Socialite Couple Crash White House Affair

Tareq and Michaele Salahi entered the White House despite not being on the official guest list.
4:24 | 09/22/14

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Transcript for Socialite Couple Crash White House Affair
The Secret Service is acknowledging a huge security blunder tonight after news that a socialite couple trying out for a reality show managed to -- the White House affair. How did they get through the checkpoints we begin tonight -- detainees at the White House injury. Well good evening David this is supposed to be the most secure home in the country but tonight the secret services acknowledging they made a big mistake. In this mix of political power and Hollywood glamour McHale and corrects a lot he -- took -- writing in. Smiling with the vice president the White House chief of staff even ABC's own brother Roberts. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- work in that sense. But the couple was not supposed to be here their names not on the official White House guest list. The Secret Service says they've identified -- checkpoint which did not follow proper procedures. But may guests had to pass through not one but two checkpoints. You first have to show ID. To enter the gates of the White House then before you get into the White House you again have to show ID. And they again went through a long list. Guests entered at the southeast gate or Secret Service matched -- against the White House list -- another line and a second checkpoint with the same process. They then moved on through metal detectors as they entered the White House. Once inside guests gave their name to a marine. Mr. and mrs. -- -- he. Who announced and to the press. In addition to the Secret Service White House staffers aren't normally on hand to vouch for guests. There are occasions where name may inadvertently be laughed off a list and they Secret Service will work with us with the staff. To make sure that they're doing the right thing. The -- -- our aspiring reality TV stars hoping to land a spot on the upcoming show real housewives of they invited -- Bravo network camera crew along to capture the night. Ultimately this may be more of an embarrassment than a real threat but the sly he's stunt has exposed a weakness at the White House. The real concern is if -- would have had a different intent could they have possibly physically attacked somebody of course they -- It's not clear if the -- his will be charged with any crime the Secret Service is investigating the incident trying to figure out how to deal both with the salon he's. And -- own staff David. -- thank you and among the charges that could be considered for the couple trespassing or lying to federal officials to get into the White House. But it's clear tonight the bigger concern in Washington is this security breach itself. And so we turn to our senior justice correspondent Pierre Thomas this evening in Pierre what struck us most in the newsroom today was this image. With the vice president the extraordinary access this couple had a you have to wonder what could have happened. Amazing David this particular couple went through the magnetometer is an apparently pose no security risk but having said that. There -- major security implications that are being reviewed. First you had to uninvited people on the White House grounds. Officially they were ghosts no one knew they were there if the couple hadn't posted pictures on the web this may have never come to light. The whole point of the invitation list is to make sure the security officials have the -- everyone to know exactly who's on the property. This is supposed to be as -- and he said -- the most secure places on the planet the bottom line here worst case scenario no weapons you might be able to get past the magnetometer like a very sharp. Plastic night and of course -- access to -- -- once on the property the access to the vice president was extraordinary he couldn't be any closer to the inner circle. Unsettling in fact I talk to Robin Roberts just before -- went on the air tonight and she said that the couple was really working the room the woman. Telling her I watch Good Morning America the Robin points out that she went through two checkpoints had to show her I. That this couple was able to get past two sections of. Security by just up the phone -- security official who said is unclear. Whether that couple in fact went through that second checkpoint. I can tell you that issue's going to be looked at a senior law enforcement official just told me that the CIA -- the Secret Service is going to do a very secure. Review to see exactly what went wrong. There inspection division is involved they do plan to talk to everybody who was a part of the process and yes they are gonna talk to that couple. All right Pierre Thomas on the party crash -- tonight Peter thanks very much.

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{"duration":"4:24","description":"Tareq and Michaele Salahi entered the White House despite not being on the official guest list.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"25682701","title":"Socialite Couple Crash White House Affair","url":"/Politics/video/socialite-couple-crash-white-house-affair-25682701"}