Trump pushes for temporary payroll tax cut amid US-China trade war

The president announced plans to stop the U.S. economic slow down by considering a payroll tax cut as some economists predict a possible recession in 2021.
3:17 | 08/20/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trump pushes for temporary payroll tax cut amid US-China trade war
We begin in Washington where White House officials may have started discussing a push for a temporary payroll tax cut. This would serve to stop in economic slowdown and this comes while the president. Continues to insist the economy is in great shape in saying quote we're doing tremendously well so I want to bring in Karen Travers. At the White House. Karen it seemed the president's words are pretty optimistic darn thing. Is you know you have to be the cheerleader for the US economy Kimberly wanted the president to begin with a central part and his reelection strategy. The economy is the one area where voters are giving president trump credit and like what he's doing as the one bright spot. When you look at most polling about his administration new personal attributes his work on health care an immigration people aren't happy but on this. They aren't Tino that have to continue. If you want to get reelected so look for the president to continue that drumbeat saying he doesn't see a recession he heard his senior staff on the economy out in full force over the past couple of days. Pushing back on some of these concerns that economists are raising. And doesn't mean that everything is fine but certainly I think you're gonna see the administration trying to focus on the bright spots in the economy. Yes so they were talking about the possible payroll tax cuts but. What are some other options if that's not going to be you. Yet that doesn't seem to be the top option right now it is officials are pushing back on report that that was under consideration saying right now. Is not something they're gonna move forward on so. Other tax cuts could be up for discussion right now and remember the names in the mid term election season last fall as he was out there stumping for Republican candidates. Talking about another round of tax cut. You did in all this campaign speeches he said he would you at 10% tax cut for the middle class. After Election Day when Republicans lost control of the house. President stop talking about it so whether or not this is just a similar tactic now to drum up another headline talk about some other option. We'll see if that actually comes out and actually happen. Yet and you know is the administration examining. These Chinese terrorist because. Researchers at JPMorgan Chase they just showed Cowell these terrorists are putting taxes on American households. The president will continue to say that it's not American businesses and not American consumers that are paying for these terrorists he said that in China paying for that and that's just not what's happening here we fact checked this. Almost every day because the president likes to keep up that message. In what happened is when the terror is going to affect on Chinese imports of American companies that are bringing those products over that ads paid at extra cost. Now they can absorb it or they can pass it down they consumers and that's where that statistic you cited. That's why people then end up paying more that in latest threat of terrorist on toys electronics clothing that we're going to go into effect in September. That's been put on hold for right now it kind of makes massive them for any administration saying they didn't wanna have any. Paying for consumers heading into the holiday seasons but at the same time trying to insists that its not American consumers who are feeling any of his pain from the trade war. All right here trackers are right there at the White House thank you so much for joining us.

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{"duration":"3:17","description":"The president announced plans to stop the U.S. economic slow down by considering a payroll tax cut as some economists predict a possible recession in 2021.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65078203","title":"Trump pushes for temporary payroll tax cut amid US-China trade war","url":"/Politics/video/trump-pushes-temporary-payroll-tax-cut-amid-us-65078203"}