Space force expected for 2020

Vice President Mike Pence explains the plan for a new branch of the military.
0:56 | 08/10/18

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Transcript for Space force expected for 2020
Finally McCain is at depending on where vice president and his outline the current administration's new plans to create a department of the space force by 20/20. As something that president trump has been advocating lately the vice president said it's an idea whose time has come much like the air force has created in late 1940 after World War II. But creating a department can require congressional authorization so in the mean time. What the Pentagon is done is could undertake big changes that it can do you unilaterally that includes the establishment of a nukes based command. Think of how in the US military they core need troops overseas kind of likes Central Command does in the Middle East. They're also going to create something called a space operations force. Much like there are special operations forces off throughout the US military. At this time YD need its new space force. Well and you pending on report says it's to deal with Russia and China or militarized in space in the maintain American dominance in space. I'm Willie Martinez ABC news.

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{"duration":"0:56","description":"Vice President Mike Pence explains the plan for a new branch of the military.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"57126818","title":"Space force expected for 2020","url":"/Politics/video/space-force-expected-2020-57126818"}