TikTok app under national security review

The U.S. has launched an investigation into the China-owned company behind video app TikTok.
2:51 | 11/04/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for TikTok app under national security review
Next to the growing national security concerns about the popular social media act act act tick tock used my millions of American teenagers and young adults. This is of course the shore short video clip sharing service used. Cobb by a lot of Americans but it is the fact that it is Chinese owned that is causing. A big concern particularly here on Capitol Hill were officials are raising concerns about censorship and data collection possible national security implications. And for more on this down drummer Louis Smith not sockets with wired who it covers security issues at their Wii's thanks for coming in. Downforce what the C big security concerns are here do you think there's much to it. Even into camps the birth cabin and censorship concerns rightly are. I hit it takes sock it to our parent company is Chinese start bite Dan. Are they answering. I've stuck on the Hong Kong the second concern is kind of user data bank is information about US. Users blowing by Dan and the Chinese are about candidates you can earn. Lawmakers packed here and other bell actually pen out you know. And what what's the companies and about it. So take a trend that they don't store any data on US users in China and he actually sort all of the US and it backed up in Singapore. Aides say that their content moderation team is here in California and the US and that they don't. You know allowed the Chinese Government including Batman and you know for now it kind of it is weird investment in. This weird investigation in congress that it's not here just a straight national can security investigation. They're actually looking at how to talk acquired at other popular social media musically. Which stayed and then shut out and reprinted to top two years ago that media reported that's been you know it's been. Is looking up at acquisition and whether that was proper. So as a techie read an on this Louise out where where do you come out right now. Do you use tick tock do you recommend parents shall let their kids used tick tock. I used to talk GAAP as a ground reporting an and I think that right now we don't have and he. You know. Solid evidence showing that there are any national security concerns here and editors are more basic things that parents can be concerned about. Who already talking to you Imus where they communicating with. Earlier this year to talk with I'm by the Federal Trade Commission or collecting information on users a legally who were minors under the age of thirteen at adding that more kind of a ready. More current concern right out as national security in China risks getting kind of more collection of the ongoing street war. And concerns over while way the other tech giant and of course their cellphones and so your Diebler data networks that are under fire as well fascinating story Louise. I'm at sockets at wired thank you so much will continue to follow your reporting Luis.

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{"duration":"2:51","description":"The U.S. has launched an investigation into the China-owned company behind video app TikTok.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"66750487","title":"TikTok app under national security review","url":"/Politics/video/tiktok-app-national-security-review-66750487"}