St. Louis circuit attorney sues city

Kim Gardner has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the city and the St. Louis police union that alleges a coordinated, racist conspiracy that she says is meant to drive her from office.
3:44 | 01/14/20

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Transcript for St. Louis circuit attorney sues city
All of us collectively are here today not just to show solidarity. But to speak out against the beach treatment. A Kim Gardner by the ports. The authorities and the powers that be here in Missouri. Kim has done a terrific job since becoming circuit attorney in 2016. She's put yeah right. I'm I'm just oriented this. Started a conviction integrity unit promoted public health approaches to justice and reduce the incarcerated population while promoting public safety. She is a model reform oriented prosecutor that is implement policies to end mass incarceration. Addressed racial disparities with the criminal justice system and increased transparency and accountability. By insuring one standard of justice for alt regardless of one's race sex religion and even occupation. Quite candidly Kim like the others it's Tim before you today has challenged the status quo. And the keepers of the status quo don't like that which is why she is being personally and professionally attacked. What we can attest to is the fact that the keepers of the status quo. That brought us mass incarceration. The Ulbrich criminally station poor black and brown people. Tough sentence is no pretension and no second chances won't give up their power quietly. Which is why they've gone above and beyond and to extraordinary lives. In their attempts to conspired to destroy this black woman. Doing her job. I'm proud to stand here and support a circuit attorney Kim Gardner who is treating Bryant as a public health. Crisis and is tax lie is tackling underlying issues that destabilize our community. Together. We represent diversity in the profession and we represent diversity of thought that is new to our criminal justice system. Despite the unprecedented attacks we press time. See black women have been elected as prosecutors and bring new and fresh thoughts and ideas that have been lacking in the pursuit of justice. And in public safety but this is what justice looks like. The image of justice should reflect the will love that people including bills who are directly impacted. We serve diverse communities. Are particularly sensitive to the issues that have been ignored for far too law. When you look at the demographics of our jails and prisons they do not reflect the demographic of dolls with the power to place those people in jails and prisons across this country. Circuit attorney Gartner and I have a lot in common we both know that accountability does not always need to equal incarceration. That wealth should never dictate liberty. It. That treatment. Should not be subordinate to punishment that's why we're working to decriminalize poverty mental health issues and trauma as well as substance use disorder. We understand that faith and our system is completely dependent. On state in the individuals who work in our system. Some of those actors are police prosecutors and judges. Many of whom do not adequately reflect or represent. The people they are sworn to protect in certain. They don't live in our communities they don't speak our language is. They don't understand our rich story. Vibrant cultures. Change happens when people demand it. Power is never given you have to take it and I want to remind people that police are not elected. At an Massachusetts neither judges but guess who is district attorney's shark great attorneys.

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{"duration":"3:44","description":"Kim Gardner has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the city and the St. Louis police union that alleges a coordinated, racist conspiracy that she says is meant to drive her from office.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"68274434","title":"St. Louis circuit attorney sues city","url":"/Politics/video/st-louis-circuit-attorney-sues-city-68274434"}