Trump and his AG's war of words

Trump lashes out at Attorney General Jeff Sessions again on Twitter, while National Enquirer executive receives immunity in connection to the investigation of Trump's former lawyer.
3:20 | 08/24/18

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Transcript for Trump and his AG's war of words
The publisher of the national inquire a lot of time trump friend is now reportedly talking to federal prosecutors and according to a source telling them that trump knew. About hush money paid during the campaign. This as the president is again sparring with his own attorney general Jeff Sessions uncharacteristically. Fired back at the president yesterday the two then met in person. Karen Travers is up the white house with all of this and Karen it looks like based on the president's week this morning that meeting in person yesterday. Didn't do much to smooth things over here ode to be a fly on the wall a private. At best in between president trump and his attorney general Jeff Sessions it was previously scheduled and is already on the books for the president. Issue that very strong criticism sessions yesterday in the interview with Fox News. But Jeff Sessions issue that forceful significant and rare pushed back to the president just minutes before he arrived here at the White House yesterday. We are told that B topic of sessions. Status in his position we are told that the criticism of the President Bush fact didn't come up when the two men met here at the White House the president. Will criticize him on Fox News the president will criticize sessions on Twitter but it sounds like when they're actually sitting down face to face that's not part of its passion. Forgot to mention and perhaps it is minor something that. When you look at all this new try to put this puzzle together does it look like sessions is on his way out it's not. The first time we've been hearing it and now in fact. This conversation and speculation about sessions future at the attorney general has been going on for over a year let actively looking at my notes it with. June July August of last summer with over the considerable amount speculation sessions with you're going to step down or that the president would fire him. The president the authority to do that to fire him at any time it's notable that he hasn't he also could do not publicly invaded sessions and quit on his own he hasn't done either. For now sessions says in that statement yesterday that he has been successful in pushing forward on the president's agenda there are certainly political ramifications that very significant ones if the president were pushed Jeff Sessions out. Yesterday Republicans on Capitol Hill were saying it's just not the time to do it. Not saying he shouldn't but just don't do it right now perhaps wait until after the internal action that's a lot going on right now for the president including this latest news now about David Pecker the head of the inquire. Talking to federal prosecutors white as the White House or the president saying that back. Nothing about this part I and I think if we get a chance down the press president questions later today when he leaves the White House and Ohio. I he might weigh in on this but do White House all week has been insisting on that phrase that we heard so many times the other day. The president has done nothing wrong the president has not been charged with. Sarah Sanders of course was peppered with questions and a whole range of issues Michael Collins on and a fort. And that was the rust spots that don't leave this outside of the White House he eats this up to the lawyers to weigh in on it certainly. Not another great time for the president that you had Michael Cullen the other day that guilty clean out the packer a long time frank how life. Striking a deal for immunity he certainly could go a lot of things that could be potentially very damaging to the press. And just think stuff and more come on that I'm sure Karen Travers force at the White House thanks Karen.

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{"duration":"3:20","description":"Trump lashes out at Attorney General Jeff Sessions again on Twitter, while National Enquirer executive receives immunity in connection to the investigation of Trump's former lawyer.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"57381797","title":"Trump and his AG's war of words","url":"/Politics/video/trump-ags-war-words-57381797"}