going through that counting of the banking and we will work through this process so I will say now is the time. Foreign there trying to campaign if they have and air information. And that they need to decrease in named gore now is the time they need to take me taking that evidence. To court. And so now is clearly at a time given that the child campaign has speech withdrawn or lost court case after court case you know sixteen thus march on and in those courts of law judges have seen no evidence of widespread election trot infection. To the contrary they tossed out cases such summarily is it time do you think for you in your Republican colleagues to except that Joseph Biden is a president elect and publicly declare that. Here is a process the media doesn't declare and as we have discussed previously with Lindsay. This is something in your local in your state officials do as they certify those elections that is up. The an important part of our process TI NG issue is. This is put the attention on these a local election commission. Cleaning up their goals and when you talk about Georgia and the importance of the Georgia race with a two run ops and veterans day here and evidence that he has come forward the year with. Individuals and then had lived out of state are more deceased. The questions are branch. Does the buckets of the issues whether it was a mailing out of the ballots and the certification and night saying can. Making certain that the signature snatched offshore. And the ballot was separated. I don't lose our things that to we feel confident in dead Giorgio will get a handle on on these issues I think also might say senator but he some C and the next to each end and next year. These state legislatures. Are going to move forward and today are going to pass laws. Is addicting about having your state legislatures. And your local election commission in charge. And today are going to be geared to predicting there were gaps. And if they are going to be the ones that are going tickling not accident that's a good positives. So let me just. Follow up in your earlier remarks he referred to I'm I believe you referred to Joseph Biden as president elect you certainly referred to Connell Harris as the vice president elect she does that senior publicly acknowledging that status aside from the semantics and declaration or auction you know. You know tidal action. There will be time to choose to do that write me down. I it is important that we settled this I think if every illegal that it is cam in Donald Trump would get. Or more years of course he is that cannons and my party but. They hear in mind and I think this is so important to keep in mind to brightening all. We have gone through nearly four years. And it Democrats. Say look first where the resistance they named themselves and then I wanted to obstruct and then we have Russia and we had Ukraine and we had impeachment. All of these change to. Is it to Donald Trump was not legitimately. Elect and we don't want that to happen we went through the entire eight years of George Bush. With people saying well he was not legitimately. Collected. Let excellent people this country speak hasn't not. That John any of the news organizations. To declare the winner. This is up to the people of the country it is up to the boards of election it is activity secretaries of state and don't want us all and that has transpired in the electors have been appointed. And there is a a link to oral college it and that is the time to make you use it Delhi's it declarations. And at that point whether it is president trump for four more years. Our Joseph Biden for a new charm and that will mean that time. To do that right I just want to I know senator X is and the election security an election integrity. Is what I'm hearing more outbound. On people whether they live in Georgia RE they are here in Tennessee they want to make certain. Get the east. I irregularities. Are investigated. And that these. Our address and yet there's no proof of any of that thus arch senator I know you choose your words carefully so I just want it. Double down on this idea that you referred to your senate colleague calmly Harris she as the vice president elect. At that day but today. And what I'm going to tell you again and I believe every legal but it was down it Donald Trump would get four more. Years and is ending if I'm Joseph Biden is deemed the president elect and Pamela Harris. Then vice president on land it and we will may forward from day year. And at this point we need to have and these investigations. Done. We need to have on the trunk campaign presenting their evidence in court and we need to make certain deadly. Ballots are camps and she let me tell about it or senator let me ask you about your senate colleague ounce from Tennessee to retiring senior senator Lamar Alexander she's calling for the transition to begin so that everyone can be ready on day one do you agree without assessed enemy Joseph Biden she has said that lives could be lost with delay they aren't able to coordinate with the corona virus task force on vaccine distribution. Every sin and. Her west offered an opportunity to half a briefing yesterday. On doesn't vaccine distribution. And on the progress with the vaccines and icing Donald Trump deserves a tremendous amount of credit. Or operation war speed and for getting these vaccines. To use to the market this quickly. It wise it is something dad is unprecedented. And I think it's going to be a tremendous. Opportunity. For the American people to see what happens when you get government regulations. Out of the way. And to win that agencies. Are told to war with the private sector to make it a priority. So that you solved problems for the good on the whole all the people pets and it's going to BS in big success. I'm an hour or his campaign senator that's an eloquent answer but it doesn't answer the question I asked which is to use saying the transition should go under way so that. Joseph Biden can have run a virus task force briefings Yasser announced. There is going to be the opportunity for damage as they began to sink toward its that your declared the winner which of course right now it looks is yet. They're deleting Indies Electoral College vents and from what I'm hearing dye your amazing. Oh awards. Finally cold cases as you well know senator are breaking records across the country many of the top 100 hardest hit its communities are rural areas Corbett million Americans are now dad each ten Americans dying every fifteen minutes since the pandemic began should putting partisanship aside. A whole host of benefits are set to expire December 31 to help unemployed and struggling American bush do you plan to work which Republicans and Democrats to try to get a new relief bill. Packaged in neat we have been working and trying to get him as a matter of fact we have twice good hours since deal on the floor this would reposition. 350. Billion dollars in cares and money that was left of her. And begin to keep you on in two unemployment insurance Letzing at a 300. Dollars a week. Money for vaccines for testing of course he she know the rapid test is something that is important I appreciate your time honestly and I appreciate your perspective thank you for joining us AG thank you so much that I by.

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{"duration":"9:57","description":"Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., referred to Biden as president-elect, but says \"if every legal vote is counted, Donald Trump would get four more years.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"74329213","title":"Sen. Blackburn: ‘Now is the time’ for Trump to present evidence of fraud","url":"/Politics/video/sen-blackburn-now-time-trump-present-evidence-fraud-74329213"}