Spotlight on earning the black vote

The 2020 Presidential Democratic candidates campaign in predominantly African American communities to get the black vote.
5:52 | 11/22/19

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Transcript for Spotlight on earning the black vote
Joined now by a trio of campaign road warriors Rachel Scott who what is our political correspondent also. Join from South Carolina by our South Carolina reporter Rihanna Stewart and out there on the trail Justin Gomez who covers. I've people who judges campaign guys thanks for sticking with us here. Rihanna I wanna start with you because South Carolina is the third state to vote in this democratic Carl's this is the first big test. On the African American vote. So how are people feeling down there Joseph Biden has a hugely right now. Yes Joseph Biden has the blow out lead and South Carolina 33%. A support according to the latest Quinnipiac University poll but even higher among African Americans 44%. Behind me with the restaurant where he officially filed. To be on the ballot that Carolina and when he came out he told me let them. I'm very confident I actually feel very confident in my support an African American voters but just be here I spoke to one of his volunteers. Who you know what I didn't he stepped away from the campaign he actually revealed to me that he liked Connolly Harry. Com but. Isn't sure if she can win. And they'll until she or another candidate can prove that they can actually beat president triumph in the 20/20 election in key sticking with guided. I've also been to Atlanta recently on the that they spent I would I would say debate watch party out with put to buy new Georgia project. On the right before there was black man to round table where they talked about voting and they talked about the candidates that they support. And I just speaking to them what we thought in your package. The black man that I spoke to some of them loading time some them very affluent. All that that they don't hear their stories and their concerns reflected. In the turning to the issues that the candidates are talking about particularly with health care. Particularly with paternal rights this is something a lot of African American male. You know as they struggle through it. Odd and and you theme that all around. You know that they especially in the south Blackwater supporting I didn't because they're not shore who house. Could could could could take the election. Yes sort of Biden by default not a lot of excitement there in the African American community but certainly a sense that he could win. And as you said Rihanna a lot of discussion about these candidates and so far sort of a I'll lack of addressing the issues that are important to that community here is senator Connell Harris just that the debate this week making this very point should look again. Sure to want think candidates have taken for granted at the constituencies that have been the backbone of the Democratic Party. I have overlooked hostesses. And having you know they sell plants you know it close election times open a black church. And and want to get the vote. But does that and then there before a. So rich and she's makes the point she talks the talk she keeps driving home that the candidates her peers. Need to reach out and yet even come on Harris a struggling. To build African Americans were what's going on what are you hear him when you travel the country. What is so interesting rightly look at even the national polls we see that the leading front runner's arm. White and black voters as we have mentioned are a key demographic here. But it's also important for us to keep in mind as we continue to analyze the polls in these key early voting states. That black voters I don't make them make up the majority of those states other than South Carolina Iowa in New Hampshire right Ezra literally had weights it's isn't very white state and so while all of these candidates are spending so much of their time there according all of these voters at some point you're going to have to turn over to a different demographic and have. The air message resonate within that community. So this new candidates that may do best in Iowa New Hampshire may not fare so well. In some of the Super Tuesday states California. As a good example they're just I want to bring you into this because. People reject is having a breakout moment in the early states that Rachel's talking about Iowa New Hampshire we see the numbers he's tapping the polls there. And yet let's put back up the numbers from South Carolina look at where people injured stands among African American voters in South Carolina. All less than 1% he's below Marianne Williamson. I can't remember the last time she was on the debate stage. Or who what do you make it an act just what does that kit does the campaign. If feel that this is a crisis point this is not a new phenomenon for. The campaign isn't there just yet they're not saying that it's a crisis we heard him on the debate stage this week say that he welcomes the challenge of black voters getting to know him. For people to judge this is still early on he still sees South Carolina has a ways away. He's openly acknowledging this struggle he's having with gaining their support and we've been hurt heard him tell Lindsey Davis as ABC's Lindsey Davis. That he's got his work cut out for am. And that is gonna take more than just presenting his Douglas plan. Two black communities. They also have to get to know who he is he's a newcomer to the scene he's brand new to the national yield. Coming into the race this year as want to go back to those quinnipiac numbers. Almost below 1% in their but also. This favorability 22%. Among black voters but then the other 160% of black voters say that they still. Don't and that they still haven't heard enough about him and that's something that he keeps going back to when you ask him about that poll you references that number showing that there's still a lot of room for improvement there in that state. And that's how he sees that he can grow there. I'm a sea of people just in turn things around with black voters spend more time in those communities of course Justin Gomez you'll be there all along the way thank you so much and thanks to Rihanna Stewart. Down in South Carolina and they see Rachel Scott for your important reporting here as well.

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{"duration":"5:52","description":"The 2020 Presidential Democratic candidates campaign in predominantly African American communities to get the black vote.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67240481","title":"Spotlight on earning the black vote","url":"/Politics/video/spotlight-earning-black-vote-67240481"}