Soaring prices force some to travel for insulin

Two women who have driven from the Midwest to Canada to buy insulin share why they think the prices have risen too high.
5:36 | 06/17/19

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Transcript for Soaring prices force some to travel for insulin
The situations forcing many families now the takes an extreme measures to find affordable health care joining us now to of those Americans. Who've had to leave the country. To find more affordable prescription drugs don't specifically insulin which they need to treat type one diabetes leader green. Greasy joins us from Saint Paul, Minnesota she's a diabetes advocate also joined by Julian ripple on. She is from Michigan also I diabetes advocate want to serve with you Rea thanks for joining us. So when did the light bulb go off for you that you needed to begin traveling to Canada. To get these drugs how did that come about. But I learned early estimate was diagnosed that is I was extremely expensive in the United States. And while traveling we found we can get is lunch at a fraction of the cost and many countries. I'll get yet his trip to Canada came up just a couple months ago. I'm and I realized that there is an opportunity here to Minnesota to drive just five hours and to get insulin and reduce cost. So that we didn't. That's what she did and Julie and you also have made trips from Michigan. Opting to candidate any concerns about the safety or quality of the drugs here by an over the border. No matter and the type one diabetic and sit with my brother and later in May she won her that you're right what are. Canada and vision and teacher rage simply taking featuring tunnel right or Canada which is about thirty minutes and each stop that. That letter and it cost them and we just explained that we're going to insulin and it's so common these custom each and that it's just kind of thinking each and they just let you end eat and then he purchased your Ecstasy. It's reached that I know a lot he's over here all the same laboratory that they are used for air ignored yes. I'm isn't exactly new CD concerns on each and then aren't we back Covert Sydney last I now we just say we are excellent and let us on our merry way. While we were seen some pictures of the insulin you brought up in Canada there about a tenth. The costs and some kids let's just remind everybody how expensive insulin is obviously a a mainstay in American medicine it's a critical drugs here just in the past five years. The cost. Nearly doubled and 2012 is about 4800 dollars on average this includes out of pocket costs and insurance costs. Up to increase sixteen a 5700 dollars and that's continued decline. We are who do you blame in all of this what do you make. When you see these prices going up I imagine your angry and frustrated that you have to take these steps. Where do you place the blame. Well certainly there's many players in the system who are making money V pharmaceutical companies and the pharmacy benefit managers. But honestly I believe our politicians for not listening to Americans are saying this is critically important to us. And not and making changes soon enough to give us release. And in how what you Gillian when you think about this that. The fact that your family to get an affordable. Dose of insulin has to go to Canada of all places. How does that make you feel it in court you making your feelings known on this one. Well I think a lot of us are using our voice I'm in our community and also wants media platforms just two to raise nor even about this issue. I'm in law breakers right now I know there tackling like this crisis to me it's more portable. But we don't know how long we're going to be eating for this because you do now every antiques a longing congress to pass and go do this and it and that company congress and everything so it's just ditch it's gonna take a really time but I think the community we get scratched easily stick together and just kind of reached at sea every single day I think that's what's really whole. With the clutch. And the idea that the truck administration's talk a lot about him receive bipartisan support for this idea advertising the price. In those TV ads we see him all the time the drug ads. In prime time television around our news programming. Do you think that'll make a difference it will we see those ads and they have to actually put on screen how much. In slowing cost you think that that would help pressure them on the price front. But the Americans know how much prescription drug costs we know that cost two months. So I'm not overly optimistic that the advertising of the press is going to help significantly. I think we did pass laws right now that her diet really. In the short term and then we need to look at the whole system and encouraged. Grant competition on an insulin market there are only three manufacturers of insulin and they've been raising their prices lockstep now for many years. We need to get generic sense the market for insulin and that we need to be regulating the pace at times like they do it every other country. And finally a chilling and I just want to ask you we arm presidential. And political season here how important is this issue. TU as a voter. In presidential the presidential campaign where he put this year. Order yeah well somebody's first somebody that Eagleton though and I have tech when eaten my brother type that beat influences are so we're going to be voting for people helping. Yet all those bills pass to help us get emergency act to influence in the. Affordable for all. Top issue for a lot of people drug prices healthcare Julian ripple loan from Michigan thank you so much and we agree inside thank you so much from Saint Paul, Minnesota mining. Hometown for join and us as well great to see about thank you.

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{"duration":"5:36","description":"Two women who have driven from the Midwest to Canada to buy insulin share why they think the prices have risen too high.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"63770433","title":"Soaring prices force some to travel for insulin","url":"/Politics/video/soaring-prices-force-travel-insulin-63770433"}