Sen. Tim Scott on Biden’s ‘you ain’t black’ comment

The only black Republican U.S. senator reacts to Joe Biden saying, “If you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black.”
13:52 | 05/23/20

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Transcript for Sen. Tim Scott on Biden’s ‘you ain’t black’ comment
Of the race for 20/20 presumptive democratic nominee Joseph Biden he now apologizing tonight after what he's set about black voters Mary Bruce has that story. Tonight Joseph Biden is doing damage control after he sparked outrage with this message for black voters if you have problems triggered Howard here for me here trump. And you may black don't know mentally sharp at the door to shut it wants a lawyer my community I would look regular record. The reaction swift. And furious. This from the Senate's only black Republican that is the most arrogant condescending comment I've heard in a very long time one point three million. African Americans voted for trump he say the one point three million African Americans that you're not black. The trump campaign piled on saying biting truly believes that he a 77 year old white man should dictate how black people should behave. Biden today doing clean up. They probably weren't involved as I was must capital where. I don't know that comes Kamal like travelers. Particularly happy American corporate credit. But not being deeper darker picture. Shouldn't got such a wide. His campaign notes trump has a long history of racially charged comments. Sources say trump is used expletives to describe African nations he told for congress woman of color to go back to the countries they came from. And he perpetuated the false theory that Barack Obama was not born in America. And for more reaction now to Biden's comments today we bring in Republican senator Tim Scott from South Carolina thanks so much for joining us senator. Regularly it's good to do with it. Visitors guide he said today that Biden's comments were arrogant and condescending to her that just did Mary Bruce is piecing you also pointed out that more than a million voters. Black voters voted for trump in 2016. Do you think the Biden's words today will move more black voters into the trunk camper Tony twenty and how do you think they trouble fair. In general. With black voters in November. While that is really important question let me say this is that at the beginning that I remember being a kid in high school. What people putting labels on May read those and Oreo or someone who did not quite fit in. Policy to the young people out there don't ever let someone just because they're smarter or pump more powerful or or look wiser than you are. Tell you when you can or cannot do that is the kind of message we don't want to send to our young people. For that a Republicans or Democrats are there black or white rather ritual for. We you have unlimited potential as relates to be. African American vote will more vote for review for Republicans and president jump this year I think the answer is yes they will. Does it vice presidents from Biden's comments so I think if they do help. From some sway more African American voters to think logically about the choices that hand. And what he did was seen once again reinforced his narrative bed. The Democrats are entitled to the black vote I'm only asking the question why and I'm. Happy to put the record that I have produce along with president trump. I gets the record of president vice president by that that would be a great comparison and frankly even the comments I've heard from both. But individuals that is something that's worth. Senator that lets do it but let's compare and exists today you actually blasting Joseph Biden's remarks in use of the president trump has done more for black people than any other president. So tell us what trump is done for black people in and give us the record of them Joseph Biden. They very much the start with the 1994 crime bill. What Vice President Biden support of the 1994 crime bill did was lock up more. African American men and there in the other crime bill in the last fifty years. What good first step aside and the act though supported by president trump. I was a cosponsor of it as well. We righted the wrongs. Done by vice president. Five in support of the 1994 crime bill. We have had thousands of letters from people who have been justly sentenced and released because of the first step back. But says think about the opportunities those legislation brings 75. In 28700. Of the poorest most devastated communities. Around the country 75. Billion dollars of private sector dollars coming in. The song about the opportunity scholarship fund in Washington DC supported by. Dianne Feinstein Cory Booker myself who are on John. Bringing in quality education there is a 25000. Student waiting list. For quality education in these charter schools an opportunity scholarships. Provide more resources. Better education so these kids can have a better future. Let's think about beef farm bill African American farmers. Up until this last farm bill or not able to if they had airs property. To access the farm. Credit agency to allow them to borrow against that property for the first time that is now happening. Let's think of their comments of the head of the United Negro College Fund who stood under this administration. This is the highest level of funding for historically black colleges and universities. Ever this is a first time. Those colleges have had permanent funding. Permanent funding and the legislation. But think about sickle cell Anemia a B a disease that is a 100% base that we speaking. A impacting of African Americans 100%. My legislation signed by the president has ushered in more research. And more scrutiny to make sure that we make more progress figure by the department of defense and they're partnerships with. Historically black colleges and universities. The list is long and I would love to say let's take visa list of accomplishments. Compared to if you have a list slim Jim Everett to wait and listen to the list of Biden's accomplish. Well I'm not here to descend on either side but I will say that words matter right and this is a president and critics has said has a history of racist comments toward black people. From the Central Park five to discrimination scandals in his properties mostly he basically launched his little brother Erica for questioning his birthplace of the first black president truck is never apologized for any of that biting did essentially apologized today so why are you willing to give president troubled past but not the former vice president. What actually driving view and media are the ones giving the vice president go past you sit essentially apologized. I'm Nell looking for the definition of just in the dictionary I can't find it according to their. Currently I was using that perhaps there's much to lose cavalier and I I think that that's so an apology right. Okay what went through a socialist talk about the governors of cavalier if you want to or reducing better. Let's talk about what happened when president trump says some things that I found racially offensive as relates to a Charlottesville. He told me I went to the Oval Office. We have a serious conversation. About why I found those comments to be offensive. We sat there for over now or discussing the issues of this nation in the issues of race and then we came out of that. He should Tillman the end of the that conversation we had a system. Help me help those I have offended. That's essentially. An apology and what do we do. We created. Opportunity zones says don't bring you more resources. Into the poorest communities in this nation. Analyst cook let's compare that to what Joseph Biden has said Joseph Biden said while he was denial vet poor kids can be just a Smart. As a white kids is that to suggest that every single kid in America is living in poverty fight the poverty I grew up in. Has to be black. Invest suggesting that the high poverty rate in this nation is a 100% wide event to suggest that folks needing assistance in this nation are all black. I don't know how to read into his comments I'm would take him at his word on that comment I didn't blast them on that one. This why did come out on the comments he's made in the past. I didn't come out and talk about those comments I gave him a pass. I make sure that I'm consistent when Republicans say things I don't appreciate. On racial lines I speak out against that when Democrats say things I don't appreciate I speak out against that what I don't hear from the Democrat leaders of today. There are people speaking out. I gives. Vice president Biden's comments I hear crickets. There's as quiet as a church mouse that is hypocrisy. It is inconsistent and it sends the wrong message. To the young people of this nation but you have to stay in line or you're not black enough the Carla Harris. That summoned today that the comments were painful. That she served for too long too many people telling her how she's supposed to talk where she supposed to live. That is the kind of caught most of the kind of comments that I respect and appreciate where's the rest of the folks coming out not. Condemning the vice president by at least. Condemning is comments if we want a more just society. It requires us to. Call on the carpet those on our side first and that's exactly what I'd do a Charlottesville I didn't and Maryland I did over they'll see a bit over the school's squad. I don't see that kind of leadership on the laughed and they get a pass it's like why washing with the vice president says because people are so. In since looked presidential but they're willing to let everything go lie in order to try to help support Vice President Biden. Pocket let me ask you this in 2016. Trump described himself to the Washington Post as the least racist person that you've ever encountered. You know president trump personally would you describe and that way. Well I will say this that there's no doubt though take a look. I'm big on the lease racist person I've ever met my entire life by the way. But the reality of it is that's what they go bell all the things I've been able to accomplish with a guy that so many people say is racist or racially offensive. Every time I bring a look a FISA legislation that helps the African American community specifically. Including pictures actually put a billion dollars in for HB CUs were I personally. Fought for. Funding minority business development agencies to million dollars of the weaker market within a minority communities more assistance from those paycheck protection program. Who put the president said. Absolutely so here's what I'm suggest that is the only story for what you never got threats that are actually racially offensive it's comes from the American heart it comes from the gu global art is not. Black people or white people or Republicans or Democrats it's simple way that if you have hatred in your heart. They're manifest we should fight against it wherever we find it and America has come so far in such a short period of time. That we got to celebrate federal Saarland Judd and her come. Well actually I wanna switch gears now moved in -- virus just last question to the president delegate you and secretary Carson to lead a council to support underserved communities impacted by the virus. That was on April 22. 28 days ago what has the council accomplished during that time and what further action will the administration be taking. Although you very much does a great question. Doctor herb Francis Collins NIH. Has been working on something called erratic X up project. Which provides more testing and more resources and the underserved communities it's gonna be a part of that some more significant. Shark tank approach he's taken to finding. More treatments and therapies it's a great project. Spoke with doctor Jerome Adams our surgeon general just yesterday about hundreds of millions of dollars that we are sending. Have already sent. To the federally qualified health centers. Thousands around the nation to make sure that the resources are there or increasing the number. Free tests we provided over a hundred billion dollars to hospitals and health care givers so that when you are uninsured or underinsured. But you have the access not only to the test but also to the treatment so that you get what you need in in response to that we've also. I've asked for or not they will seek the funding for more telemedicine because Lindsay as you know sometimes if you live in the rule parts of our country. It's hard to find a doctor's hard to find it specialists what we're going to be able to do with the magic of technologies to connect the best doctors with the patients that need it the most. And I'm also encouraging the White House in the administration to push forward on broad band because the edge the issue of can activity. Isn't simply a medical issue it's a health care priority. It's actually a learning priority and frankly in the future there will be a requirement for the future of war the gig economy. And so values of the priorities I've seen funding for testing. I see more funding for telemedicine. I've also seen more funding for my. Patent protection program Bozo part of designing it and we still have about a hundred billion dollars class secretary me Nugent. To also put more targets on the back. Of smaller institutions. Emma size minority serving institutions senators got a more of those resources. Yeah I apologize for cutting off this your running short on time we appreciate you Susan good time with us on the show.

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{"duration":"13:52","description":"The only black Republican U.S. senator reacts to Joe Biden saying, “If you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"70845588","title":"Sen. Tim Scott on Biden’s ‘you ain’t black’ comment","url":"/Politics/video/sen-tim-scott-bidens-aint-black-comment-70845588"}