Trump fires National Security Adviser John Bolton

The president announced the major shake-up in the administration in a tweet Tuesday.
5:51 | 09/10/19

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Transcript for Trump fires National Security Adviser John Bolton
This is an ABC news special. Good day everyone I'm Paul affairs here commie on the air right now with some breaking news just moments ago president trump. Tweeting that he has asked his national security advisor John Bolton served resign now this news. Follows the failed plan for peace talks with the Taliban at Camp David to end the long going to war in Afghanistan and as America's longest war. Fulton was the leading voice against this particular deal putting him right at odds with secretary of state. Mike Pompeo the president also tweeting quote. I informed John Bolton last night that his services are no longer needed at the White House. I disagree strongly with many of his suggestions as did others in the administration. Now White House briefing was scheduled for later today involving bowl ten secretary Pompeo. And Treasury Secretary Stephen an agent discus the trop the mystery may administration's. Third at national security advisor and the president thanking people and for his service saying that he will be naming a new national security advisor. Next week want to get right to ABC's senior national correspondent Terry Moran. Who is in DC force right now Terry did this come out of nowhere. Well now that would did this has long been attention as you noted between president trump who came to power telling his voters telling the United States that he wanted to and these long long wars and John Bolton. For his generation they hero of the hawks and conservatives and neo conservatives. Who advocated. A very aggressive projection of American military power around the world they were at odds from the beginning but the timing is a surprise certainly. And John Bolton are already responding on Twitter to the president's statement there. President trump saying he asked for Jon bones resignation baldness just tweeted I offered to resign last night and president trump said quote. Let's talk about it tomorrow so the usual drama in the tribe administration but this is a major shake up no question about it we are told that. From people close to ambassador Bolton who has the UN ambassador. That he is proud that no bad deals quote and quote no bad deals were made while he was national security advisor assigned there that he opposed president trumps effort. To make a deal with the Taliban one that president trump wanted to do and culminate. At Camp David until he canceled that earlier this week so this is no doubt a major shakeup in the trump White House. And one that now opens the door for a different direction. In that revolving door at the national security count. I definitely are rocky relationship teary began the third national security advisor he's proceeded by HR McMaster as well as Mike Flynn want to bring an. ABC's chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz at Martha Terry just touch on at the tiny that this is very precarious because president trump has sent. A diplomatic opening with both Iran. And North Korea and now he fires his national security advisor. Exactly NGU cricket trump you although. It's where John Bolton stood auto lot at these international issues she is a hard liner John Bolton which at odds with dual career on health China over North Korea and North Korea which is checked once again. Last night. A catch fire of short range missiles. That's been at least eight grounds at caps fired missiles since July when president trump didn't get what amounted to little more than a photo op. Met Kim Jong on of the militarized zone that divides north and shouts kooky action. But I kicked a big question now is who comes next is president trump wants someone. Strictly at grieves with Jim. What will keep get some sort of differing opinion which. And I'd given what just happened to John thought that maybe someone who is more closely allied health credit that trump these port policy issues. And Mara any ideas on who that could be again this is his third national security advisor we've seen my clan HR McMaster come and go through that office any ideas. I know I did at this point but again I think president trump he's clearly looking for someone. Extinction nationally more AG does John Pope who is very much. Hard line. I don't just trust him. Verify it was constantly pushing the president on these issues and but it has so my prediction it's will be instrumental little more in line with the president's pick to. Someone aligned with the president Martha thank you Keira Phillips also in DC for us in curator at the White House. What are sources telling you about how this all went down. Well I think Martha. It really you really really hit it when she said that. Hard lined that Bolton and the president butted heads. You know over the past year I've been talking. With White House sources that have told me that their relationship was very contentious. I followed up with those same. White House officials those sources and Paula them telling me. That Bolton actually has felt undermined by the president and also that the president has embarrassed him from time to time. So when you hear. Bolden described as a hawk this is somebody that if he feels embarrassed to be feels undermined he's not going to want to stay. In this position necessarily Paula. A right here at Terry at Martha thank you for your reporting again just to recap. President trump has announced that his national security advisor John Bolton is out after just over a year and a half on the job this is his third. National security advisor from at a return now to regular programming we will continue coverage on ABC news live our 24/7. Streaming channel. Available on and on all of your devices also will have a complete wrap up on world news tonight with David New York I'm Paula fares and New York have a great day everyone.

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{"duration":"5:51","description":"The president announced the major shake-up in the administration in a tweet Tuesday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65512808","title":"Trump fires National Security Adviser John Bolton","url":"/Politics/video/trump-fires-national-security-adviser-john-bolton-65512808"}