Trump makes announcement on MS-13 gang

President Donald Trump, alongside Attorney General William Barr, said he believed “that monsters who murder children should be put to death.”
3:14 | 07/15/20

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Transcript for Trump makes announcement on MS-13 gang
We're here today to provide an update on my administration's all out campaign to destroy MS Turkey in a violent evil. Gang of people we just concluded a historic operation leading to the arrest and indictment of dozens of savage and master key members. Penalties are all across the country so this is something that's taken place over the last few days. Or to thank attorney general Barr or. Doing a great job in many ways many ways not just here are acting secretary of Homeland Security will. An FBI director ray if we're joining us today. We'll be discussing. A little bit about what we did and where we're going but MS thirteen has been. A problem for our country for a long time we've taken a map by the thousands. Well radical left wing politicians afford to open borders and welfare for illegal aliens and my administration's board. For safe streets we want security for our people we want the rule of law we want law and order. In the last three years ice has seaport and over 161000. Gang members. And arrested over 2000 members of campus. Thirteen thinking those numbers 161000. And arrested over 2000 members of MS thirteen we've also deported a lot of the MS they're teams out of our country. This week's actions by the joint task force ball had his most recent offence to ruin this has been a big offensive. And my administration's war on foreign gangs of which we came into this administration always and what's going wrong. We had gangs from countries that you we believe. More than 120 of the criminals we indicted and arrested in the past seven days were illegal aliens. Yesterday for the first time ever the eastern district of Virginia thank you very much indicted MS thirteen leaders. On charges of terrorism was so we have the MS thirteen leader. On charges of terrorism and that's the first is that correct just using terrorism. Which uses extra strength. In new York and Nevada at 41 MS thirteen members and leaders have been indicted on charges including murder kidnapping and drug trafficking. The DOJ has also an asset it will seek the death penalty. For a bloodthirsty MS thirteen leader responsible for the despicable killing of seven Americans including two teenage girls. Over the past few days the DOJ and DHS have made. Several arrests at high high levels. In these cases including several immigration. Arrests and I want to thank Chad willful working along with the FBI and with the attorney general and worked very closely together in order. And the borders you know setting new records for allowing people lend that are allowed to come in I'll speak live illegally. We believe the monsters who murdered children should be put to death. Lee has seemed to have quite a good agreement on that these people murdered children and then do it is slowly and viciously as possible. We will not allow these animals to terrorize our communities and my administration will not rest until every member of them mr. dean is brought to justice.

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{"duration":"3:14","description":"President Donald Trump, alongside Attorney General William Barr, said he believed “that monsters who murder children should be put to death.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"71798737","title":"Trump makes announcement on MS-13 gang","url":"/Politics/video/trump-makes-announcement-ms-13-gang-71798737"}