Trump denies involvement in hiding name of USS McCain battleship

President Trump tweeted, "I was not informed about anything having to do with the Navy Ship USS John S. McCain during my recent visit to Japan."
3:18 | 05/30/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trump denies involvement in hiding name of USS McCain battleship
And another story making news today is about the late Senator John McCain. The White House in the navy exchanged emails to keep the USS McCain warship. Out of sight during president Trump's visit to Japan so of course Megan McCain responded to this story so take a listen. The president's actions have consequences and when you repeatedly are attacking my father at war heroes. It creates a culture in the military. Where people are clearly fearful to shell you know my father's name in one way or another and not I think is what has started this chain of events and actions can I. I just. Putting out on this. There's a lot of criticism towards me in the media across the board of how often speak of my father how light grieve how I do it publicly but it's impossible. To go through the grief process when my father's been dead ten months is constantly in the news cycle. Because the president is so obsessed with the fact that he's never going to be a great man like he was yeah so it acts. It. Now when bringing Karen Travers. At the White House. Kearin president Chung said he had nothing to do with it. Yet this is echoing what he said in a tweet late last night Kimberly the president speaking to reporters on the South Lawn before heading to Colorado with asked several questions. About this latest McCain controversy with his administration. And the president said he did not know anything about it here's that he had to say. While I can't because I didn't that about it I don't know we'll. We'll probably did but I doubt it. No I have not abandon got it. What. And the president also said in response to a question that somebody. On the White House that did this because they thought the president did not like John McCain and Kimberly the president called that Stafford. Well meaning so certainly signaling he appreciated what they did but also emphasizing he didn't know about it and had nothing to do it that. And I think the question becomes a way would a president or anyone keep. Taking in messing with us senator who has passed. And this is the question we asked several times over the past couple of years and certainly since John McCain passed away last year it was just moments ago the president was at a manufacturing event in Ohio and started talking about John McCain at bat when he was seven months after the Republican senator. Had passed away from brain cancer and the president made it very clear that day is if anybody had any doubts he says he never like John McCain was never a fan. And it was an awkward moment in that room and of course we heard from the McKean family at that time. Saying that they just wanted the president to let it go he had not viewing brings up that care vote. But in really does seem like it's more than that there's something personal there became was of course the critic of the presidents rare critic up on Capitol Hill among Republican Party. A thorn in the president's side. And that is something that is clearly stuck with the president trump. All right Karen Travers at the White House thank you so much for joining us.

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{"duration":"3:18","description":"President Trump tweeted, \"I was not informed about anything having to do with the Navy Ship USS John S. McCain during my recent visit to Japan.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"63375821","title":"Trump denies involvement in hiding name of USS McCain battleship","url":"/Politics/video/trump-denies-involvement-hiding-uss-mccain-battleship-63375821"}