Can Trump Be Stopped?

Republican strategist, Ana Navarro tells us whether or not Donald Trump can be stopped.
9:45 | 03/02/16

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Transcript for Can Trump Be Stopped?
And step back and big picture let's join now Republican strategist and Navarro joins us live. From our Washington DC studio thanks so much for me the time and night. It. Thank you that I am fascinated to get your take on it I've been following you on Twitter that. On the Republican side at an odd dramatic turn in the last week or so. It states the ball and something. Pretty juvenile and that maybe kind on my part. I really think you're at at this point when you start apologizing. Human. I want your take on that we're we are now. In August 18 on the Republican side as any candidate the party. But not that move forward Fran talking about. Spray tan. And high and their candidates to real issues and a great. President Alan let me let me just tell your viewers that it's bad for the size of a book that matters but actually not. I think it's horrible I think it is I'm presidential I think it is. You know unseemly. Evidently Donald Trump had gotten away with it does get away with that because I think people judge him differently judge him as celebrity and he has. We know him at that TV showing that we have known for thirteen years on the apprentice at Santa. Sure that it's going to what exactly missing wait for somebody like Marco Rubio. People are used to hearing. Be optimistic. Having of the issues having a paucity of agenda. Speaking in beautiful poetic prose and all of us that in. This has deteriorated in two you know you'll mom I sold dumb content. Frankly for somebody like any. It is you know park about making chocolate a lot of it makes me wanes and ancient and then I know how do you explain it to any child. Matt I'd be watching I don't know how you know you explain it two teenagers and I've had a lot of my friends my age. With toddlers and and teenaged kids say to me. It might kids spoke the way those two are speaking I'd schooled them. On the Republican strategist you must be baffled. Why the strategy in recent days apps is more accurate color tactic. The rubio campaign in that they have a sense that there really isn't welcome rubio. Started talking about the outlook from. These figures are these great tends. It's because they believe that that's the way to get more attention and actually active season date to today. This shows that bullies channels have carried rubio speeches for longer periods of time. Because of these ends of but he is that thing. Show you gamble company's bill that means is that more people are seeing here is being juvenile. Isn't it in the end. Counterproductive. I'm not sure look I think I think what I think that's yet to be seen I think what Marco Rubio is trying to do is 31. Is yes. Garner more media attention. And I think he's the age from Donald Trump's book. By doing it weren't for Donald Trump there well he's gotten all of us to talk about him he had dominated the need. Two I think he's trying to get on Donald Trump skiing. In Donald Trump's. When you're talking about it you know would double and Tom about the fact that it's about whether he wet his. I think you know those things. He thinks they rattled Donald Trump. Number I think Marco Rubio is trying to make it into tool man race. How does he do that by taking on the front runner I think it's not having to take on the front runner for months now at scenes he has been bogged down. In eight contests against Ted Cruz for number two I think he does me to elevate his game. And make it hit parts of the front runner he has competing for number one number two and there are no silver medals for the Republican nomination the democratic nomination. But you know the question is how will voters judge they is rubio will they judge in the same way they judge Donald Trump. Where. Speaking in these sentences saying these things and cracking jokes and you know being kind of a little crass sometimes doesn't matter what will judge him. Like they've judged most politicians act hires ended. Hanna didn't it was coming in just tonight at a major super pac it is freezing additional money from big donors to try to stop Donald Trump. Tim Miller the former spokesman over the bush campaign a friend of yours I know work for the firm for that the candidate that you're friendly with and that you supported is going over. There how much of this is real verse is being just a pipe dream that you can stop Donald Trump at this point you're talking about contested conventions and hear talk about. Drafting someone on another party labels run as the true conservative how likely are those scenarios. In terms of stopping Donald Trump. Welcome Catholic writes I believe in miracles and act you know I think I think part of it is I've daughter. Late yet Donna shortened a day a day late. I wish some of these people have put that money and I was Markel will act started taking on Donald Trump. Weeks ago I wish packed clothes instead of trying to suck up the Donald Trump acting was doing six months ago had questioned his conservative bonnet I'd. You know that it's it's it's pretty late in the game now and I think the in age of Donald Trump has solidified that means it. But there's people who feel that it is essential to stop Donald Trump because he is bad and he struck him for the Republican Party. And he would be bad destructive for the country and those people. Be it late and are going to try to do as much as they can't stop and by the same token though I will tell you. But I am seeing some establishment folks who liar. Of the ward at except as may be it's more about coming to grips with the idea. A Donald. I was amazed yesterday to see Brian France the old NASCAR. And established well look at what was courted by every candidate. Gol up on stay indoors Donald Trump. This is that guy who spoke up against the confederate flag without online I don't ask not what bulk up up up against that Kentucky law. With Kane Davis who spoke in favor of gay rights things that Donald Trump. Has not embraced and yet he wants to I think there are some members of the establishment wire. Now kind of you know seen Donald Trump but they BofA a component you know at Roosevelt used to say about. About about some also Nicaragua. You know he might he he do you not crazy but he's our crazy new. I think that what some people I say not me LB the last one left on the Titanic. Asking ago that you mention this Clinton's talk about this a lot when it comes to who speaks for the Republican Party clearly. The majority of the electorate are having their say they're saying that the policies the trump it's putting forward are the ones that they overwhelmingly. Support it the establishment doesn't. But if you look back at where they Republican Party what the postmortem after 2012. There is simple that I had about the direction the party needed to take to be able to include a more diverse America broader umbrella that were to bring more people in. The party on a different way so if they think different party today that it lies even a year ago. I don't accept the premise and your question. This idea who speaks for the Republican Party explain this. Multiple. But he disorder. You can be in the Republican Party all week a lot of growing at an eye out for example. I spot a happy with the that the heat of the Republican speak out. And the majority leader Mitch McConnell RO KKK. David duke. Any network when Eckstein which having to do. It took a very different approach and Donald but. Until. It immediately. In that interview on Sunday. Well I don't think it's off some. Republican Party was one why we have a lot of different factions. Weight divided. I'd logically what. Why. Definitely ain't going on and that's. That. Becomes a Republican nominee how to act all went public at one motive it out but there are people. I me. One rule the idea of having to choose between Donald. Clinton. Choosing whether opt. Out. But my arm and how. Maybe maybe I'll look I want in my with. That that is evolving status. Honor and abide joining us live from our Washington DC thank you so much that you wouldn't do anything that you couldn't we are cool shoes analyst beyond the fact act. Yeah and I tell you something now pointy the pointy polishing. You know cutting off I tell my arm back and a lot of other thugs at the end of the moment and threw it should not do anyway and I thank.

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{"duration":"9:45","description":"Republican strategist, Ana Navarro tells us whether or not Donald Trump can be stopped. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"37324349","title":"Can Trump Be Stopped? ","url":"/Politics/video/trump-stopped-37324349"}