Texas sees steady rise in COVID-19 cases since reopening 2 weeks ago

Dallas Mayor Erick Johnson discussed his take on the new restrictions after the state reopened.
3:00 | 05/19/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Texas sees steady rise in COVID-19 cases since reopening 2 weeks ago
Well Texas has seen a steady rise in coded cases since reopening just over two weeks ago leading some Texans to believe this is happening too soon. And now phase till of that State's reopening has already begun. Joining us now with his take on the new rules as the mayor of Dallas Eric Johnson mayor Johnson thank you for joining us again today we know your. Your governor Gregg avid ease those lockdown restrictions allowing hair and nail salons to open a week go and gyms and manufacturing plants reopened yesterday. How do you feel Dallas is positioned for these new phase is right now are you concerned it's too soon. Well I think Dallas. Is in the situation right now where our cases are starting to plan so it appears. I'm art cases we're going we're for the past couple weeks. And now they seem to be in the 200 a day. Case the number range in appear to be sound holding steady at levels were hoping that there there plateau which means they'll be going down seen. And we also are keep Tehran hospital capacity and that appears to be holding steady. And in a good place we we have exceeded 70%. Capacity AMR hospitals in the city DOS in terms of hospital beds or words that capacity. We're on a ventilator so that's all good news but what we are concerned about what I'm trying to make sure we. Stay ahead it is contact tracing and testing is critical to do this next phase. And we are not where we want to be there I don't think any sitting the United States is where they wanna be. And so we're going to work with our federal partners our state partners try to get. Major jump off in the number post review the test. And the amount you we have doing contact tracing you're so that we can open up our economy safely. Now we've got the specific numbers actually. The health officials there reported 205 knew Coby cases in Dallas six deaths. Over the weekend that is as you mentioned less than it was before. How does that affect how Dallas plans to move forward. My job is the mayor of Dallas this year will we do is to make sure that that. Opening is done in a safe way so. My focus is on making sure that my residents in this city know that we are not out of the woods yet we have to continue to Wear masks in public. We have to continue to practice social distancing will round public. And probably most importantly. We want our vulnerable populations. And anyone who's experiencing any symptoms to know that just because the economy is being re opened so to speak. Does not mean you have to wrest back into. Going back to restaurants and things. If you don't have to go out it you don't it in Europe are vulnerable population. You shouldn't in if you are symptomatic and absolutely shouldn't in the rest let's just use good judgment when we go on public and make sure that we're doing all the same things that have helped us. Flattened or hurt your down so we continue to do those things. Now such important words for everyone to remember and to hear we certainly appreciate your time Dallas mayor Eric Johnson thank you for joining us today. They Jamie.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Dallas Mayor Erick Johnson discussed his take on the new restrictions after the state reopened.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"70770568","title":"Texas sees steady rise in COVID-19 cases since reopening 2 weeks ago","url":"/Politics/video/texas-sees-steady-rise-covid-19-cases-reopening-70770568"}