Sen. Bob Casey: There ‘has to be accountability’ regardless of Impeachment timing

Sen. Bob Casey, D-Pa., discusses the timing of the Senate impeachment trial, getting another pandemic stimulus bill through Congress and President Joe Biden’s inauguration.
5:38 | 01/22/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sen. Bob Casey: There ‘has to be accountability’ regardless of Impeachment timing
Joining us now Pennsylvania democratic senator Bob Casey senator thanks to lunch for your time tonight. First would love to get your reaction to news now the minority leader Mitch McConnell is proposing a delay in the impeachment trial until February to give former president trump time to prepare his defense though the senate obviously has a lot of work to get to right now the pandemic in Biden's cabinet picks. So would you support a delay anything that the trial should start sooner. Owens he couldn't do it did I think that's a determination that has to be made. By speaker Pelosi and conjunction when it's. Majority leader Schumer so I'll let them work that out. But I don't think the timing and is necessarily. The most important issue that we've got to confront we have to make sure that we have eight a trial that is thorough. But expeditious. But it Trout that bit presents the evidence. The president's culpability here there's just no question when you when you look at the evidence that we knew. In the hours after the the mobs stormed the capital but. Maybe even more so in the subsequent days. The president was able to enraged and incite a mob. Succumb to the capitol to seek out. And have the intention of killing. The vice president and then and the speaker because they were that they were the two counters the two people counting the electoral votes are aware of that process. So there has to be accountability for that. On the president's part whether he's in office are out of office. Turning out to the pandemic for a moment and president Biden's ambitious one point nine trillion dollar stimulus proposal. Senator Romney said this week that he's not interested in a new stimulus in the immediate future arguing that the senate just passed 900 billion dollars in spending senator Murkowski echoed that same sentiment as well saying that the ink is barely dry on the 900 billion dollars passed last month. Now they're two of the more moderate Republicans obviously in some argue that one point nine trillion is a huge amount. So how can president but in win over Republicans on additional spending and if not our our Democrats prepared him to go this alone. Well first I think it's important that president Biden when he proposes plan he was president elect Biden. The American rescue plan this it was important that he went big and bold because. This crisis both of virus and all that's involved in that including. Vaccine distribution and vaccinations and so many other issues. As well as big the other part of this crisis which is jobs in the economy. This is a kind of double crisis or requires. A robust response I'm glad he's and he Wednesday now we don't know we're low end up. As a legislative. Proposals but I will sit this it is it is a little bit ironic. And that's an understatement when Republican senators. Are talking about how expensive this rescue. Plan is when they were willing to vote for a tax bill and cronies seventeen. Which was an obscenity in my judgment it give away the sort of big corporations and rich people. Nelson for the middle class or workers so I think it's it's it's it's a little bit hypocritical Republicans to say that. Rumor are facing a crisis that there were told that it just in terms of black a Latino families. Hats half of those families are struggling to pay for food and rent it's about time we help. Now it appears that there is some bipartisan agreement to work together at least on infrastructure. And will also obviously cost a lot of money. Even he'll be able to find consensus would your colleagues on issues like this despite the high price tags. I hope so I hope Republicans early as interest it is Democrats in the senate are helping to rebuild. But country they did nothing for four years when they had any president and for a part of that or yours. When they have the house senate but there seems to be some impetus or some. Interest to move in that direction I hope we can't because whether it's traditional infrastructure like. Roads and bridges but maybe more importantly an expose by this pandemic. Broadband Internet productivity. She can't do there work it is as simple as that she's later revealed do their homework and he brought in. So you course represented Pennsylvania including president Biden's hometown of Scranton. After a turbulent first few weeks of 2.2 point one thankfully everything went smoothly security wise at the inauguration yesterday. I didn't mean to see Biden take the oath of office for you yesterday after seeing his lifetime of service. But it was us are surprised so those of us who Nomo a long time and personal way and those of us who might these crews. Like him born in Scranton I was raised its friends still live there. So is personal but I think the biggest I'm emotion many Americans that was released. That we finally have a president who's gonna focus on the most urgent priorities. The virus the economy lifting up families and a time most. A crisis the worst of the worst senator. Crises or challenges that any president has faced since Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1933. So it's it's a sense of relief. And also a sense that we finally have a president. With a plan to take on these crises so. We lot of work to do but I think he's headed in the right direction. Wants a work ahead that's for sure senator Bob Casey of Pennsylvania thank you so much for your time appreciate you coming on the shelves. Do want to thank you.

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{"duration":"5:38","description":"Sen. Bob Casey, D-Pa., discusses the timing of the Senate impeachment trial, getting another pandemic stimulus bill through Congress and President Joe Biden’s inauguration.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"75417410","title":"Sen. Bob Casey: There ‘has to be accountability’ regardless of Impeachment timing","url":"/Politics/video/sen-bob-casey-accountability-impeachment-timing-75417410"}