Sen. Joni Ernst on Protecting American Freedoms

In her RNC speech, the Iowa Senator talks finding success and fulfillment through hard work and resilience.
15:42 | 07/19/16

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Transcript for Sen. Joni Ernst on Protecting American Freedoms
Senator June he missed. It. This sting went Stella gets. Ripped public ends. And Nellie ends up my fellow Americans watching her around the country. Especially those in Iowa. It's at. Thank you Iowa and it's an honor to be with you witness Cleveland's and to be on this stage with fellow vet trends among them. Our special operations master Sargent Jason beard slaves. And my colleague. Congressman and navy seal run and safety. We'll hear from sword play. I never would have imagined a farm girl like me. From Montgomery County. Would have the opportunity. To serve. As the first woman elected to federal office from Iowa. I'll ever. My parents always said to my brother sister and me that if we worked hard to. Anything. Was possible. Growing up we didn't have much. But what we didn't have in money my parents particularly. In my mother. Made up floor with tenacity. She really encouraged us you never hear her say no you can't do that yes. Instead. If something was challenging. She'd say Joni I will figure out a way. If this is what you blondes. Let's make it happen. Will figure it out take gather. That's a traits. I carry with me today. And it's something I teach my own daughter. In our households. And in the homes of many of those in the militants hairy. Including those here tonight. Giving up. Quit day. Or accepting failure. I'm not. Cents. That resilience. It is not unique to our house. That can do attitude. Has served as the foundation. I'll alert country. Or to hunt dread and forty years. It continues tonight here in Ohio and in Ohio lock and all around our great nation. In between my freshman sophomore years of calling its. I went and I'm not I went on an agricultural exchange. To the Soviet Union. And nights. The ukrainians didn't talk about farming. Rather they won it didn't know what it was lying. To land in a country. Where they could experience. Free down. They want it to no gas beautiful freedom. They want it to know about our country. Ups ladies Wear anything saying what's possible. When I came home. I realized it wasn't enough to simply and Joseph light freedom and liberty. I had to do my part to protect. And preserve it. So I joined the military. Which is tremendously important institution. That defends the freedoms. That Americans share else. Thank you. I have great privilege of serving my state and our country while working alongside some of our nation's finest soldiers. For fourteen months I served as a company commander during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Where my unit was tasked with running convoys through Kuwait and southern I rack. Last November after more than 23 years of serve us. I retired as a lieutenant colonel. In the Iowa army National Guard and as I travel across Ohio blood and around our great country. I hear from folks who were worried a maritime is no longer leading. Or rather. Following from behind. Those concerns are echoed by our allies around the world. And rightfully so. The question I hear time and time again. Is it. Well there is a marriage has leaders Jeff. There's a blue lady in the world. A deficit. That cannot. Be filled by others. Our country and the world of which we're apart. Simply can not up for it. Poole are more years. Of dance lack. Up lead our shaft. I'm Dari hello Larry Flynt ten. Our allies. See us drinking from mark place as a leader in the world. As we have failed. Time and again. To address threats. They are looking. For American leaders. Leaders who are willing to stand up and say. He not and they now. Unfortunately. Hillary Clinton and cannot be trust dead. Cards judgment and character. Are not suited to be sitting. In the most powerful office. In the world. She has already. Failed us too many times fifth floor. Hillary Clinton has failed just not. The expansion up terrorism. Park all of these in Libya on. Afghanistan. I rack. And Syria. Have created more safe havens for terrorism. Shockingly. She continues to support a policy. That brings captured terrorists. In to our back yards. All of us up here but believe me that's fun acceptable. I'm accept it golf. Hillary Clinton has failed to support our allies. Her decision to back the I run a nuclear deal. Let Cindy Carroll our longtime friends and allies in the region. Especially. Israel. They have continued to threaten to destroy Israel both directly and indirectly. Through its terrorist proxies. Such as Hezbollah. They remain the top sponsor of terrorism. Which endangers not just Israel but you are out. And the United States. And look just take a look awful oaks. At the pathetic track record she and Obama. In the war on ice says. This administration. Has called them junior varsity adversaries. Ignoring some of the best advice they were given. They represented a threat that is not limited to the Middle East and it's spreading rapidly. In fact according to the FBI. Ice is is president and all fifty states. Think about it for a moment. Terrorists from I says Ari every wine. Our fifty states. They will use yes vote they would use whatever weapons they have. Guns. Trucks. Knives. Employee sends. And bombs. To kill innocent people. Under this current administrations of wayward policies. Crisis continues to spread. Walled up residence. Fails. To blend full word a comprehensive. Strategy. Did defeat and just dried them. Not all did. Trump will not. She hasn't case. Didn't call we thank all is love may. Terrorism. But is name. And he will not. Hasn't today it. Two discs to roll like those that wish to harm our great nation and year last name. God bless you. Yet Hillary Clinton. Hillary. Clinton. Has bay LO do to protect our national security and other ways. Sheikh jeopardized our safety by deciding. Out learn the laws don't apply to her. Setting up her own private email server and then lying. Lying to the American people. About how it was used. The but that's. Our men and women they arms services. And let me say this clearly. How were men. And women of the armed services. June not to fail us. They cannot. Sale plus. That that trend here with me din did not fail aunts. Okay. They did not fail us. They too are individuals. Of the highest integrity. Out where residents. Cannot. Fail on us either. How she handled me except. Hillary Clinton said when she has failed to. Failed plus. And cannot be trusted. She has proven time and time again. That she is and hire laid. I'm fans two's hour as it. How wearing nations. Komando hour and cheese. Ford too low. And there are warnings. Unhurt. Donald Trump has heard these voices loud and clear. We cannot help cool art. Cool I'm Laurie years. Does say Amy failed policies. If that is not enough. That that trends administration has been failing dollar sewage served alongside those of us here on the stage. With scandal after scandal. At the highest levels. Inferior care. Long wait times. Extraordinary. Inefficiency. And a bureaucracy. That has gone wild still continues. We need a commander in chief. Who will stand up to our enemies. Simply aren't our allies this. And we have our best friends back. Wean me thank you. We need a leader who will ensure America remains a Stew wrong. Stabilizing. Floors around the globe and who will keep unsafe. Here at a home. Our country. Can not take another floor years. Like that eight we just had. It's time this stand up. In fights where the security. Our children. Our brand sales trend. And not ask that loans. With Hillary Clinton and all ladies I'm proud. Hummer. Aunts and being about. Donald Trump. It's well danced behind you. Pete gave aid employees. Two way movement. Millions. Of American hence who we're tired of politics as usual. I know as president. He will work tirelessly. To keep our nation safe. Now is the time. To make. America yeah. Saved. Again. Thank CEOs. And may god bless all of you. The wonderful state of Iowa. The brave men and women in you know arm. And these breaks United States of America. God bless you not last.

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{"duration":"15:42","description":"In her RNC speech, the Iowa Senator talks finding success and fulfillment through hard work and resilience. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40689265","title":"Sen. Joni Ernst on Protecting American Freedoms","url":"/Politics/video/sen-joni-ernst-protecting-american-freedoms-40689265"}