Supreme Court to hear abortion case in 1st test of conservative majority

The Supreme Court will hear arguments on Mississippi’s ban on abortions after 15 weeks.
6:56 | 05/17/21

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Transcript for Supreme Court to hear abortion case in 1st test of conservative majority
Cream court of the United States has announced it will take up a major abortion rights case which is widely seen as a direct challenge to 1 of the central holdings. Of Roe vs. Wade is case will be the first direct test of the court's conservative majority on the abortion issue. The justices will hear arguments. On the Mississippi law which would ban always does ban all abortions after fifteen weeks with exceptions when it comes to medical emergencies or severe fetal abnormalities as determined. By the government of Mississippi. The lot was struck down by lower court that ruling affirmed by an appeals corporate Supreme Court could overturn all that. And take another look at Roe vs. Wade anti abortion activists and groups like march for life of praise the band. Its president saying in a statement states should be allowed to craft laws that are in line with polled public opinion on this issue as well as basic human compassion. Instead of the extreme policy. That row in post so. Want to bring in the president and CEO Planned Parenthood Alexis Manuel Johnson for more on this Alexis thank you for being with us it's it's a big day. In this area what is your basic reaction to the Supreme Court taking up. This challenge to 1 of the central holdings of role in the state of Mississippi. Bullet. And you're right it is absolutely Alan history. Or brow and are you a return years. That. And is stand around whether or not earning. And in seeing any viability and or is alarming. It is shocking that this is essential holding an issue that they took and Tina you're but a union or not or I'd I'm injured. Actually the majority of Americans believe that Russian a lot of land that. Abortions should be. Reasonable and and there is in. Or as abortion and union. It's certainly on an honest I. Brow oh and I'm sure that this very constitutional and it's. That I've I can just follow up on that the ABC news poll for decades issue about 55 now I think 59% of Americans do support roe. But there is that sizable minority and I often in a democracy gonna get some kind of consensus or compromise around think that's that's essentially what we're looking actually their recent ABC news post poll 62% uphold Roe vs. Wade what about the argument that. The other side makes. That the conversation is broader than just yea your name as people look at specific issues gender selection abortion. Or or abortion of children with Down syndrome more or those kinds of things. Should there be a broader discussions and just uphold roe or modify. I can't answer machine and buying rate in the challenges and almond at nearly I think we're restrictions that used it. A challenge is that being tended to lean and abortion right now. Here are eyeing me around. You know pretty abortion and limit you see all of these are released. On an hour only snowing now and remain under I try administration and Connell. Knitting or. The legislation's and Ingrid began and in. Are designed to go you the Supreme Court you got Roush. Should be really hear about our freedom this isn't about. Restrictions on March. Let let me ask you what was. Would this law what do to. Their lives that of women in Mississippi where the Supreme Court to uphold it banning abortions. After fifteen weeks except in rare circumstance in what would that do for women. Flood it is it is certainly about the the remaining is who I would not. Records I'm out. Or eighteen weeks they decided that the need to terminate. Their pregnancy but what are really knew exactly. What Haitians because we seem you need bands I bring. A entry Angie senior again earlier lending last year abortion. I was already gets. Me angry. Colleagues say it is a great need OT I in any date rare there restrictions against abortion provider or. Censure again I. Sell undue burden. And you bid eight multiple times within seconds each. Birds and where I work and rallying you know hundred mile in order to the only our clinic in. I and you are such as burden on. And you know what is right. Right. Acts it sound. Asians and we know. Brown is over aren't in a way out of a twenty million women living in states without. Christian an abortion. And this is early in Auburn. Be it is has tremendous national. And then let me ask once again about that public opinion 62% in our poll. Americans say they. Want Roe vs. Wade upheld 24%. For out right overturning it. Do you think the justices of the Supreme Court including the three justices appointed by president trump. Will tape. That widespread support for roe into consideration as they did really in 1992. To some served to some degree. In plan parted vs Casey think they should take it into consideration. Absolutely and I. They also believe Hiroshi a lot of land and I'm unfortunately because. State legislatures have ended again remain. High as. As well as the arts and relaxed Hideki now have a vocal minority of people who controlled leaders. Hour and so you know it would out of whack. If it attacks that back majority he actually it's not able to two got hurt in a way that the majority of Americans to see. The rovers is wade precedent almost fifty years old still. Under sustained attack and then this one very serious Alexis McGill Johnson a Planned Parenthood. Thanks for being with this.

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{"duration":"6:56","description":"The Supreme Court will hear arguments on Mississippi’s ban on abortions after 15 weeks.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"77743072","title":"Supreme Court to hear abortion case in 1st test of conservative majority","url":"/Politics/video/supreme-court-hear-abortion-case-1st-test-conservative-77743072"}